The Heed

The Heed

A race of supposedly semi-omnipetent beings who in fact have an ulterior motive, that of conquering the galaxy (much like the Borg in the Star Trek franchise). A Heed named Guzelian (Eric Idle) used the Grubs and the LGM's to trick the galaxy into believing that he was spreading Galactic Peace. Once both sides had disable their weapons, the Heed would take the opportunity to strike. However Buzz and Zurg team up to stop them by broadcasting his confession all across the galaxy. They then fled as both Star Command and Zurg's empire rearmed themselves. The Heed are currently planning to join the Villain League since Zurg has managed to become the Dragon to Dr. Nefarious in Team Nefarious. well, the one Buzz Lightyear villain NOT joining Team Nefarious, huh?

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