The Kairi/Shen Propecy is an prophecy reguarding Kairi and Lord Shen fortold by the Soothsayer. We learn about Kairi's origins, how Shen was transformed into the evil bird which lead to his near conquest of China in Kung Fu Panda 2 and discover what the future would hold for Kairi reguarding Cobra, The Darkspawn and the Shell Louge Squad.

The Beginning: Lord Shen's Story

Soothsayer: [voice over] Long ago, in ancient China, the peacocks ruled over Gongmen City. They brought great joy and prosperity to the city, for they had invented the fireworks. But the kung-fu serpent sorceror, Lord Mang Cobra has tought the Peacock's beloved son, Lord Shen, terrifying black magic and dark secrets in the fireworks. What had brought color and joy, could also bring darkness, chaos and destruction. Shen's troubled parents consulted a soothsayer, she foretold that if Shen continued down this dark path, he would be defeated by a warrior of black and white. The young lord set out to change his fate, but what he did next only sealed it. Shen returned to his parents full of pride. But in their faces he saw only horror. He was banished from the city forever, but Shen swore revenge. Someday he would return and all of China would bow at his feet.

Princess Kairi and the Fall of Radiant Garden

Soothsayer: [voice over] But his story didnt end in Gongmen City, it continued in the far away distant Kingdom of Radiant Garden. When he came to this world, Young Shen became the adoubted step-uncle of the kingdom's sovereign, Princess Kairi who is the heir to the kingdom's throne and the replacement lord of Radient Garden with the unexplained deaths of Kairi's real parents and with Kairi's grandmother too old to assumed the throne which was now under the stewardship of Ansem the Wise and his puples. When Shen's parents recieved word that their corrupted son became the lord of another land and a step uncle to the princess they were afraid Shen could lead this girl down the wrong path or even use the world he's in to live up to his promise to get his vengence and have all of China bow before him, but when they consulted the soothsayer again, she foretold that Kairi was born with pure light in her heart and she will be protected by the black and white warrior and a band of semi-humorious misfits who are able to travel to different worlds far beyond their own and will soon become a part of Kairi's future. Not only that, but she also stated that her light will cure Shen which will be the end to his loyalty to Cobra, who serves Malefor, the Purple Dragon who rules an ancient evil known as the Darkspawn Brotherhood who sensed that in her future, Kairi would defeat Cobra and inherit her late mother's crown as Radint Garden's future queen. The Serpent Sorceror set out to keep his beloved apprentice in the dark and vanquish the girl destined to destroy him and change Shen's fate, and what he did next created a spark of pure hatred which was soon fanned into a flame which could consume Radiant Garden and destroy Kairi's entire life forever and will soon seal it. During the attack, Shen betrayed Cobra and attacked the Firebird one of the darkspawn creatures Cobra's master summoned to asist the raid, but only resulted a punishment from the serpent lord, with Kairi eventally evacuated away from the city. eventally, evil lost the second war thanks to the couragous sacrifice of Cobra's brother, Tyro the Indigo Dragon Hero and his three Keyblader friends, and Cobra was banished to exile to Madagascar by Oogway and Shen's Parents, while Kairi and Shen remained seperated for some time untill a few years later....

The Future Prophecy

Coming Soon...

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