AKA The battle of the Nesting Grounds Canyon was a major battle between the herd + Lougers and Villain League and Raptor Army. It becomes a Victory of the Louge and Aladar leads the survivors to the nesting grounds.


The Louge and Aladar's group makes it to the Nesting Grounds. The Chronicler gives them info of their purpose and quest. But they are still wondering why Kron's Herd hasn't made it. Emma shows them the canyon where they used to go. Knowing Kron and his herd won't make it over the canyon, Aladar and the Louge goes to stop them.

Refer to Aladar vs. Kron for specific details


Dread and his army stumbles at the herd. Kron urges the herd to follow him, but Aladar states if they scatter they'll kill them all and orders them to stand together. Dread gives the order to attack and the carnotaur charges with his raptor followers. Spongebob, Spyro, Cynder, and some of their dino friends fight of the Regular and Meta Raptors. Though they eliminate many, more kept coming. Larry had to stay out of the ring and take the stranglers. But after a while, the herd togther and while Neera and Aladar face off the carnotaur, the herd joined the Lougers into battle. With their help, while the herd does not seem to even be remotely harm (interestingly no casleties, possably cause Dread's weapons are powered by fear, and became wrothless against the herd), they destroy what was once Dread's proud army to a small-moderate remanent. Chesi, Bongo and Ted are eventually driven off by Pumbaa.

Refer to the next articles for Malcho and Dread's final stands.


Shell Louge Squad

Nesting Grounds Herd

Villain League

Lord Dread's Raptor Army









Frank and Joe

Janet and Mark

Lord Dread


Chesi, Bongo, Ted


Shell Louge Squad



Kron(not really)

The Herd (little battle)

  • Inguandons
  • Styractosaurus
  • Parasaurs

Lord Dread


1 Carnotaur

Dread's Raptor Corps

  • Regulars
  • Meta Warriors



Unspecified # of the Herd (more likely not at all)

Lord Dread


Majority of the Raptors(excluding Chesi, Bongo and Ted)

The carnotaur

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