Taurus Bulba

Taurus Bulba

Taurus Bulba is a master criminal in partnership with the Villain League due to Negaduck being a member of the Fang Empire. He is first introduced as a criminal mastermind serving a 99 year sentence. Even though Taurus Bulba only appears in 3 episodes, Darkwing Duck regards him as one of his deadliest enemies.


Not much is know about Taurus Bulba's background. In Darkly Dawns the Duck Taurus is shown serrving a 99 year jail sentence yet still involved in criminal affairs from the prison. In fact, he seems to find being incarcarated to only be a minor inconvience, seeing his prison cell as the perfect hideout and cover for his activities.

After his henchmen stole the Waddlemeyer Ram Rod (an experimental weapon that seems to envelop its targets in an anti-gravity field, destroying buildings and the most heavily-guarded banks) Bulba escaped and gave orders to kidnap Gosalyn because he believed, as she was Professor Waddlemeyer's only living relative, that she knew the secret code to active the Ramrod. At the end of Darkly Dawns the Duck, Bulba forced Darkwing to give him the arming code by threatening to drop Gosalyn to her death. ("She'll make a rather nasty stain on the pavement.") Darwkwing fought Bulba and ended up destroying the Ram Rod, as well Canard Tower. Though heavily injured, Darkwing survived, but Taurus was presumed killed in the explosion. Thanks to the efforts of F.O.W.L, Bulba managed to survive and was made into a cyborg.

F.O.W.L. subsequently assumed that Bulba would accept their offer of employment following their restoration of him. Bulba...pointedly declined the offer and elected to attempt to gain revenge on Darkwing and Gosalyn. After being once again defeated by Darkwing and Gosalyn, he manages to flee, swearing that he would get his revenge.

In Boom! Studios current Darkwing Duck comic, Taurus Bulba returns in the first story arc, "The Duck Knight Returns", as the CEO and mastermind behind the mega-corporation Quackwerks, in an attempt to get revenge on Darkwing Duck and his companions, but more importantly, to give St. Canard a new kind of villain, as he considers the other villains unprofessional.


Bulba was last seen in the episode Steerminator where he was rebuilt into a cyborg by F.O.W.L.. F.O.W.L equipped him with an impressive arsenal of weapons throughout his body, including lasers mounted on his horns. F.O.W.L. had hopes that Bulba would replace Steelbeak as their chief agent but The Steerminator refused and destroyed F.O.W.L.'s headquarters leaving the entire organization in shambles, and its high command in terror of his rampage.


Apart from some comedic moments, Taurus Bulba is considered to be a dark and menacing character, and probably the most malicious villain ever to appear in the series. In Darkly Dawns the Duck it is strongly implied his henchmen murdered Gosalyn's grandfather , by claiming it was an "Accident", and his men and pet condor Tantalus also nearly kill Gosalyn as well. Gosalyn is afraid of him. After being rebuilt as the Steerminator however, he becomes totally insane and obessed by one thougt-to destroy Darkwing Duck. Had the series contiuned there would have been a concluding episode to the cliffhanger which showed Darkwing confronting Bulba in Africa-along with an african version of Darkwing Duck.

Role in the series

Taurus Bulba has joined the Villain League in the hopes that they can remove his Steerminator form and restore him to his original self. However, they will not agree to his demands because of the potential use for him in his cyborg form. So, they have Dr. Blowhole reconstruct Taurus Bulba even further into a pure cyborg weapon for their armies of darkness. He has not appeared yet in the series, but he may appear in Spongebob/Spyro's Adventures of Tron should Scroopfan accept the idea..

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