Spain is a commonly-known place in the UUniverses, and there is many known versions. One of them is the homeworld of Tulio, Miguel, Altivo, and Cortés. Another is in Shrek's homeworld and is the homeland of Puss, Kitty Softpaws, Humpty, Jack and Jill, The Whisperer, and the Diablos. Most versions of this land is populated by humans. The First DreamWorks version once intended on showing superiority by conquering the Digital World by searching for El Dorado under the command of Cortés, who believes that nobody would mess with someone who controls the Digimon. Unfortunately, Cortés was never able to complete this quest because of the possibility that the entrance to El Dorado was cut off like in the original movie. All versions can come in different time eras, and have the same cultures, civilization, and architecture.

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