The Crows.

Jim Crow and his brothers
are a flock of 5 crows from Disney's 1941 film Dumbo. Once Timothy and Dumbo first meet them they are rude, but when they hear Dumbo's sad story they do everything they can to help him. They act as father figures to Dumbo. They are also notable for teaching Dumbo how to fly. The crows also sing the song "When I See an Elephant Fly."



The crows first appear in the woods were they spot Dumbo and Timothy sleeping in a tree. The crows are confused of the sight and their leader Jim Crow goes down to investigate. Jim wakes Timothy up and tells him he and Dumbo are sitting in a tree. The duo awaken and fall from the tree and land in a puddle. The crows laugh at the two as they walk away. Timothy (thinking out loud) was wondering how they ended up in the tree. The crows then playfully suggest they flew. Timothy believes it and understands Dumbo's ears would make him fly. The crows laugh at this and starts to sing the show stopper When I see an Elephant Fly. After the musical number Timothy gave them a lecture of Dumbo's background. The crows feel sad for Dumbo, and they cry over him. Then they try to help make Dumbo fly. Jim plucks a feather off of a crow and tells them it's the magic feather to give more confidence. Dumbo then learns to fly and becomes great friends with the crows. After Dumbo becomes famous and starts a world tour, the crows wave good bye to Dumbo and wishes him the best.

Who Framed Roger Rabbit[3]Edit

The crows make a cameo appearance in the film. They are seen playing the background music of Jessica Rabbit's song "Why Don't You Do Right".

House of Mouse[4]Edit

In the animated series House of Mouse, the crows appeared as regular guest always flying with Dumbo. Their most notable role is were they try to help Donald Duck learn to fly. The crows also appear in the film Mickey's Magical Christmas: Snowed in at the House of Mouse.

Role in the series

The Crows first appear in Alice in Wonderland as visitors to the chaotic realm who help Spongebob on his journey to save Alice (which however failed) and then later stop the Clopin-infected Wonderlandians from ripping off the Gypsies' Court of Miracles scene, and more impourently, stop the exicution of the louge. they were formerly gonna be with the louge if Scroopfan finds a project, but it's reveled that they'll team up to an adventure team being made by Coolzdane, making a danny's adventure series, but the crows will at least be consider allies to the louge.

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