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SpongeBob and Friends Find The Black Cauldron is the 18th moisode in the 1st Season of the SpongeBob and Friends Adventures series. It appeared on YouTube sometime in October 2010.

  • Length- 2:08:23


SpongeBob, the Shell Lodge Squad, and the Jungle Crew spend Halloween with Kayley's cousin Taran, who is an assistant pig keeper and dreams of being a great warrior. Then the pig, Henwin, panics after seeing a vision. Taran's mentor, Dorbun, has Henwin use her secret powers to find out what he saw. They learn that an evil Darkspawn pawn known as The Horned King is searching for The Black Cauldron. The Black Cauldron was a Darkspawn relic with unholy powers and the dreaded ability to free the Darkspawn from their hellish prison, and allow them to finally rule the United Universes. They also find out that The Horned King has learned about Henwin, and is searching for her. Dorbun tells Taran and the Lodge to hide in a hidden cottage where Henwin would be safe.

Meanwhile, at The Horned King's castle, The Horned King mourns to be a great Darkspawn Lord and find the Black Cauldron to reanimate his dead soldiers, and free the Darkspawn. To make matters worse, Lord Cobra has been ressurected once again, but only as a corpse form since Kairi's blood was in short supply. The Villain League, along with Count Dracula, and his monsters, would soon find the Cauldron, and nothing would stand against them.

Elsewhere, Taran and the Lodgers are taking Henwin to the cottage, and trying to find a way to stop The Horned King. But as Taran daydreams, Henwin disappears. They search for her, and hear a noise. As Taran thinks it's Henwin, he takes out an apple. But then the apple is snatched by a mischevious furry creature named Gurgi. The Lodgers force Gurgi to give back the apple, but Gurgi suddenly takes a bite, and gives it back. As he feels guilty, Gurgi decides to help Taran and the Lodge. He tells them he knows where Henwin is until he runs off when a dragon roar is heard.

They find Kairi and Henwin being attacked by the Horned King's 2 dragons, and Hissta. The Hyenas take on the snake to try and save Kairi, but they are beaten, and Hissta slithers off with Kairi while the Dragons fly off with Henwin. The gang follows them to The Horned King's Castle. Gurgi then appears and tells them that he just wants to be friends. They deny him, and go out after the Villains.

In the castle, they find a room filled with vikings and bad guys, with a weird green creature doing a karaoke act, but he sucks at it. Then suddenly, The Horned King appears in the room. Then his tiny servant, Creeper, tells him that they were celebrating his success on capturing Henwin and Kairi. They bring them in, and try to get them to reveal the whereabouts of the Black Cauldron, but they refuse. When the Lodgers see them threatening them, Taran accidentally sends him and the Lodge falling off the ledge to the ground. The Horned King, Mirage, The Villains, and Lord Cobra welcome them. Lord Cobra taunts Spyro and Cynder, and reveal he has another old foe of SpongeBob: Judge Frollo. When Taran refuses to make Henwin show them where the Black Cauldron is, then The Horned King tries to have Henwin beheaded, forcing Taran to do as he says. They succeed, and the Horned King threatens them. But with help from an unexpected hero, the Lodge escapes.

The heroes run away from the persuing bad guys, and they manage to send Henwin to get help right before they get captured. They put the Lodge and Taran in prison, where they meet a girl named Princess Eilonwy. She helps our heroes escape, and Taran manages to find a fascinating sword. He later discovers that the sword is very powerful, and it helps the team escape with a comical, middle-aged bard Fflewdder Fflam.

When Creeper tells the Horned King about the escape in fear, The Horned King then has an idea. He decides that the misfits would lead them straight to the Black Cauldron. Lord Cobra, on the other hand, gets a medallian with similar powers to his other one, but doesn't have the ability to awaken the Darkspawn since it was only created by Dark Cynder herself. He gains his other powers back, and has the Villain Leaguers follow the Lodgers wherever they go, and wait until they find The Black Cauldron.

After Taran and Eilonwy have an arguement, Fflewdder is greeted by Gurgi. There they also meet up with Hiccup, the Dragon Crew, Quasimodo, and his Gargoyle Friends. They have arrived after hearing that Frollo has teamed up with the Horned King. They try to make Taran give Gurgi another chance after his frivolous behavior, and Gurgi spots pig tracks which might lead the gang to Henwin. They follow the tracks, and stop at a pond, which turns into a whirlpool that sucks the entire team inside.The heroes wind up in a cave inhabited by fairies. The fairies reveal that they have Henwin (After Pumbaa attacks them after thinking they were calling him a pig), and say that the Black Cauldron is safely hidden in Morva. One of the fairies named Doli, take the heroes to Morva while the other fairies take Henwin home safely.

Back at the Horned King's Castle, Frollo sings about Malefor discovering his past sins. Then Mirage appears after hearing his song, and offers Frollo eternal damnation, and his biggest desire: the Gypsy Esmerelda. Frollo accepts, and hopes Malefor can do this. Elsewhere, in the Marshes of Morva, the Lodge, the Jungle Crew, The Dragon Crew, Quasi, the Gargoyles, and Taran and his gang find an empty cottage where they find a lot of frogs, which were actually people who were turned into frogs. They soon come across 3 wicked witches who intends on turning the gang into frogs, and eating them. They reveal that they have the Black Cauldron, and just offer them a lot of other cauldrons, until they learn that Taran has a magic sword. They then get an idea. The witches offer to bargain the Black Cauldron for the sword. Taran accepts, and they get the Black Cauldron.

As they attempt to destroy it, they learn from the witches that the Black Cauldron was indestructible, and that only it's dark powers could be defeated. They say that the only way to stop it's power is if someone sacrifices him/herself by climbing inside the cauldron, or possibly pushed in by an antihero. They couldn't figure out how to finish the mission until they are confronted by Villain Leaguers. Gurgi, The Dragon Crew, Quasimodo and The Gargoyles retreat while the rest of the team are captured, along with the Black Cauldron.

The Black Cauldron was now in posession of the Villain League. The Horned King bring his dead army back to life and frees the Darkspawn from the Banished Realms, and lots of dark devils are freed. Horrid villains like Joe, Hexxus, and Malefor himself were awakened. The Shell Lodgers feel defeated until Gurgi and the others appear and free the tied-up heroes. Spyro and Cynder battle Malefor, while Taran attempts to jump into the Black Cauldron. But Gurgi persists that he'd do it himself. Shenzi pushes Gurgi into the Cauldron, and it's powers were stopped. Malefor, Joe, Hexxus, and the other Darkspawners were sealed back where they belonged, and the whole castle was about to blow. The Horned King was sucked into the Cauldron, and Creeper was free.

The Lodgers managed to escape the collapsing castle. They mourn Gurgi, and then the witches appear once again. They intend to get back the Cauldron until the Lodge offers a bargain with them before they can have it back. The witches decide to give them the sword back, but instead, Taran decides to trade the Cauldron for Gurgi. The witches are shocked, and tell them that's not possible. But after Fflewdder taunts them, they accept the bargain, and give them Gurgi's body. They find the body to be lifeless, until they find Gurgi to be alive. The story comes to an end, but is far from over. Their triumph is recorded by a robot butler.

In the Nefarious Space Station lightyears away, Nefarious is told about Malefor's defeat, and Nefarious finds out it's time to act. But then he's told about the Shell Lodge Squad, and malfunctions again. He accidentally kills one of his troops, and sends in the next one. To be continued...


  1. In The Dark Of The Night- By Lord Cobra
  2. Real And Scary- By SpongeBob
  3. Grim Grinning Ghosts Come Out To Socialize- By Lord Cobra
  4. Batty Rap- By Batty Koda
  5. In The Land Of The Dead- By Malefor
  6. Hellfire- By Frollo
  7. Grinch Is Gonna Get You- Horned King's Dead Minions and the Dark Spawn Lords.


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