A direct copy of Legoland1085's Dave Felis adventure, the only difference in that film is that Pooh, Spyro, and Spongebob are replacing the BistroRangers in battling the evil forces of Clockwerk, Neyla, and Dr. M, as well as allying themselves reluctantly to Sly Cooper, realizing that he is not the evil criminal they were lead to believe he was.

Chapter 1: The Thievious Racoonus

Inspector Carmelita Montoya Fox (Who helped The Digidestined, Miguel, Tulio, Brandy, Mr. Wiskers, Lola Boa, Ed the Otter, Batty, Sam and Max leave the City of the Digidestined due to the Freelance Police Department's connection with Inerpol) has summoned the Digidestined, The Shell Louge Squad, Winnie the Pooh and his Friends to help her tack down the sneeky racoon theif, Sly Cooper and bring him to justice.

Meanwhile on their journey, Kairi's dreams have suddenly become plagued with long-lost memories of her birth mother, Queen Kanji. While tracking down and seeking answers from Sly and his Friends, Bentley the Turtle and Murry the Hippo who are tying to recover the racoon theif's ansestral treasure, The Thievious Racoonus, an ancient book that his ansestors have keep their master stealing secrets containt from the Fiendish Five who are working with the Villain Leage around the world, all are surprised by the Digidestined's sudden reunion with their eighth member and Tai's little sister Kari and her partner digimon, Gatomon who reveal that after their battles against the Dark Masters and Apocalymon, The Digidestiend were separated from Kari and Gatomon by Ansem Seeker of Darkness (Xehanort's Heartess) who plunged the entire Digital World into Darkness during the events of Kingdom Hearts. While the The Digidestined survived in El Dorado, Kari and Gatomon found sanctuary and living with a tribe of native spore lizards in the jungles of Hathi.

During a great battle with the leage in The Krack-Karov Volcano in Russia, our heroes caught a glimpse of Mirage, Bowser Koopa and Lord Cobra's associate and the leader of the Fiendish Five, Clockwerk who reveals to Kairi that he was once Kanji's pet owl and former confidant who was driven mad by the relationship of Kairi's birth father, King Aaron and Kanji's pregnancy with Kairi along with another a startling truth: Clockwerk asisted Cobra the night he, Malefor and the Darkspawn lords raided Radiant Garden to prevent the Kairi/Shen Prophecy after Clockwork was banished from the Kingdom by Ansem the Wise as a traitor, and he has a huge score to settle with both Sly AND Kairi. Thanks to the power of The Digidestiend's digivices and Omnimon's strengh, Kairi was granted an enchanted princess gown while Spyro got some golden magic battle armor to fight Clockwerk.

The fight was brutal but the help of Sly, Carmelita, Angemon and Angewomon turned the tide and defeated Clockwork. After Sly recovers the last page of the Thievius Raccoonus, he is cornered by Carmelita. However, Carmelita gives Sly the ten second head start she had promised after he rescued her from Clockwork's trap for him. After using nine seconds of it, Sly takes an opportunity to kiss Carmelita, and handcuff her to the railing while she is distracted, thus enabling the gang to make their escape. Unknown to everyone, one of Clockwerk's eyes open, revealing that he still lives.

While the story was playing, Team Nefarious have been arrested by Rachet, Clank and the Galagtic Federation and while Nefarious and Lawerence are givin a life sentence in Prison 42, the other members of Team Nefarious are placed in thier home world's custody.

Chapter 2: Band of Thieves

The Lougers, Kairi, Pooh, Piglet, Tigger, Rabbit, Eeyore and their friends run into the Sly Cooper Gang again since they took on the Villain Leage and helped Kairi confront and defeat Clockwerk. They learn that Sly, Bentley and Murray breaking into the museum of natural history in Cairo in order to steal and destroy the Clockwerk parts, so that the threat from both Sly and Kairi's past will never return. After going smoothly, the heist is suddenly ruined, as it appears that the Clockwerk parts have already been stolen. Inspector Fox accuses Sly of stealing the parts, but her new assistant, Constable Neyla suggests that the Cooper Gang isn't actually behind it, and that it resembles a "Klaww Gang". After a quick getaway, they start their research about the mysterious Klaww Gang, and begin to pursue them while The Villain Leage and the Dark Dragon Scourge Empire are about to endure a Villain Team War against eachother.

After defeating two of the Klaww Gang's Members, Dimitri, a misunderstood artist who now owns a nightclub in Paris and Rajan,  a powerful Indian "spice lord" and recovering two of the Clockwerk parts, The Tail Feathers and Wings, Our Heroes have been arrested by the Contessa who runs a prison center of hypnosis in Pargue. Carmelita is framed by Neyla for conspiring with the Cooper Gang and is also arrested. Bently and the others who were lucky escaping and avoiding the arrest head for the prison in Prague, where they find out that the Contessa is really a secret Klaww Gang member who hypnotizes prisoners to tell her where their loot is. After busting Sly, Murry and the captured heroes out, they pursue the Contessa to her castle estate where, despite the small war between her and Neyla, they steal Clockwerk's eyes from the Contessa, save Carmelita from hypnosis and the Contessa is arrested by Neyla.

After escaping the hypnotic nightmare in Pargue, our heros  traces the spice sendings from Rajan and head north to Canada, where they another Klaww Gang member, Jean Bison, a prospector who was frozen down during the 19th century, but brought back to life by global warming. The Group have gotten Clockwerk's stomach and lungs from Jean, who uses them as machine parts for his trains. After stealing all the parts, the gang escape from the scene. During this time Carmelita attempts to arrest the Cooper Gang on her own to prove her innocence to Interpol. The heroes then follows Jean Bison to a wasteland of chopped trees, where he has a sawmill. On this location, he hides the Clockwerk talons, using them to cut down trees with relative ease. The gang challenge him to a series of competitions known as the Lumber Jack Games, in which they cheat, because of Bison blackmailing the judges to give him perfect scores (which explains why he won the Lumber Jack Games many times in the past). Bison discovers the Cooper Gang's scheme and has them captured. Jean later tells them that he found the Clockwerk parts in their safehouse and sold them all to the last Klaww Gang member and the mastermind behind them, Arpeggio. With help from Sly, Terk and Tantor, Bentley defeats Jean Bison in a fight, where the area is covered with mechanical saws and furnaces that Sly controls on Bentley's command. Murray manages to make an exit, and they all rush to hide inside the Northern Light battery, which is lifted up to Arpeggio's giant air fortress.

The Heroes and Sly infiltrates the main blimp where to the surprise of the gang the Clockwerk parts are fully reassembled, and finds out that Neyla has been working directly for Arpeggio from the very beginning. Confronting Arpeggio, Sly discovers that Arpeggio has converted his blimp into an enormous transmitter which will unleash a hypnotic light show of hate over Paris and (with its population having been made susceptible to hypnosis, courtesy of Dimitri feeding spice to the entire city), the lights will cause an enormous wellspring of hatred which Arpeggio will channel into the Clockwerk frame with him inside it, causing him to become immortal. Suddenly, right before Arpeggio enters the Clockwerk frame, Neyla betrays him, revealing that she is Lord Cobra's puppet who he and the leage are the power behind the Klaww Gang. The whole adenture was part of Cobra's plan to resurrect Clockwerk so he can get his revenge on Kairi. After Cobra's puppet enters the frame herself, She kills Arpeggio, names herself Clock-La, and flies off engaging a big show down with our heroes with Spyro and Kairi getting their power from the Destiend's Digivices and Omnimon's strength along with them getting weapons created by their crests and tags.

After an intense battle with Clock-La which ended with Bently loosing his ability to walk for the rest of his life. Kairi destorys the hate chip, the center of Clockwerk's power with her keyblade which causes Clockwerk's parts to age and decay, destroying him and his curse on Kairi and Sly forever and killing Neyla. Carmelita arrives in her helicopter and puts the cooper gang under arrest, but not before giving Kairi the hate chip for her to destroy. Sly turns himself in, in return for letting his friends go because they're in no shape of making a fast getaway, and Carmelita accepts. During the helicopter ride to the station, Sly and Carmelita start getting more friendly and start talking about their previous adventures and personal likings, which Sly considered a first date. The conversation ends abruptly when Carmelita finds out the flight has lasted more than two hours than only a few minutes. Sly says he kind of figured since they flown past The Effiel Tower seventeen times. Carmelita goes to the front of the chopper to inspect, only to find that Sly's friends rigged the chopper's controls, leaving enough time for Sly to parachute out. Sly then says that he could hear Carmelita yell "I'll find you Cooper".

After the statuses of the Klaww Gang members are shown in the credits, Dr. Nefarious and Lawrence escape from Prison 42 and bring Team Nefarious back together, ready to get some serious payback on the louge and the Cooper Gang.

Chapter 3: Honor Among Thieves (Needs Editing)

The story begins with Sly, Bentley, and unknown members of the Cooper Gang about to launch a heist on Kaine Island, a heavily guarded island in the South Pacific. With the help of the unknown members, Sly makes his way to a vault on top of the island. Just as Sly managed to open the vault using his cane, a shot fires, closing the vault door. The shooter is revealed to be the owner of the island, Dr. M. He demands that Sly hand over the cane. Sly refuses, and Bentley suddenly appears and distracts Dr. M, allowing them to make their getaway. Just when it looks like they're in the clear, Dr. M strikes back, controlling a monster. The monster first attacks Bentley, capturing him in exchange for the cane. Sly throws the cane into the monster's mouth, freeing Bentley. The monster throws the cane away, and it lands on a magnetic buoy. The monster grabs Sly and starts to crush him painfully. It looks like the end for our hero.

Sly, in his last moments, remembers the events of the first and second chapters. He remembers finding a thief named Jim McSweeny in jail, who was the muscle in his father's gang. McSweeny tells Sly about the Cooper Vault, a vault where all Coopers stashed their loot. McSweeny gives Sly a map to Kaine Island, where the vault is located. However, upon arrival, they find the island has been taken over by Dr. M, and made into a seemingly impenetrable fortress. Sly realizes that it will take a world class gang of thieves to break into the vault.

In a large flashback, Sly recounts how he and the gang hired four other professionals to help with the heist. The gang first sought to bring back Murray, who left the gang after Bentley was crippled during the Clockwerk Incident. They found Murray in Venice, Italy under the orders of The Guru, his "dream-state" teacher. They later recruited the Guru during an expedition in the Australian outback. The gang continued on, recruiting Penelope, a remote controls expert and eventually Bentley's girlfriend; Panda King, a demolitions expert and former member of the Fiendish Five who joined the gang after his daughter is saved from General Tsao; and Dimitri, a former Klaww Gang member who is an underwater expert and diver. 

After the flashback ends, Sly mentally begs for the pain to stop as the monster crushes him more and more. Luckily, due to the intervention of the others, including Carmelita, he is saved from death. After recovering and fighting off more of Dr. M's monsters, Sly gets inside the Cooper vault. Despite Murray and Bentley's best efforts to guard the entrance, Dr. M follows Sly in and confronts him. After a long battle, Carmelita arrives and places both of them under arrest. The doctor fires a laser blast at her, but Sly jumps in the way and takes the hit himself. Carmelita finishes off Dr. M and then goes to check on Sly. He wakes and appears to have amnesia, having no idea who Carmelita is or who he is. The Inspector lies, telling Sly that he is Constable Cooper, her partner. The two escape as the vault begins to collapse, leaving Dr. M to his fate.

Chapter 4: Thieves in Time (Needs Editing)

Sly is faking amnesia to be with Carmelita, Murray is racing the team van, and Bentley and Penelope are constructing a time machine. However, when the words start vanishing from the pages of the the Thievius Raccoonus, along with Penelope, Bentley reforms the gang to repair the damage to the Coopers' history and find out who is responsible. Meanwhile, Carmelita discovers Sly's deception after she catches him robbing an art museum, and wants to get her hands on him for lying to her.

The team begins their time-traveling journey in Feudal Japan, where they rescue Rioichi Cooper, a ninja and the inventor of sushi. After a showdown with El Jeffe, a military strategist tiger who overthrew several small countries and sold them to the highest bidder, Rioichi's cane is stolen. In the Wild West, the gang breaks outlaw Tennessee "Kid" Cooper, who was who was framed for bank robbery, out of jail. They also discover Carmelita being held hostage by Toothpick, a self-proclaimed "gunslinger" armadillo posing as the town's new sheriff, under the orders of a skunk and black-market art dealer named Cyrille Le Paradox who sent her back in time to impede her investigation of him. The gang rescues Carmelita and defeats Toothpick, but unforeseen complications cause them to be sent to the Ice Age. Sly tries to apologize to Carmelita for lying to her, but she shuns him. They later meet a cave-raccoon that they nickname Bob, and team up with him to stop The Grizz, an art thief bear forging cave paintings. After much thought, Carmelita finally agrees to assist the gang in order to stop Le Paradox and return home. They then travel to Medieval England, where they recruit Sir Galleth of The Knights Of The Cooper Order, a knight with a flair for the dramatic. They confront the evil Black Knight, but are shocked to discover it is actually Penelope, who believes Sly is a negative influence on Bentley and provided Le Paradox with a means of traveling through time. This revelation sends Bentley into a deep depression, but he overcomes his inner demons and arrives just in time to save the gang from Penelope. The gang finally catches up to Le Paradox in Ancient Arabia with the help of Salim Al-Kupar, the last active member of the Forty Thieves, and battle Ms. Decibel, a "music snob" elephant with the power of hypnosis. Le Paradox's plan is eventually revealed: forge documents in the past depicting a fake royal lineage to expand his fortune and influence, and steal the Cooper ancestors' canes as revenge for his own family's misfortune as thieves. As a final insult to Sly, he kidnaps Carmelita.

The gang returns to present-day Paris, now under Le Paradox's control. Using Carmelita as bait, Le Paradox captures Sly. However, Bentley, Murray, and a team of Cooper ancestors retrieve the missing canes and free him just as Le Paradox inadvertently rips a hole in the space-time continuum. Sly sends everyone home just before entering a final showdown with Le Paradox atop his blimp, ending with Le Paradox falling into the sea. The various villains are sent to prison, with the exception of Penelope, who remains at large. However, though Le Paradox was later found and incarcerated, Sly has mysteriously disappeared. Despite this, the gang vows to do whatever it takes to find him, no matter where or when he is. It is later revealed that Sly has woken up in front of a jackal-headed temple in Ancient Egypt.

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