is the Earth Guardian dragon, who appears in the The Legend of Spyro series.


Terrador, a battle-scarred warrior and the most militant of the Guardians. He is dedicated and focused on the practical art of battle. His solid demeanor and skill of speech makes him perfect for battle command. Not prone to erratic bouts of meaningless talk (Volteer) or prideful boasting (Cyril) or even fiery rage (Ignitus), Terrador is able to keep a level head in the face of greatest danger. He dislikes cowardice but is wise enough to know when to retreat. Terrador possesses the heart of a warrior and is the most powerful of all the Guardians when it comes down to brute strength. His discipline in the art of combat has provided him with a calm disposition, not prone to fits of rage, shows of pride or bursts of eccentric talk like his fellow Guardians. He does not judge others by their appearance or reputation but by their skills in battle, having much admiration for Spyro who proved himself in combat at such a young age. He speaks in a low, militant baritone voice.


A New Beginning[3]Edit

Years after the raid on the Dragon Temple that resulted in the smashing of all the eggs except for Spyro's, the dark dragon, Cynder, came to power and quickly defeated Terrador. She imprisoned him in the burning lands of Munitions Forge, the home of the Manweersmalls, and the Volcano Boyzitbig, in order to drain the power of his element into a crystal to be used in a ritual to resurrect her master, The Dark Master.

After rescuing Cyril, Ignitus, the Fire Guardian, sent Spyro to Munitions Forge to rescue Terrador. Along the way, Spyro had to release the local Manweersmalls from their slavery to progress to the area Terrador was kept in and he was also forced to defeat the Conductor and his maniacal train engine, Steam, to get to him. After its defeat, Terrador was freed from the machine that was draining his power, but before he and Spyro could leave, Cynder burst forth from a lava pit and took the crystal now charged with Terrador's power. Terrador attempted to pursue her but he was quickly dispatched with a single blow from the mighty female. Terrador ordered Spyro to run whilst he went back to the temple for help but Cynder heard him and began to chase after Spyro. It wasn't long until Ignitus arrived was Spyro able to escape, but in the process, the Fire Guardian was captured himself.

With Ignitus gone, Terrador temporarily took over as the leader and explained what Cynder was doing. He then taught Spyro how to correctly use his Earth element and admiring the will of the warrior within Spyro, sent him to Concurrent Skies where Cynder's fortress is to rescue Ignitus.

When Spyro returned with Cynder, now free from Malefor's control, Terrador apologized with the rest of the Guardians for being unable to protect their eggs on the night of the raid.

The Eternal Night[4]Edit

Terrador was asleep with the rest of the Guardians, snoring and grunting deeply when Cynder snuck away from the temple. When the temple was attacked by the Apes once again, he helped defend it, this time pushing the Apes away and successfully holding his home, despite the damage the Temple sustained, which was great.

He was gathered around the viewing pool when Spyro mentioned the Chronicler and, along with the others, was startled to hear of his existence. With the Guardians unsettled by the reappearance of the Chronicler, who was often linked with tales of doom, and with the visions of the mountain of Malefor that Spyro was having, Terrador was sent by Ignitus to the Shattered Vale to warn the inhabitants of the spread of darkness from the Mountain of Malefor.

Dawn of the Dragon[5]Edit

During the three years since Spyro and Cynder's disappearance, Terrador waited with the other guardians in the dragon city of Warfang, having once again lost control of the temple to Malefor and his forces, who tore the Temple from the ground and suspended it high above the ground with his dark powers as a symbol of his domination. Terrador didn't make an appearance until Spyro and Cynder successfully prevented Malefor's army from storming the city gates and the Golem emerged from the ground and began to attack the city. Ignitus ordered Terrador to stay with him as they attacked the Golem head-on. Terrador attacked the Golem whilst Spyro and Cynder were engaging it in battle. Using his earth element, he spun into a cannon ball and smashed through the golem's chest, bursting out of the other side. When he came back for another pass, the Golem hit Terrador with a blast of fire, rendering the mighty Earth Guardian unconscious.

After the Golem's defeat, Terrador watches as Malefor reveals his plan and resurrects the Destroyer. Along with the other guardians, he ventures through the city's underground to confront the Destroyer and attack it before it completed the Ring of Annihilation and initiated the end of the world. When the attack failed, however, Terrador noticed the urgency in Ignitus' voice while he was giving orders to the warriors and soldiers to take shelter in the Underground City, and the Earth Guardian knew that Ignitus was up to something that would risk his life. Under Ignitus' orders, Terrador flew back to Dragon City to help move the Inhabitants of Warfang underground in the hopes that they would be safe, before Ignitus, Spyro and Cynder flew to the Belt of Fire to confront Malefor. He was later seen emerging along with the other Guardians and the inhabitants after Spyro and Cynder defeated Malefor and prevented the destruction of the world. He looked over the horizon along with everyone else and witnessed the creation of a dragon constellation in the sky. It is unknown if he becomes the leader of the Dragon Elders, but he possibly does, seeing as there really is no other sensible option.

Role in the series

Terrador returns in Dinosaur to reprise his role in attacking the Earth Golem.

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