Tavin the first Tasmanian Tiger in years.

Tavin G. Tanner is a Tasmanian Tiger clone created in a lab in Sydney, Australia. He is now famous for being the first of a restored species, and great friends with Jake the Kangaroo Rat. He also seems to have a romantic interest in Sandy. He also spends his time searching through Australia for any signs of his species to see if they're still around with no prevail.


Since 1936, Tasmanian Tigers have been extinct. But then, at a Tasmanian Tiger Cloning Facility in Sydney, Australia, Tavin's host DNA was cloned and placed in the uterus of a Tasmanian Devil named Irma (Tavin's half-mother). Nine months later, Irma gave birth to Tavin. The scientist cheered after their success in bringing the Tasmanian Tiger from the dead. After Tavin's birth came many other Tasmanian Tiger clones, all from the exact same DNA. However, females were needed, so the scientists tried to convert the next cell of Tavin's host DNA from a male to a female. It was difficult, and it nearly failed, but the scientists were able to replace the Y chromosome in one cell with a duplicate X chromosome from another cell. Ergo, a female was born.

Tavin was supposed to mate with one of the female TT's for the repopulating operation. However, Tavin never found any of the females attractive because since they all have the same altered DNA, they're exactly the same! But even though he knew the clones' pair's offspring never looked like any of it's parents, he just wasn't interested in mating with a female clone like his fellow look-alikes were. But he was still being forced to mate against his will. Then one day, when Tavin was 10 years old in TT years, he couldn't take the pressure anymore, and he takes Irma and runs away from the labs.

Tavin and Irma were now free in the wilderness. Since Tavin never had a TT mother, he never knew how to survive like one. Irma tried to talk to him about returning, but Tavin claimed he was never going back. So Irma decided to tell the truth about herself to help him get his confidence back. She explains that she was NOT born in captivity, and lived her younger years in the Tasmanian wilderness. Even though it didn't work, Tavin decided that he and his half-mother would begin an epic journey back to Tasmania, and help Irma get back to her family.

They traveled 859.4 miles to Tasmania. They had to face many obstacles like traffic, carnivorous crocodiles and goanna lizards, and even a whole ocean. They traveled for 15 days and 15 nights. At least Tavin kept a DROID for such an occasion. With the DROID, he knew which way to go, and how far they were. Irma and Tavin needed to steal food from restauraunts so they can keep going. They also needed to find some spray fountains for water. After a whole 72 hours of sailing across the vast ocean separating Australia from Tasmania, they finally made it home. Irma was excited to finally see her family again, especially after she knew where they were. She knew that her old habitat was not far. And finally, after trying to take candy from a baby (BIG MISTAKE!!!!!), they made it to Irma's old home, only to discover that it was inhabited by, not Tasmanian Devils, but wallabies. They say that Irma's family had moved. After hearing this, Irma screams so loud, it can be heard all over the UUniverses. But then she learns that they only moved NEXT DOOR! Reunited with her family, Irma introduced her half-son. They recognized him as the extinct Tasmanian Tiger, and they take him to the Mayor of the Tasmanian wilderness. The mayor makes him famous, and he lives in peace and harmony. Then after all of Tasmania hears the news, then so had the rest of Australia.

When Irma dies of Devil Facial Tumor Disease, Tavin decides to move back to the mainlands of Australia. There he makes friends with a kangaroo rat named Jake, and they go on many adventures together. They soon cross paths with Percival McLeach, the wanted poacher of Australia, and later a Villain Leaguer. McLeach is puzzled to see Tavin, and is impressed that his species was revived. He then begins to think that Tavin could be worth a fortune, and tries in vain to hunt him down, but Tavin, with help from his pal, Jake, has proven to be too tough for him. This eventually leads to one of Jake's family members being poached. Since then, Jake and Tavin had tried many times to capture McLeach and turn him in to the Rangers. They soon learn McLeach was planning to catch a rare golden eagle for a fortune. That was when the Villain League came in. Jake and Tavin overheard their offer to McLeach to join them and help him get his fortune on one condition: let them take the bird's blood for Lord Cobra. McLeach accepts, and they eventually kill Marahute's mate.

Jake and Tavin knew they needed help so they could stop McLeach and the Villain League. Then came the events of SpongeBob and Friends join The Rescuers Down Under. Jake and Tavin first meet the Shell Lodge Squad, Bernard and Bianca, and Tavin starts to fall in love with Sandy. This, of course, makes SpongeBob jealous, and he begins hating him. Tavin wasn't sure what his problem was, but he soon learns that SpongeBob also loves Sandy. He decides to talk with him, and they start to have an arguement. However, when SpongeBob feels guilty about his jealousy, and tries to apologize, Jake barrels in trying to horse-whisper a snake. This also interrupts Bernard's second attempt to talk to Bianca about their marriage. Unfortunately, when Sandy attempts to sacrifice herself to save Bernard and Cody from falling down the waterfall, Tavin and SpongeBob follow her, and put themselves in danger. Yet when they are rescued, SpongeBob apologizes to Tavin for his jealousy, and they decide to tell Sandy together. When they do, Sandy decides to let it slide for now. Since then, SpongeBob and Tavin respectfully allow each other to go out with Sandy on occasions. Tavin also spends time visiting the Shell Lodge at the Dragon Guardian Temple to hang out.


  • (After helping push McLeach and Joanna into the river) "THAT'S FOR ALL THE TASMANIAN TIGERS WHO WENT EXTINCT, BUCKO!!!"


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