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Spyro and The Shell Lodge return to Paris and meet a miniature young girl named Thumbelina. They learn that she had fallen in love with a fairy named Prince Cornelius, but they also learn that the Villain League has offered to help a toad named Grundel get his wish to marry Thumbelina by using the remains of their love potion to get her to abandon Cornelius, and fall in love with Grundel. The Shell Lodge is now given a mission to ensure this crime doesn't happen.

Old Story

In this very kid friendly adventure, Spyro and whatever Shell Louge Squad members he can find team up with a young fairy-to-be named Thumbelina to help her find true love in the great Fae prince, Cornelius, while facing the worst and most pathetic villains ever, Grundel the toad, Berkely Beetle a.k.a Iago's soundalike counterpart, Ms. Fieldmouse, and Mr. Mole, the lame soundalike to the Horned King. But in the end, before Spyro can save this world, he must delve deep into Thumbelina's past and discover her as the true fae princess she really is. And just how can a good witch have fairy wings anyway? She, too, must be a fairy.

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