The HA and Lodgers go on another AUU mission, this one involving Gygax, an ecumenopolis planet known for solving a weakened economy though the Plazma Tournament, which the Plazma Corporation set up as a public combat sport where all members with Plazma registry are allowed to use holographic non-lethal weapons, combat machines, armor, energy shields, and other useful equipment manufactured by the corporation to combat with each other without any worry of killing anyone, particularly because at this time, Digisurrection, or digital resurrection through a DNA registration, is free. This event lasts for most of the day and breaks are allowed, as it helped them revitalize the final functioning global reactor power plant, the Gygax Reactor. However, with this Tournament came secret underground corporations like New CrimeTech (Before disbansion) and Corruption Co who came to profit off of this and make the tournament legitimately dangerous, only held off by the Plazma-Corporation-funded police force of both organic beings and Omnicans. Though that doesn't mean this tournament has avoided critical reception as a desperate attempt to fix an economy, and for the fact that it has a lot of risks, and have commonly warned that the police forces that the Plazma Corporation funds can't stop every neir-do-well. These individuals have since formed the Nu-Plazmus Group, a mixed-reputation Anti-Plazma activist group trying to get the government to shut down the event and find a proper way to fix the economy. Though the concerns are legitimate, they tend to try far too hard to get the government to end the Plazma Tournament, even at the expense of being viewed unlawful, especially since the people of Gygax are all divided on their opinions of Nu-Plazmus. But the heroes are called in as the Plazma Tournament had to be postponed because contestants' holo-weapons were replaced with real ones, and caused people to end up seriously hurt or fatality injured, and the Digisurrection Grid have been failed to restore them, condemning them to a certain fate. With Nu-Plazmus proven innocent on all fronts during the investigation as none of their more extreme members were seen around the area, the people of Gygax became distraught with the tragedy, more people began to side with them and began protesting to the goverment to demand the end of the Plazma Tourament and for the Plazma Corporation to never be trusted around politics ever again. The CEO of the Corporation, and the one who called the Grand Council to send the heroes to action, X.L Plazma, easily and quickly as they convinently happened to be around after busting a cyber-theft ring, and after chaos ensued, they met up again with the president of the planet, M.L Plazma, X.L's brother, explained that with Nu-Plazmus was proven innocent, he's now at his wit's end and is pleading our heroes to find the culprit responsible for the tragedy, with help of the defending champ of the Tournament, Nancy Skoeller, who stresses that the fall of the Tournament will mean the fall of Gygax as a stable city, as the death of the economy will lead Gygax to have to become a lawless world just so people can still thrive, and also a war due to limited resources. So our heroes and Nancy investigate the crime scene further, and discover concerning clues connecting to someone more extreme then an overly determined member of Nu-Plazmus, and it is someone Nancy knows all too personality. It was done by none other then a former childhood friend of hers, Nemoy Zeonkard, the son of the senator of Gygax and the leader of Nu-Plazmus, Senator Zeonkard. Nemoi is by no means a member of the Nu-Plazmus, but he shares their beliefs extremely, but for a major reason. Nemoy lost his wife, a bets taker, to an angry gambler who ended up betting on the loser of the tournament finals, who Nancy became the winner of. Nemoy's wife was beaten to near-death, and has since been in a coma she's yet to recover from. He condemns the Tournament as a source of corruption and hates the Plazma Corporation and the government for allowing it to happen, and in deeming his father not good enough to take it down, he sought to destroy the Tournament his way, and unless the heroes and Nancy can stop him, the Tournament is very well doomed. Can Zeonkard be caught in time before he dooms Gygax to an almost certain lawless fate?


(Plazma Tournament Introductory Theme)

Atlas Reactor Soundtrack - Main Menu04:29

Atlas Reactor Soundtrack - Main Menu

(Climax Battle Themes)

Overwatch Music - (07) Prepare to Attack05:29

Overwatch Music - (07) Prepare to Attack

Ratchet and Clank 3 Up Your Arsenal - Planet Aridia Soundtrack 1604:26

Ratchet and Clank 3 Up Your Arsenal - Planet Aridia Soundtrack 16

For Glory03:53

For Glory

(Final Battle Theme)

Ratchet and Clank 3 Up Your Arsenal - Final boss - Dr04:00

Ratchet and Clank 3 Up Your Arsenal - Final boss - Dr. Nefarius Soundtrack 21


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