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Spyro and the other team members visit Ariel and Eric once again to witness the birth of their newborn child, Melody. Who has been forbidden to go to the sea due to Dr.Nefarious' plans for ruling the united universes, along with his new member, Morgana, Ursula's crazy sister. As a result, Melody does not know about merpeople or Atlantica. With Melody repeatedly relaxing in the sea, Spyro and his Friends are forced to keep her out of trouble, and keep the trident away from Team Nefarious' hands.

Fan Quotes

  • Dr.Nefarious: (Playing video game) I've got you now! Take this, and this! And now, THE HAYMAKER! (Wins) VICTORY! In your face!
  • Undertow: Hey, boss!
  • Dr. Nefarious: (Sighs) What is it?
  • Undertow: We have a visitor!
  • Melody: Uh...hello?
  • Dr.Nefarious: AH! It's the little--uh, I mean, Welcome to the humble abode of Team Nefarious!
  • Undertow: She needs to get to Morgana, ASAP!
  • Dr. Nefarious: Of course! Come along, my darling squishie-uh, I mean, girl!...(Both enter room) (Dubbed as Undertow) Angel cakes, meet the one and only, MORGANA!

  • Spyro: Melody, seriously! Do you have to keep doing this? We have been called out of our missions to keep an eye on you every time you get into the sea.
  • Melody: Oh, Spyro, I can't help it! I just love the sea! (Dives down, splash, Alex opens umbrella, and umbrella protects him from water)
  • Sebastian: COME BACK HERE! (Goes under) You're just your mother.
  • Spyro: (Sighs) We got this one, guys. (She and Cynder head down after her)

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