Thaddeus E Klang

Thaddeus Klang

Thaddeus E. Klang, "finder of lost antiquities," is perhaps the most mysterious person ever encountered in the Ghafia region. Responsible for the reapperance of the once-lost city of Tinabula, he is wanted for several crimes — namely, kidnapping, destruction of private property, disturbing the peace, mishandling historical artifacts, conspiracy, and demanding ransom for the entire city of Ghafia on threat of annihilation.

Klang’s origins have left even our top investigators baffled. Until a few months ago, it seems this chap did not exist. One thing that was clear from the start was Klang’s absolute obsession with power. He desired control — total control — and the ancient legends of the past lured him with tales of powerful weapons. Myths of legendary tools of destruction whet his appetite, and it was only a matter of time before he would find a way to gain the power he so craved.

Thaddeus E. Klang is one imposing fellow — not only in his attitudes, but also in his attire. Klang is clad in flowing black robes with red swirling designs and wears a large black hat. Metal gauntlets cover his slender arms, and he is even equipped with a bionic jaw enabling him to bite through steel! Believe me, this is one character you definitely would not want to mess with.

A few months ago, Klang learned of a Ms. Katie Dodd, an archeologist who was working on uncovering the lost city of Tinabula. Evidently Klang had heard of the legend of Tinabula, that somewhere within the ancient city was a weapon that could destroy anything with sound waves. Enticed by the awesome power this legend suggested, Klang traveled to the deserts outside Ghafia to "persuade" Ms. Dodd to find the weapon for him. Aware that his interference could stir up trouble with the local authorities, Klang surrounded himself with red-robed desert mercenaries, paid to aid him in his quest. He also possessed a large number of giant desert beetles — scarabs — that normally dwell in uncharted portions of the desert. This latter part may seem a bit incredible, but several of our officers have actually had close encounters with these monstrous bugs. One specimen is currently in captivity pending an inspection by foreign zoologists.

The first part of Klang’s plan was a success: he forced archeologist Dodd to uncover the city and discover the location of the weapon. At last Klang had achieved his ultimate goal. Brashly, he tested the destructive force of this tool of evil by firing into the sand toward Ghafia. This caused a tidal wave of sand that swept through our city, smothering the buildings and blowing down citizens in the streets.

Confident that he now had unstoppable power at his disposal, Klang put forth an ultimatem: either Ghafia give him one million guilders or he would shake the city until there was nothing left. Our police forces sent tanks in an attempt to apprehend Klang, but his defenses left them in the dust (literally). With no way to raise the money in time and no other recourse, Ghafia's fate was sealed.

Fortunately, two friends of Ms. Dodd managed to free her from Klang’s men. According to her knowledge of Tinabulan lore, there was a "master bell" which when rung would destroy the city once and for all. Despite interference from Klang and his cohorts, Dodd's company found and activated the bell, causing a massive earthquake in the city that completely destroyed Tinabula without a trace.

No one has seen a sign of Klang after the disaster, and his red-robed minions which we brought in for questioning seem equally baffled. He might have been caught in the collapse of the city and buried alive. Then again, Klang may have avoided danger altogether and simply slithered back into obscurity.

Role in the series

Klang will soon appear in the series as a hired agent for the Villain League, and it will soon be revealed that he may be the evil cousin to Kaa due to their remarkable similarities.

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