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SpongeBob and Friends in Ed, Edd n' Eddy's Big Picture Show
is the ??? moisode of the 3rd Season of the SpongeBob and Friends Adventuresseries. In the adventure, SpongeBob and the Shell Lodgers visit the Eds after their big retirement fom Russeluke. The Eds plan to forget the banishment by pulling off the biggest show ever. However, this makes things worse when the act blows up the Cul-de-sac, and the Eds are mobbed by their neighbors. Eddy suggests that there's only one way to patch this problem up: find his brother. During the search, they encounter the stars of Russeluke's spinoff series Jak and Daxter who are renegades and fugitives of the Villain leage thanks to Shen who was forced by Lord Cobra to betray them and the precurcer guardians after Cobra discovers the events of Jak and Daxter's Adventures of Pocohantas. Meanwhile Mirage has send the Cul-de-sac kids to hunt down the Eds before they find Eddy's Brother and the Villain Leage Resistance lead by the Kids Next Door while Cobra plans revenge on Jak for making Shen double-cross him again and putting the peacock on his path to find Kairi and her family along with all of crimes they comitted against the Horde of Darkness and Deathwing's forces by exposing Jak, Daxter and the Eds as frauds and luring them to be brought to villain leage justice. (currently questionable due to copyright issues.)

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