Spyro and Friends meet Pocahotas

MSM Poster

The Shell Lodge Travel to the a world trapped in the north amaircan indian age where Spyro will complete his Kung Fu Training to become a Kung-Fu Master and Kairi can begin her Mark of Mastery Exam so she can become a Keyblade Master like Aqua and so she can defend herself.They meet Pocahontas and John Smith, who wind up falling in love with each other. But when this love causes a war between their two worlds, The Shell Lodge must do what they can to protect the two and face the violent ignorance, greed, darkness and hatred plaguing the alternate North America if they are going to help Kairi and Spyro complete thier tasks and become true to Tyro's Heart. However Mirage is aware of the High Council's plans for Spyro and Kairi's journey to find themselves thanks to Malefor informing her from the Banish Realms and has send the Villain Leage's Organization XIII to the alternate North America, team with with the greedy Governor Ratcliffe and make sure the war between the british and indains happen and both Spyro and Kairi's tasks are completely sabotaged.

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