Sykes and the dobermans

Sykes and his dobermans

Sykes is the machine-shop proprietor and loan shark for the Villain League and is the main villain from Spongebob meets Oliver and Company.


Sykes is one of Disney's most heavy-set villains, shown usually in shadows. He is clean-shaven and eerily charming. He smokes large cigars and is seen always in a sharp suit to further emphasize his role as an intelligent businessman in command of the situation, and not merely some common thug taking orders.

Unusually for Disney, the lifestyle and behaviour of a loan shark is not glamorized or made more child-friendly. Beneath his businessman-like exterior, Sykes is clearly a ruthless, brutal murderer - during a scene with Fagin the human, he is heard clearly on the phone discussing with some unknown person a manner of torturing and murdering some other unknown.

His minions in the movie are his Doberman Pinschers Roscoe and DeSoto.

Role in the film[2]Edit

Sykes has lent a large amount of money to the petty criminal Fagin the human, for some unknown reason. Fagin (human), unfortunately, finds himself unable to pay the money back, and begs for more time. Sykes tells him that he has three days to find the money.

When Fagin (human) learns that Oliver's new owner is exceedingly wealthy, he orders "Mr very rich cat-owner-person" to bring him lots and lots of money in return for the cat. He tells Sykes about the plan, and Sykes assumes this is a ruse to in fact kidnap and ransom the cat owner, rather than the cat, and gives Fagin (human) one more chance.

When Jenny comes to get Oliver, she shows Fagin (human) that all she has brought with her is her piggy bank, with Sykes unknowingly watching from afar. When seeing Fagin (human) give the cat back freely, Sykes drives up, and pulls Jenny into his car and takes her to his warehouse after throwing Oliver out the window. He orders Fagin (human) to keep his mouth shut so he won't call the police. Sykes ties up Jenny to a chair in the center of his office, taunting her about his dogs. He hears a strange sound, and sends Roscoe and DeSoto to check it out. While watching Jenny, Sykes calls the Foxworth family's butler Winston and tells him to call Jenny's father. Oliver, Dodger, and the gang follow them to the warehouse, where they find out that Jenny is being held for randsom.

When Tito, Einstein, and Francis manage to distract Sykes by dressing up as a pizza man, Sykes is shown loading a handgun, acknowledging that he did not order any pizza. When Sykes walks away to look for his dogs, Oliver, Dodger, and the gang manage to enter his office. When Sykes returns with his dogs, he finds the door locked, he believes it was Jenny's doing and warns her to open the door. Oliver and the gang manage to pull Jenny up into a higher part of the room with a crane before Sykes, Roscoe and DeSoto burst through the door.

But just when it looks like they're home free, Sykes and his dogs confront them. Luckily, Fagin (human) bursts in on his scooter, and the gang hop on and drive away as fast as they can. Sykes and his dogs follow in his car. Fagin goes onto the subway railroad tracks hoping that Sykes can't follow them, but he does. He steps hard on the gas and goes at full speed, causing his car's tires to wear away and run on the tracks. He bumps into them, causing Jenny to fall onto the hood of his car. He grabs Jenny by the arm. Oliver jumps on and bites Sykes' hand, but Sykes throws him into the backseat with Roscoe and DeSoto.

Dodger manages to jump on and fights off Roscoe and DeSoto, causing the two dobermans to fall onto the railroad track and get killed by the electricity. Sykes pays no attention and continues to chase the gang. He goes up through his car roof, grabs Jenny's leg, and pulls her back. Just as he is pulling her back, Dodger and Oliver jump onto Sykes, causing him to lose his grip on Jenny. Even as he manages to throw them off, he turns around to see a train heading straight for him just before his car collides with it, destroying it completely.

Role in the series

Lunatic KHD

Sykes's Lunatic Claymore.

Sykes is the member of the villain league who provides their warriors and agents with mechanical weapons and devices to use in their schemes. Other than that, he'll pretty much act the same as he did in the original movie...that is, utnil Shen got rid of Sykes through a cannon blast instead of a car crash. cause of Syke's impournet's to the leage as their weapon's supplier, Mirage won't let him be a disent memory like Shen origenaly planned, though not known if Sykes will be given any assignments cause of his impourents, like being to valuable to risk getting defeated again. Besides, Mirage has even managed to find a suitable weapon for Sykes to use in battle...the moon claymore of Saix. He's also a member of the Toad Empire, or rather, the false renmants created by Komplex in his recent servitude to Kin Einmortal. Sykes will at first reprise his role, if being weapon constructor position doesn't get in the way, only to suddenly get mutated after his demise from car crash into a stock sentai monster of the week to fill the formula for each episode.

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