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Welcome to the SpongeBob and Friends Adventures Wiki

Shell Lodge Squad 3

Welcome to The SpongeBob and Friends Adventures Wiki

Welcome to the SpongeBob and Friends Adventures Wiki, a SpongeBob series being made by Supervideomaniac/Scroopfan3212311. Imagine what would happen if everybody's favorite seasponge and his friends' universe had united with all other worlds of the Nickelodeon universe and beyond, and they befriend not just heroes, but characters that should be villains but made a surprising change of heart, but at the same time, they must combat the dark forces of evil, save the worlds, and making you laugh out loud at the same time. So, long story short, you get the Spongebob and Friends Adventures Series Have fun, see the sights, really enjoy behind the character infos, and check for any new updates, character wikis, moisodes (cross between of a movie, and an episode as a series), and if you like, work on the articles a little, to correct spelling, add special info, and add an image you think would look good, as long as it is Spongebob and Friends related. (please refer to the rules and guidelines to avoid getting in trouble.)

Required Pages


Good Guys:

  • Stratus Skyranger ((Upcoming MLP Character) A hippogriff guardian)
  • Hamegg
  • Ba Zing (A Chital (Deer species) of the KFP World and warrior)
  • Sao the Elephant (Elephant Chi Warrior for the KFP World)
  • Jing the Ox (Ox (Zebu) Chi Warrior for the KFP World)
  • Fei the Bull (Bull (Domestic Cattle) Chi Warrior for the KFP World)
  • General Gao (Horse general for the KFP World)
  • Ku Kai (Komodo dragon general for the KFP World)
  • Jing Ling (Hooded crane general for the KFP World)
  • Jong Hao (Himalayan vulture general for the KFP World)
  • Jin Hin (Gray-headed parakeet general for the KFP World)
  • Ki Lo (White-headed langur (Monkey) general for the KFP World)
  • Si Sai (Chi-blessed Pale green awlet (Butterfly) for the KFP World)
  • Yuan the Mountain King (Albino gorilla and supposed Yeti of the Himalayas)
  • Brett All-i-Gater (An All-Out French Experience with Gary)
  • Slimler (An All-Out French Experience with Gary)
  • Leekey (Necky's sister from When Turkeys Revolt)
  • Blackey (A crazy black turkey from When Turkeys Revolt)
  • Mighty Ohm (A Superior ibex and son of Mr. Ohmsphore)
  • Moxie (A Superior jungle cat with Herculean strength and invincibility)
  • Remedy (A Superior Galapagos land iguana with an enhanced healing factor)
  • Huecan (A Superior toucan who can manipulate light and color)
  • Captain Firedrake (A Superior Red-headed rock agama lizard with fire abilities)
  • Miss Corona (A Superior bandicoot with psionic powers)
  • Gravicon (A Superior teenage monkey with the ability to fly and levitate)

Bad Guys:


  • Antelope Guards
  • Yax
  • Flash
  • Mr. Big
  • Fru Fru
  • Manchas
  • Koslov
  • Dr. Peagore (Zootopian peacock scientist and head of Peacorp)
  • Dr. Panzee (Zootopian chimpanzee scientist and scientist for Peacorp)
  • Chow Dow (Spotted giant flying squirrel and assistant to Kun Lao in KFP China)
  • Lady Chen (Lord Shen's sister)
  • Bas von Blitzer (Common basilisk lizard and commissioner for The United Universal Games Saga)
  • Mel von Blitzer (Common basilisk lizard and cousin of Baz von Blitzer)
  • Lady Bianca (Legend of Spyro variant of Bianca, once enslaved by the apes for her magical powers until rescued by Spyro and Cynder)
  • Abominable Bentley (Legend of Spyro variant of Bentley, unsentient wild killer akin to Goofy Movie Bigfoot)
  • Mister Armall (An AUU cephalopod (Iobrog (fully-sentient) to be specific) bartender from Ardalicron)
  • King MaSmash (An Alternate UUniversal long-armed mythological ape-like creature from a planned episode, concept in the works)
  • King Eyebeam (An AUU Cyclops-like creature from a planned episode, concept in the works)
  • King Brawlbone (A Minotaur-like AUU creature from a planned episode, concept in the works)
  • King Ogthor (An Ogre-like AUU creature from a planned episode, concept in the works)
  • Queen Lucent (A transparent jellyfish-and-human-like AUU creature from a planned episode, concept in the works)
  • King Crawgor (A crab-and-human-like AUU creature from a planned episode, concept in the works)
  • Queen Lomira (A shapeshifting AUU being from a planned episode, concept in the works)
Upcoming AUU Characters
  • Kaden Blast (An AUU raccoon-like creature and future student at Mieber's Hopeful Courier School with similar personality to Jaden Yuki and Sly Cooper)
  • Zellar Prince (An AUU armadillo-like creature and future student at Mieber's Hopeful Courier School with self-doubts since his older brother was killed in action as an Underground Courier)
  • Rygter Contispex (An AUU raccoon-like fox creature (Same species as Viume Phyarse) and Kaden's rival in the Courier School, convinced he is as good a courier as the rest of his family in the Underground, many of whom worked for Gaspar Fortunechaser)
  • Loj Voyce (An AUU rabbit-like kangaroo and student for the Courier School who is an energetic, charming, and likable thrill-seeker, and fell in love with many students in the school searching for a good romantic partner.)
  • Magmo Exxon (An AUU venomous red lizard and student for the Courier School who lost his venom glands as punishment for a bullying incident, and since this lead to him being bullied, he left and joined this school)
  • Elexus Hoverstorm (An AUU marsupial hermin who is a hoverboard champion and student at the Courier School who, until she learns proper parkour, she uses her hoverboard)
  • Sy Glasfoge (A small colonial ceratopsian (same species as Fray and Rastur Prix) and student to Courier School, more coming soon...)
  • Freedon Frone Gatterweld (An AUU Doberman-like wolf (Same species as Count Mooku), and student of the Courier School)
  • Qowalski Turmonthy (An AUU white penguin-like sea bird who is a genius providing unique technology and improvements as an honorary student in the Courier School.)
  • Obel Ossifrage (An AUU arboreal coati that is an intimidating elitist student at the Courier School who believes that periodically-amateur couriers should be kicked out.)
  • Kaila Zhovotovsky (An AUU Original Human Female child who is an innocent survivor of the hardships of the TZ.)
  • Mack Intorosh (An AUU Territun Human and son of an OmniNet celebrity and later became like him and a new member of the HA Fan Club.)
  • Romana Sommers (An AUU Territun Human Female and former bachelorette turned alien rights activist and still practices a bachelorette inter-species life in private.)
  • XJ Wohl (An AUU Territun Human and famous ecotect (Builder of massive ecosystems on planets).)
  • Gretchen McVey (An AUU Khuroot Human Female and agent of the New Human Protection Agency.)
  • Kelmer McEneny (An AUU Khuroot Human and agent of the New Human Protection Agency.)
  • Immanuel Zeno Opponhelmer (An AUU Khuroot Human and former war hero turned commanding officer for the New Human Protection Agency.)
  • Clayton Von Cruger (An AUU Khuroot Human who is a former gladiator hunter turned into an antihero gunslinger.)
  • Galatea Boulware (An AUU Nardiraythe Human Female and former secret agent turned agent of the new Human Protection Agency.)
  • Xylon Monger (An AUU Nardiraythe Human and former criminal genius turned into a weapon enthusiast, scavenger, and antihero.)
  • Walten Virchow (An AUU Nardiraythe Human bounty hunter turned secret agent who awakened much of his genetic anomaly throughout his life.)
  • Armon Trump Silber (An AUU Nardiraythe Human and infamous gambler, bounty hunter, and smuggler on par with the smuggler of the Ratchet and Clank series.)
  • Cighry Yuh Darkout (A Zyaūar Master Hunter who had a prejudice against them after they sent his hometown into a deathly poverty from fines and embargoes as punishment for his father's war crimes. He has since become a powerful merciless killer of Zyaūar Masters until he was put in suspended animation, swearing to reawaken and continue his quest of vengeance.)
  • Mister Macherage (Rich entrepreneur and founder of Iircen and upon passing away, gave his world to his two currently-deceased feuding brothers Zood Macherage and Monty Macherage before their deaths left the world to be long abandoned before the founding of Globex Warnomics)
  • CEO Magmwo Juncker (A large AUU silicovorous gold-headed synapsid and the current CEO of the MagRyve Corporation, the corporation that cleans Pharagu and mines on Ocollo)
  • Loxleymone Goch Vorcebrew (A tapir-like AUU creature and the passed founder of Vorcebrew Elixirs, a potion-manufacturing business that provides for a war against elemental and brewed evil magical creations of the assumingly-passed evil Magelian overlord known as Warlement)
  • Othyem Zon Genergy (A giant AUU mammalian crime boss on upcoming New York-style ecumenopolis world on par with Krew and Marvel's Kingpin, losing his business through an illegal attempt to make himself his own heir, and now runs virtually all of the planet's underworld.)
  • Collyx Cechner-Wykes (The president and CEO of Collyx Mnemonics on Collyx (Gamma Universe, Tobani Sector, Chrekse System))
  • Hardscrabble (A slaving and farming baron who, after denied attempts to start his own corporate society, forced it and created a corporate tyranny)
  • Vorago the Collector (A member of a wealthy family who decided to become a vast collector of any and all AUU rarities including fauna, relics, etc. he finds grand value.)
  • Axromn Ga Vycestone (A deceased AUU Promenan terrorist and creator of a planet with a built-in astro laser in similar fashion to Starkiller Base, and attempted to detonate a planet with a volatile core on the day it and it's other neighboring planets, inhabited or otherwise, will aligh and be taken out with the volatile planet until he died of unspecified cause, while his astro-laser planet would drift off in space and go missing for eons as a frozen ball.)
  • Bosslord ZJ Yymfoll (An AUU eight-tusked elephant-like creature and current crime boss ruler of a lawless planet with a highly-explosive core that the Promenan terrorist known as Axromn Ga Vycestone attempted to use a astro-laser-built planet to detonate it at a time when the other planets were aligned and thus the detonation of the volatile world will take the others with it. With Axromn died of unknown causes and his astro-laser planet drifted off and went missing. Yymfoll is the current leader of the planet.)
  • Lubbloge the Notorious (A Grutt crime boss from Partooine (Eta Universe, Isheegus Sector, Speerus System) and technical ruler of the planet)
  • Giggrba the Extortionist (A Grutt crime boss from Carbungia and former master of Captain Milky Waywords)
  • Collirsis the Gripping (A Grutt crime boss from Capulus and former master of Boss Vries)
  • Qoroeon the Technocrat (A Grutt that works for Doc Gearhard)
  • Mortar and Caliber (Doc Gearhard's two best Qlarg bodyguards)
  • Jotun Oborlodeon (An AUU male Cunone and one of the Oborlodeons on the run from Doc Gearhard)
  • Tym Oborlodeon (An AUU male Cunone and one of the Oborlodeons on the run from Doc Gearhard)
  • Natira Oborlodeon (An AUU female Cunone and one of the Oborlodeons on the run from Doc Gearhard as a leader)
  • Jepper Oborlodeon (An AUU female Cunone and one of the Oborlodeons on the run from Doc Gearhard)
  • Rodan Oborlodeon (An AUU male Cunone and one of the Oborlodeons on the run from Doc Gearhard)
  • Kray Oborlodeon (An AUU male Cunone and one of the Oborlodeons on the run from Doc Gearhard)
  • Gadgey Oborlodeon (An AUU female Cunone and one of the Oborlodeons on the run from Doc Gearhard)
  • Scorby Nerdwin Oborlodeon (The Last Oborlodeon at large in the Adora System that the Oborlodeon descendants and Gearhard are still searching for)
  • Boss Morphes (The Synthan ruler of an evil Synthan faction called the Guild of Impersonators)
  • Critcey Crouse (AUU Mickey Mouse, more coming soon...)
  • Warlement (Real Name: Timoleon Z. Fermenfuse, Warmongering long-tusked porcine potion-brewing Magelio mastermind. Previously deleted, yet needs revising. Keeping same back story and same ghostly reduction, but rearranging as much as possible.)
  • Aurenegades (AUU gold smugglers similar in personality and setting to the Battlefield Earth Psychlos who reside on the Planet Goldarex (Theta Universe, Gabinity Sector, Coprioon System))
  • Murby and Zock (Warlement's two hippopotamus-like highly-powerful bodyguards that are not only capable of magic, but also to transform into 50% larger elemental beings.)
  • (Multiple CEOs and crime lords, Magelio masters, students, and ancient enemies, Stagnant Mieberian rebels, Individual AUU Humans, and new possible HA members.)

More coming soon...






Battles (Volume 1):

Battles (Volume 2):

Moisodes/Chronicles Episodes:



Shell Lodge Squad

Origin, Rise, and History of the Shell Lodge Squad

The High Council

Villain League/Darkspawn villains

How the villain leage recruits

The Villain leage's resurrection policy

Team Nefarious

Birth of Team Nefarious

The Fang Empire

Birth of the Fang Empire

The Dark Dragon Scourge Empire

The Dark Dragon's converting of the Fang Empire.

Missellious characters


Tale of the gray wardens

Tale of the druids

Emperor Fang's History

Atlantis (legend)

the united universes

the banished realms

Rise, prime, hardships, and fall of the pure hyenas

DarkSpawn realics

Origin of the Dark Spawn

What are Non dark spawn villains?

The defferents between Dark Spawn villains and Non Dark spawn villains

Origin of the Villain Leage

Cartoonian Wars

The Great Cycle

Creation of the generator of the universial bounderies

Songs and Lyrics

Rules and Guidelines.

Youtube Crossovers Link

Youtube Crossovers Wiki

Spin-off wikis.

Spongebob and Friends wiki 2

SAF Abriged

Latest Activity

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