The digimon gang.

the digimon gang

the digimon gang.

members: Tai, T.k., Sora (Girl), Matt, Mimi, Joe (human), and Izzy.

digimon: Agumon, Patamon, Biyomon, Gabumon, Palmon, Gomamon, Tentomon.

they had their start in SpongeBob and Friends Go on the Quest for Camelot, but Sam and Max, Brandy, Mr. Wiskers, and Lola boa and Ed the otter, claimed they encountered them before when on the quest to find the city of the digidesten with Miguel and Tuilo in Spongebob and Friends siries lore. they later joined in Spongebob and Friends meet Lilo and Stitch due that they were vacationing there and that the villain leage ruined it. they're like brothers and sisters with many personallys to the louge.

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