This escape marked stitch's journey to Earth, where he would evade Galactic Federation custody and be later given to Lilo.


"You stand before this council accused of illegal genetic experimentation. With intend to sell to the villain league for the price of 100,000 sporebucks in cash."

-Gantu on Jumba's charges

Dr. Jumba was accused of illegal genetic enginering witht the intention to sell to the villain league. HE was confirmed guilty when Stitch made a rude comment the ears of the Council And Gantu took control of the security.

Gantu had guns trained on Sitch's genes and prepared to ship him into exile.

Escape and Battle

"He's stolen a police cruiser"

"Yeah, he took the red one."

-2 Pilots on Stitch's escape

During the travels, Stitch is able to make drools that send the guns to follow it. Using this, Stitch shot a spit at the officer in charge of Stitch and the guns aimed and fired on the officer, though the cop was able to evade death, but loses a hat. Stitch breaks out of his holding cell and uses the pieces of metal as cover from the guns. Stitch then goes through and lifts a metal gate blocking his exit. 3 alien Raptor Guards find Stich and fire on him, but Stitch escapes through the ventalation system.

Stitch is able to commender a red police cruiser to escape the mothership. He engaged in a dogfight, possibly taking down some cruisers, before his own ship gets badly damaged. Just when the cruisers close in, Stitch pulls the hyperspace lever on his ship. Everyone breaks away as the red cruiser jumps to lightspeed. The resulting blast damages the mothership, forcing Gantu to call for the coucnilwoman.


"So tell me one-eyed one, on what poor, pitful, defenseless planet has my monstrousity been unleashed?"

- Jumba to Pleaky

Galaxhar is informed of the escape of 626 and sets his fleet of villain ships for Earth. They intend to capture Stitch for their own purposes of weapons for the Villain League.

The High Councilwoman meanwhile is alerted and has located Stitch on Earth as well. She has Pleaky go with Jumba to capture Stitch. Cella meanwhile wants to capture it and when her mother the coucnilwoman herself doesn't allow it, she goes with the duo instead. this let to Cella to secretly board Jumba's and Peakly's ship without their notice for sometime.

Escape of Stitch


Stitch escapes to earth, and the hunt is now on.

Galactic Federation Independent Alien

  • Captain Gantu
  • A hammerheaded alien Federation Officer (not killed, but remained absint)

  • 1 Federation Mothership
  • Squadrons of Federation Police Cruisers
  • 2 Five-barreled guns
  • Alien Raptor Security
  • 1 Alien
  • 1 Stolen Red Police Cruiser


  • A small # of Fed. Cruisers
  • Mothership temporaliy disabled
  • Stitch's starship badly damaged (forced to crash land on Hawaii)

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