Sutinni is a demon made out of smoke, and is one of the many demon lords that partnered with Chernabog during the Cartoonian War, but weren't able to become Dark Spawn Lords for different reasons. He is also a main enemy of Aladdin. In its inactive state Sootini appears as powder. When it’s exposed to fire it transforms into a spirit of smoke known as Sootini with the power to create fire. He then used his power to set Agrabah ablaze. The resulting smoke feeds the smoke spirit growing it larger and larger until it would be unstoppable.

Near the end of The Vapor Chase the creature is defeated by luring it to underground water well. When Sootini was right above it Genie drilled a hole in the ground releasing the water dousing him. Sootini has not appeared yet in the series, but Mirage, and Scroopfan, is currently thinking about whether or not to send Abis Mal to recruit the demon to the League, since there are already many Aladdin villains in the series recruited into the League..

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