Teen Mang

Teen Mang

Teen Mang is Lord Cobra's evil teenage self from an alternate timeline and he along with his partner Young Xehanort are the masterminds behind the Villain Leage's Organization XIII along with the gathering of Master Xehanort's various incarnations and vessels for his heart. He along with Young Xehanort will both make their debuts in Little Nemo: Adventures in Slumberland as the Dragons to the Nightmare King and in Spirited Away, Young Xehanort reveals that Teen Mang has been giving information to both Xehanort's Heartless (Ansem, Seeker of Darkness) and Xemnas on up comming events in the futrue involving Kairi and the Shell Louge Squad while Young Xehanort continued assembeling his counterpart's incarnations during the events of the Kingdom Hearts series and serves as the  Organization's undercover spy. In the Alternate Climax of Spirited Away, he was tricked by Sam and Max into attacking his corpsly counterpart Mang Cobra which resulting in him getting consumed by No-Face and Mirage banishing them both which wasent my original plan but I decited to make it a deleted scene due to the fact that I like Scroop who couldent bare with the fact to have Spongebob be hated, cant bear with the fact of Mirage over-reacting and getting both her father's apprentice and his alternate counterpart be kicked out thanks to a crime Sam and Max (Who will both be subdued and captured by Apocalymon in my original climax of Spirited Away) forced Teen Mang to comit and deside to make him and Young Xehanort the Masterminds of the Villain Leage's Organization XIII as well as Teen Mang revealing that Cobra is a true full pledged Seeker of Darkness.

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