SpongeBob and Friends and The Sword in The Stone is the
7th moisode in the 2nd Season of the SpongeBob and Friends Adventures series. In this new adventure, our heroes finally find Merlin's hiding place. But Merlin refuses to join them because he is trying to create a 2nd Camelot in order to free this world from a long dark ages spell left by Malefor. But to their surprise, Fagin and Ratigan have discovered Merlin's hideout as well. They plan on preventing the creation of the second Camelot by using this world's hazards, and by teaming up with Malificent's cranky half-sister, Madam Mim

Fan-made Plot

(Shall be edited by Superwritermaniac when it arrives)

A sword is introduced in the Disney Universe England that says that the one who pulls it out will become the New King of England after King Uther dies. Many have tried to pull it out, but none prevailed. And so, the sword had been forgotten, and England had been cursed by Malefor. Present day, Merlin the Wizard is expecting a little boy to unexpectedly arrive any second now. When suddenly, The Shell Lodge Squad arrive and finally find him. After Merlin says hello to Phil, the Lodgers talk with him. Merlin had heard so much about them, including their triumph in Camelot. They ask him to join them because they have been looking for an all-powerful, or a magical being to help them on their journeys since Genie told them about Merlin. Merlin refuses, and says he has a problem of his own. He explains that he tried to make a second Camelot by introducing the kingdom to a magically, and legally duplicated Sword in The Stone, but the people lost faith in it, and gave up on it. Then he tells them that he knows the only one who is capable of pulling the sword out. A little boy named Arthur, but people usually call him Wart. The Shell Lodgers agree to help him so he can join. They wait for the boy to arrive. While Sir Kay hunts, Arthur accidentally falls on him, breaking his concentration, and shoots the arrow too high, right into the forest. Kay tells him to go get it. But while trying, he falls right into Merlin's house. Merlin and the Shell Lodgers introduce themselves, and they tell him that they're gonna help his learning. Merlin sings his first song while packing. Then they go back to the castle.

Back at the castle, Arthur gets punished for being away too long and getting lost. Merlin and the Shell Lodgers offer to give Arthur's education, but Sir Ector refuses, and Merlin uses his magic to talk him into it. Ector allows Merlin and the others to stay at the guest room, which is a tower that is wrecked. Even though the Lodge says that it's not safe to stay there, Merlin accepts.

The next day, Merlin teaches Arthur about the life of a fish. Merlin turns Arthur into a fish, and drops him into the river, He turns himself into a fish as well, and SpongeBob, Patrick, Mr.Krabs, and Sandy join them. The lessons go smoothly, but the posse gets attacked by a vicious pike. Merlin decides to let Arthur fight the pike on his own just to teach him about brains vs brawns. Arthur swims through a chain, causing the pike's mouth to get stuck in the chain. Arthur hides, while the pike gets his jaws out of the chain. The pike takes him by surprise, and Arthur stick an arrow in his mouth, leaving it's jaws stuck open. Skipper sees Arthur in trouble, and rescues him. Merlin turns himself and Wart back into humans, and Ector calls for Wart, punishing him again while not believing his fish story.

Meanwhile, Fagin and Ratigan were watching the Shell Lodgers since their vacation time with Goofy and Max. They plan on preventing Malefor's curse from being lifted by teaming up with Maleficent's crazy half-cousin, Madam Mim. They even know that as long as Arthur's alive, this second Camelot will be born. So, they discuss that they'll have Madam Mim kill him. They say they have already corrupted a wolf, but that failed. They even corrupted the pike, but, obviously, it failed. Fagin turned the pike into a Heartless as punishment. Madam Mim then had an idea. Since she knew a lot about animals, and could tell the future like Merlin can (But is not mentioned in the original film), she says that soon, Merlin will turn Arthur into a sparrow. When Merlin turns Arthur into a sparrow, Fagin and Ratigan will corrupt a hawk, and it and Fagin will chase him down to Madam Mim's place. There, Mim will handle the rest.

Meanwhile, Merlin makes his magic do Arthur's duties for him so he can teach him the life of a squirrel with Sandy's help. In the trees, Sandy tells Arthur that jumping from tree to tree isn't as easy for a beginner squirrel as it is. Then, another female squirrel falls in love with Arthur. As Arthur is trying to run from the female, she is so 'nuts' for him that she follows him. Arthur is almost eaten by the corrupted wolf, but the female squirrel rescues him. When he is turned back into a human, the female squirrel is broken-hearted. But Sandy cheers her up by introducing her to another squirrel.

Back at the castle, Ector accuses Merlin of his magic doing Arthur's chores. Arthur defends Merlin, but Ector promptly punishes him by replacing him as squire for Kay at a tournament mentioned later in the film. Then, as Fagin and Ratigan expected, Merlin turns Arthur into a sparrow. As Archimedes, Merlin's owl, teaches him how to fly, Fagin and his corrupted Hawk partner swoop down after Arthur.They chase him down into Mim's trap. When Merlin catches Mim trying to kill him, Mim challenges him to a wizard duel. The two turn into different animals, while Mim breaks her own rules. Mim then turns into a dragon, which it's against the rules to turn into mythical creatures. Then she is beaten when Merlin turns himself into a germ, and infects her.

That Christmas, At the castle, Arthur becomes the squire again after the replacement got mumps. Merlin is dissapointed that Arthur still prefers war and academics, and teleports himself to Bermuda. At the tournament, Arthur accidentally forgets Kay's sword, and tries to get it. However, the inn with the sword in it is closed for the tournament. Then, he sees The Sword in The Stone. He pulls the sword out, and takes it to the tournament. Sir Ector recognizes the sword, and takes Arthur and the whole kingdom to the courtyard. Arthur successfully takes out the sword again, and is pronounced the rightful King of England.

At the throne room, Arthur says he doesn't know anything about owning a country, and decides to run away, overwhelmed by the cheering crowd outside. Merlin drops
Spongebob and Friends and the Sword in the stone

Spongebob and Friends and the Sword in the stone.

by just in time when he senses his plan had worked. He says to the Shell Lodgers that it's time for Arthur to know about his clever plan. He explains that he tried to make a second Camelot in order to lift a curse made by Malefor. Merlin says he'll lead The Knights Of The Round Table. And he might even star in a motion picture. The moisode ends after Arthur asks who Malefor is.

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