Stabbington Brothers

Stabbington Brothers

The Stabbington Brothers are minor villains in Spongebob and Friends get Tangled who get into servitude with the Villain League. They are former allies of Flynn Rider and now serve Mother Gothel as their act of revenge.

Role in the film[1]Edit

The brothers are first seen heading for the castle to steal a royal crown that belongs to the missing princess. The brothers hoist Flynn down with a rope and they retrieve it successfully. The guards rush for them, and a chase begins. When the trio reach a dead-end, the brothers will only let Flynn go first if they have that satchel that holds the crown. Although they had the sachel, Flynn betrays them and was able to steal the satchel. The brothers are then arrested but roam along with the guards as prisoners. While at the Pub Thug where Flynn and his new allies Rapunzel and Pascal are located, the two escape and then try to kill Flynn as he escapes. However, they are overwhelmed by the collasping river water built up by the dam, which is destroyed in the process where Maximus attemps to apprehend Flynn.

They survive the chaos and the two stumble upon a woman: Mother Gothel. She strikes a deal with the two and reveals the secret of Rapunzel's hair, which they find better than the crown. After Rapunzel and Flynn enjoy a romantic evening watching the lanters, Flynn spots them and brings the satchel to them in the hopes that they will leave Rapunzel and him in peace. The brothers though point out to Flynn that they are aware of Rapunzel's hair, and want her instead of the tiara. The brothers knock out Flynn and tie him up to a boat and he sails across back to the kingdom. The brothers then attempt to capture Rapunzel but are betrayed by Mother Gothel who knocks them out making it seem like she was a hero. The two are last seen in prison as Flynn was about to be executed. Flynn grabs them and demands to know what happened to Rapunzel and how they knew about her hair. They fearfully tell Flynn that an old lady is behind it all. The two are not seen for the remainder of the film.

Role in the series

The Stabbington Brothers reprise their role from the film.

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