"Thank goodness Viper, you came to save me."

"Let's beat it before the Villain League gets wise on-"

-Sir Hiss and Viper during the break-out

This engagement was between the Louge and Villains. It results in Robin's pardon and Prince John's arrest.


The archery tournament incident got Prince John angry and had him triple taxes for the Villain League funds. It causes many poor villagers to be arrested. Frair Tuck was arrested for defiantly rising against the Villains and to be executed later on. Sir Hiss was also arrested for trying to quit and to be sacrificed, but morely because he was needed for the expearimental meddailian anyway, irreguardless for when he wanted to quit or not. Robin and Viper make a plan to break-in and rescue their friends.



Viper and Robin lead the gang climbing over the walls and reaching the entrance to the prison, guarded by the Sheriff and his vultures, Trigger+Nutsy. When Nutsy had his back turned, Little John grabs his beak and pulls him into their hiding spot. Sheriff and Trigger were suspicious and checked out the ruckess. Disguised as Nutsy, Robin hood proceeded to get the sheriff back to sleep while getting the keys. After unlocking it, Robin orders Little John and Viper to find and rescue the prisoners. Trigger heard the commotion and shot with his arrow. But the sheriff ordered Trigger to stop making false alarms before going back to sleep.


"We hate to interrupt your little escape attempt."

"No one sacrifices my friend!"

-A cheetah and Viper before the brawl

Viper and Little J rescue the villagers and Friar Tuck, as well as Sir Hiss. Before they could scram, the villians made an attack on the Louge. The lobsters were halted by the penguins and Skipper beats his puffin rival. Chrome Claw was tooken care of too. Jafar was tougher and managed to protect his lamp. Sir Hiss fought Jafar as Skipper ordered the penguins to get the lamp. Jafar grabs his staff and fires, but misses the penguins. Jafar fires more spells, that Monkey is vaporized and turned into a toy monkey and Icky gets stuck in a tree. The hyenas make an attempt to get the lamp, but the swords of Jafar trap them, followed by getting blasted with fire. The hyenas are alive, much to Jafar's dismay, though the hyenas do get slight burns. Jafar turns into a Genie once more to finish the Louge. Sir Hiss distracts Jafar for Shenzi to claim the lamp and get Jafar back to his lamp. The hornets, without Jafar retreat with Blowhole. With the threat gone, the Louge gets their allies and the money from John's bank out on cart, knocking out any Rhino Guards that came to them. Robin gets the gate down and Little J rides out with their friends. Prince John is angry, but after insulting Viper of her ribbons, she gets her courage and wraps the greedy prince up, defeating him.


"Thanks to the Shell Louge Squad, we finally got rid of Prince John and those villain league jerks!"- Rooster

A happy day is among the village, with the King pardoning Robin Hood and allowed him to marry Marion. Together they ride off happliy. The louge returns to the temple and Ignightus tells the Louge of their new mission, to go to Texas and find the disapperance of missing cattle. As they Louge boards their vehicles, Sir Hiss is able to join the Louge and Viper kisses him on the cheek. After treating Monkey and Icky for their spell injuries, the Louge with their new member flies off to Texas.

Prince John though returns later, but the Villains lose their funds dramatically thanks to the theft of the money bags and are forced to have Prince John double his efforts on claiming more money for their war.

Break-out of Prince John's Castle

Moisode: Spongebob and Friends meet Robin Hood


Shell Louge Victory

  • Robin Hood pardoned and marries Marion
  • Sir Hiss joins the Shell Louge Squad as an accoutant
  • Funds of Villain League cut off


Shell Louge Squad Villain League



Robin Hood

Prince John


Shell Louge Squad villain leage

  • Monkey (turned into a toy)
  • Icky (gets stuck in a tree)
  • Villains defeated.
  • Hornets retreated
  • Lobsters, including chrome claw defeated
  • Prince John captured.

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