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In this adventure, Spyro ends up entering a world called Toontown, that mysteriously has a portal to another UUniverses that are actually not of animation, but live-action and is actually the home UUniverses of their past friend Edmond, the world, location, and time period being of Hollywood in 1947, discovering that there are other dimensions including this live-action UUniverses, and this world is one of many to share random connections to the animated UUniverses. Now that they are in this UUniverses of live-action fiction, the Shell Lodge Squad gets an unexpected mission of keeping Roger Rabbit, court jester of Disney Castle and a famous cartoon star in Maroon Cartoons (And also a past future member of the Jungle Crew, which will mean that this will take place during the events of Simba Timon and Pumbaa's Adventures of Who Framed Roger Rabbit), safe from the corrupt judge, Judge Doom, who murdered Marvin Acme in an attempt to claim Toontown just so that he could destroy that world and replace it with a freeway, and to keep our heroes away from his scheme, he framed Roger for the crime. Discovering these events, and recognizing Roger as a member of the Jungle Crew, they didn't just travel through dimensions, they went through a time disruption as they are in the time where the Jungle Crew saves Roger, and the Villain League ends up in another time-travel scheme, clearly not learning their lesson about such things it causes. Now, joined with private-eye Eddie Valiant, and not having to know Roger's story until now, Spyro must discover this truth with the past Jungle Crew in time before Doom, his Jungle Crew-period associates, and his future Villain League associates, Ursula, Venom, Carnage, Drake, Fagin, and Ratigan gain their revenge over our heroes and take over Toontown for the Heartless.

Also in this movisode, many toon characters who had cameos or minor roles in the film will gain a larger role in the movie, such as Mickey Mouse actually helping our heroes solve the crime, Donald Duck helping Mickey, Goofy helping as well, and even Brer Bear gains a larger role as a minor antagonist who tries to stop our heroes on orders from Emperor Fang. Even Maleficent's Goons, who briefly appeared in the first half of the movie, have bigger roles as servants to the Villain Leaguers alongside the Toon Patrol.

(Just thought that, since we gave birth to other UUniverses like the Memeverse and the Toddler's Cartoon UUniverses, I think the live-action forms of fiction should get their own UUniverses as well.)


Coming soon...

Fan-made Quotes

  • Smart Ass- (Weasels search Valiant for Acme's will) We've searched Valiant, boss, the will ain't on him!
  • Carnage- Yeah, all we found was a couple of cigarettes, a gun, and a whoopie cushion.
  • Eddie- Have no idea how THAT got on me.
  • Doom- Well, then frisk the woman!
  • Greasy- I'll handle this one! (Aims for Jessica's tater tots, until his hand gets chomped by hunter's biting trap) AAAAAAARRRRGH!
  • Lord Shen- (Laughs out loud, along with Sam and Max)
  • Eddie- (To Jessica) Nice booby trap!
  • Sparx- You guys thing that's funny, watch this. (Gets a water balloon, throws at a wall, bounces off a box, hits several lougers on the head like a pinball, before finally exploding onto Venom on inpact, casuing Lord Shen, Sam and Max to laugh out loud again.) That, my friends, is a little thing I'd like to call, the water balloon bounce.
  • Venom- (Wet from the inpact) You think this is funny?!? 
  • Fagin- Dont just stand there you idiots! Search for that blasted will and get the machine ready! Venom, you and Carnage find that Rabbit and the Seasponge.
  • Venom- (While drying off) We're on it, Boss.
  • Carnage- You got it Faggie. (He and Venom set out on thier task)
  • Kairi- You and Doom wont get away with this Fagin.
  • Ursula- Oh, feeling confident are we?
  • Drake-Tempting Princess, but we already have.
  • Doom- Enough of this nonsense! Do they have the will or not?
  • Smart Ass- Nah, just a stupid love letter.
  • Doom- No matter. I doubt if that will is gonna show up in the next fifteen minutes, anyway.
  • Spyro- What exactly does happen in the next fifteen minutes?
  • Doom- Toontown will be legally mine, lock stock and barrel!


  • Cynder- It's almost midnight, Doom has Spyro and the others pluse Roger and Spongebob are still out there. We'll never stop the villains at this pace.
  • Riku- Hey Cynder, look at this. (sees some motor bikes parked at a dinner) We can call who ever owns these bikes and tell them where to pick them up after we get the cops and some backup.
  • Cynder-Riku, your a genius, and quite convient too.

(Cue Riku and Cynder riding on the bikes while Slow Ride plays in the background)

  • Riku- Kairi, Spyro, hang in there, we're on our way with backup.
  • Cynder - (To the audience dubbed as Miss Piggy) Ha, you wanted Excitment.


  • This moisode might or might not take place during Simba, Timon and Pumbaa's Adventures of Who Framed Roger Rabbit due to Roger Rabbit being part of the Jungle Crew. If it does, then the Lodge will also team up with the past Jungle Crew, along with Past Po, Furious Five, Alex, Marty, Melman, Gloria, and Penguins, and the Villains will team up with Past Zira, Scar, Arthur and Cecil, Grand Duke, and Tai-Lung. However, Scroopfan might or might not accept this idea.

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