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In this adventure, Spyro and his Shell Lodge Squad members have once again reunited with Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck after the chaos in Toontown, returning to the Live-Action UUniverses where they end up in a more modern-day society, as things get bad when Daffy is fired on the pretense that he's no longer funny in the 21st century. Fearing for his life, Daffy takes Shen and several leaguers with him on a crash course for finding a new artifact of power known as the Blue Diamond of Simius, the true name for the blue monkey diamond. To make matters worse, the Villain league has managed to recruit Marvin Acme's demented son and current chairman of Acme, Harry Acme, before Team Nefarious can, and has set him on a mission to find the Simius Diamond so that they can turn all humanity into monkey heartless slaves for Chernabog to control. To make matters even worse, Master Croc and Master Ox have been black-mailed by the Armidillo kid, an arch foe of Private, to serve returning Villain Leaguers, Alameda Slim and Westley. Now Bugs Bunny and Spyro must unite to save the world from primal darkness at the hands of the Acme Chairman.


  • This is the first appearence of Marvin the martian.
  • During the final battle of this movisode, Harry Acme's darkness ends up causing him to summon a large toon monkey-like Heartless to battle the Shell Lougers. It is eventually destroyed by Spyro's keyblade, the side effect of this turning Harry Acme into a generic Capuchin Monkey as the monster dies.


  • Lord Shen: (Sees Djon grabbing all the silverware and plates from table, and stuffs them in his pants) I saw that, Djon, now be a sport and return those things back at once.
  • Djon: Uh, I wasn't really stealing these very expensive and shiny top dollar merchandise, Master, oh, no-no-no-no!
  • Lord Shen: Djon, the pants, kindly pick them up. (Djon pulls up pants) Just kindly return those items, we have a mission to do.
  • Djon: Of course, as you wish, Master! I do for you. (Walks off with filled up pants, sees plate, puts it in pants)
  • Lord Shen: WILL YOU STOP THAT?!?

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