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Spongebob and Friends meet Mulan again is the 10th moisode of the 2nd Season of the SpongeBob and Friends Adventures series. It is a planned sequil confirmed in the Mushu Page.


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  • (Shell Lougers cry after Shen is beaten up by Ratigan and Fagin)
  • Soothsayer: Watch this. (Bites on Shen's cloth)
  • Lord Shen: (Awakes) How dare you, that is the finest silk in the Province!
  • Crane: (All Shell Lougers stare at him, Crane's beak opens)
  • Mr.Whiskers: Well, I feel sheepish.

  • Lord Shen: Good afternoon, gentlemen. Now we've got the pheaentries out of the way, please leave Ki Gong.
  • Fagin: Are you ordering me?
  • Lord Shen: I will not ask again. Leave this city.
  • Spongebob and Friends Meet Mulan again preview part 106:08

    Spongebob and Friends Meet Mulan again preview part 1

    Preview part 1

    Fagin: (Chuckles) I would, naturally, however, there is one little problem. I am the one who haifly owns this city aside Lord Chin, so, only he can decide to throw me out or not. And it will not happen today or any other day, so give up, peacock.
  • Lord Shen: (Laughs) I'm so glad you feel that way. Otherwise, i dragged that here for nothing. (points at huge box)
  • Fagin: What's in the box, Shen?
  • Lord Shen: Oh, you see, it's a gift. It's your parting gift. It will part you. Part of you here, part of you there, and part of you WAAY over there staining the wall.
  • Fagin: Interesting attempt, peacock, but I'm afraid just blasting me and Ratigan away will only result in us being resurected, so you can forget using your cannon.
  • Spongebob and Friends Meet Mulan again preview part 210:02

    Spongebob and Friends Meet Mulan again preview part 2

    Preview part 2

    Lord Shen: I agree, but I didn't say "cannon" did I? (Opens box, Shang and his horse appear from out of the box)

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