Lyrics (From Graveyard Eight)


  • From the horrid depths of the Shadow Man
  • Is a dark demonic entity
  • The baddest thing in voodoo magic
  • With a cruel contentity
  • The Dreaded Anima!


  • The Dreaded Anima! (Hack) OOOOH!


  • Haunts midnight to dawn with a black appetite
  • That feeds on it's own cruelty
  • It finds a host, and makes it cry
  • With a depressing penalty
  • Better WATCH for Anima!


  • Better watch for Anima!
  • Look out! Whooooooooooo! WAAAAAAAH!


  • So hear and fear, and keep the kids clear
  • Of this spiritual nightmare

Fred (Who somehow appears out of nowhere)

  • It haunted 2 of my friends, and it ate their souls.
  • It was all so unfair!...True story!

Kowalski and Rico

  • The Dreaded ANIMAAAA! YAH!

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