The Lost Lombax

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Ratchet and Clank discover that there is another Lombax in their universe. However, he was accidentally brought in after the quantum shockwave caused by Alister Azimuth when he almost destroyed the Great Clock caused him to get sucked through the multiverse all the way back to the UUniverses. Since then, this Lombax, named Axton Locke Halcyon, a scientific genius in the Lombax Praetorian Guard in the Lombax dimension, has been stranded back in this world, has served as a bounty hunter whom everyone thinks is Azimuth. As a result of this rumor, The Anti-Team Nefarious Freedom Fighters try and find the lost Lombax. However, this Lombax is actually very difficult to capture, even for Dr. Nefarious, who wishes to use this new Lombax arrival to find a way to the Lombax dimension and use it for his own nefarious purposes. Eventually, with the help of the Lodge, they find Axton, learn of how he ended up back in the R&C Universe, as he discovered that not only is Tachyon long-defeated, and exile Azimuth is dead after he tried to use the Great Clock to undo his mistake, yet sacrificed himself to stop the consequences of such actions, but the son of the Keeper of the Dimensionator is still alive and a well-recognized hero. And strangely enough, the two become friends, and Axton teaches Ratchet about Lombax skills and technology, as well as an entire map of all the Lombaxes' colonies in the Polaris Galaxy for him to explore, study, and grow from as a gift for everything he did for his kind, and Ratchet introduces Axton to Electross and Axton himself is surprised that a Cragmite would actually have compassion after they were defeated eons ago during the Great War. When Electross offers a Dimensionator so he can return home, Team Nefarious comes in and swipes it. Unfortunately, the Freedom Fighters' failed battle to get the Dimensionator back ends up with it broken due to MORE than just a missing 3-and-3 cubic hexagonal washer. This fortunately gives the heroes enough time to get it back before Nefarious can use it to go to the Lombax dimension. Will they succeed, especially since Nefarious has a secret weapon he's been saving for a mission like this in the form of a cybernetic clone of Azimuth he created from a lock of his hair named Cyber-Azimuth, and this is revealed to be connected to Axton in some way he wasn't explaining?



(Montage Theme with Axton and Ratchet Learning About the Lombaxes)

Galantis - Runaway (U & I) Premiere03:48

Galantis - Runaway (U & I) Premiere

(When Axton comes back with his Praetorian Guard Division of More Lombaxes to Save Ratchet in the final battle)

Extreme Music - Combat Ready (Epic Hybrid Rock Action)02:19

Extreme Music - Combat Ready (Epic Hybrid Rock Action)


Axton's Story


  • (Axton):... Hello. My name is Axton Locke Azimuth. And this... Is the story of how I remained stuck in our home dimension. (It cut to the near-destruction of the Great Clock)
  • Azimuth:... No! Let me!
  • Ratchet: What're you gonna do?!?
  • Azimuth:... Take care of yourself, Ratchet! (He used his wrench as a makeshift lever to fix the damage, and when it burst, the outside of the Great Clock a large energetic hiccup occurred, as it affected the multiverse itself as the hiccup surged into another dimension.

Lombax Dimension

  • ???: (A Lombax was seen in a lab in a bunker as the hiccup caused him to he sucked through like a black hole as he had extorted screams, sucking him through the wormhole as he was stretched and screaming wildly, until he was sucked into space, and nearly-suffocated until he touched down onto a planet)...
  • (Axton): I mean, I was unconscious and confused at this part, so... The details are a little unclear. Like one night when you wake up after a drink and so you have to figure out why you're naked in the jungles of Sargasso with nobody but a Frak Monkey as a companion. (Cackles) Best line I've eva' come up with! Anyway, I didn't know what happened... Until I realized where I was.
  • Fongoid Child: WOW! Are you a real Lombax?
  • Axton: YAAH!! (He bumped into a tree and he got knocked out again by purple alien coconuts)
  • Fongoid Child:... You okay, sir?
  • (Axton): I found out I was in Gimlick Valley. A place that seemed to be quite a lovely place as far as the technologically-limited Fongoids were. It was nice to explore the place before I got myself together to find out what the hell occurred. Then... Something caught my eye! (Ratchet and Clank's statues were seen)... I seemed to recognize the face on the Lombax statue. A face I haven't seen since a child. It looked vaguely familiar to a scientist friend of my brother. Then it hit me...
  • Axton:... KADEN'S SON IS ALIVE?!?
  • Fongoid #1: Nyeh, what was that?
  • Axton:... Good sir, do you even know who THIS is?!? (Points at Ratchet's statue)
  • Fongoid #1: Well, yeah! We built it for a reason, Nyeh! It was built to honor the heroes who saved us in the Battle of Gimlick Valley 10 years ago!
  • Axton: 10?!?... But... But how could he... THE GREAT CLOCK!
  • Fongoid #1: What are you saying, sir?
  • Axton: Sir, I think you should know who this guy is! My big brother was friends to his father! I think... I think somehow, he got access to the Great Clock, went back in time, and saved you in that battle.
  • Fongoid #1: But why would he do that, Nyeh?
  • Axton:... I don't know. Maybe he was stranded and needed a way off the planet.
  • Fongoid #1:... Well... After he saved us, he said he needed Commander Argos' ship, Nyeh. And we were able to recently fetch it out of the creek, and someone awfully familiar seemed to come and borrow- (He realized)... Ohhhh!
  • Axton:... Damn! Kaden's son is a clever person. I MUST meet him! Sir, do you happen to know a way off the planet?
  • Fongoid #1: Not that I know of, no.
  • Axton:... Then I'll have to find a way myself. A Lombax Praetorian Guard always finds a way! (He runs off and does stunts)
  • Fongoid Child: Mister Yurik! Have you seen a Lombax around here?
  • Fongoid (Yurik): Oh, did you find him? Hmm, convenient. I'd better tell Zahn about what he told me, Nyeh. Seems that we might've fulfilled our Lombax hero's request, and it was kind of an inappropriate time to have that reenactment.
  • Fongoid Child: What about that Lombax? When he woke up he said he didn't know where he was!
  • Yurik: Perhaps the Lombax, if he is one, knows what he's doing, Nyeh. Perhaps it was a mistake.
  • (Axton): Since then, I've been trying to find ways off of Morklon. The Fongoids did the best they could with the technological knowledge they had, and I made friends out of it, but I finally managed to call out a beacon. And it did reach someone, but... Who it was... Was NOT what I was expecting.
  • Ratchet: (He came in with the Agorian Space Cruiser being dragged by Aphelion he used to get to the Nefarious Space Station)... THERE! Got the Fongoids' their ship back.
  • Aphelion: (Sighs) Ratchet, I sure wish you'd not use me like a space trailer.
  • Clank: Well, we had to get the ship here somehow. I thought once the station blew up, it would be destroyed until it turned up in the debris. I felt we owed it to the Fongoids for helping us to get the ship back for their reenactment.
  • Ratchet: Yeah. We couldn't leave 'em with no gratitude of our own. (Axton was shocked at what he was seeing in the shadows)
  • Yurik: EVERYONE! IT'S THE LOMBAX WHO SAVED US FROM ARGOS! (They piled over him)
  • Ratchet: WHAT?!? H-H-HOW DID THEY KNOW?!?
  • Clank: I am unsure. Maybe Yurik remembered what he saw as a child.
  • Yurik: Oh, yeah. We figured out. But not by ourselves, Nyeh! Some person who looked like a Lombax came in and told us about you, Nyeh! Also, no hard feelings for the lies. I could tell you were in a big hurry.
  • Ratchet:... A guy that looked like a Lombax told you?
  • Yurik: Yeah.
  • Clank:... Ratchet?
  • Ratchet: We might wanna look into that later. They seem quite forgiving, at least.
  • Zahn: Everyone, now that our heroes have returned, we can rejoice, and the reenactment will proceed as planned. Heroes? Would you care to participate? (The two were confused)
  • Clank:... Well... Why not?
  • Ratchet: Clank!
  • Clank: Well, we owe it to them, remember?
  • Zahn: Tell me, heroes, what happened on the mission?
  • Ratchet:... (The two looked at each other)... Well... Eh, why not? We needed to be honest one way or another....


  • Ratchet: (As Axton watched)... And then once we took down Argos, we asked for the ship, and knew that you'd have it out back in the present. So once we came back, well... You know, we blasted off, went back to Nefarious' station, and took him out. (The Fongoids cheered)
  • Zahn: Amazing! Quite generous of you to undo a tragedy for us if it meant you could get off Morklon, Nyeh! Even in the possible ruin, we wouldn't have a way to get you back to finish your mission. But thank you for doing us a favor along the side.
  • Ratchet: Eh, it was nothing. We've faced Agorians before.
  • Clank: I found it funny as well how Argos went down. (Chuckles, as Axton was amazed)
  • (Axton): I had to avoid them for the moment as I felt I wasn't ready to meet them. So I waited for them to leave... Right after seeing them offer condolences, in... A funny way. (Ratchet and Clank were unamusingly performing in the enactment)
  • Agorian Actor: AHHH!! I CAN'T SWIM!! MOMMA!! YOUR LITTLE BOO-BOO NEEDS HELP! MOMMA!! (The audience laughed, as Axton did so as well)
  • (Axton): And when their job was done, I called for another ship. Yes it was a cargo ship, but it was worth stowing away. I got off the planet, made it to where I heard Alister was since his exile. I made it my new home for the moment. I was able to use the scraps available on the planet to improve myself. I became a bounty hunter, out to seek a way to return to my home dimension, as I worried that my squad of six would be worried about my well-being. And THAT... Is where our story begins!

Confronting Axton

Ratchet Learns More of the Lombaxes

Axton's Connection to Azimuth


  • Ratchet:... Axton... I think you may have a LOT of explaining to do.
  • Axton: I know, I know! It's true! I'm Alister's younger brother. I've been looking for him in particular since I was sucked back into this dimension. I didn't know if he was dead or not. It took me until you told me of his story to find out. I admit... Finding out he was dead... Was quite of a shock.
  • Clank: To be fair, Azimuth had to undo what he reaped in the first place. His intentions were fair, but he was looking in the wrong source.
  • Axton: Didn't you use the Great Clock to save Gimlick Valley? Why didn't you do that?
  • Clank:... Funny thing, that came up in question very recently. But to be fair, I was trying to use the Clock's time portal abilities sparingly, and hopefully to our advantage as much as we could.
  • Axton: And when you saved Ratchet from getting killed?
  • Clank: Plumber.
  • Ratchet: Said in his memory banks not to risk anymore than six minutes, and that's what he did. Went back six minutes to save me. That blast would've killed me.
  • Axton: (Seeing Azimuth's Omniwrench) Indeed. The Mk.V Praetorian Omniwrench uses positive or negative electric discharges to take out anything. It can be set to stun, AND to kill. The kill setting was mainly used to destroy heavy-duty tanks and barriers. It's very rare that the setting was used to execute people in our time. When we DID use it for that, it was SICK!
  • Ratchet: Ouch.
  • Axton: But luckily, the model we currently use, the Mk.X Praetorian Omniwrench, uses any weapon-type and automatically chooses which setting to use, even when the user is... As desperate as Alister was. If he had used THIS, the blast would've only knocked you out, even if he DID have the kill setting on. And it'd NEVER use the electric attack, because that can be used to fry Nanotech in the target's system like it likely did to you, and only use the pulse setting.
  • Ratchet: Double ouch!
  • Axton: But enough about that. I feel I owe you guys an explanation. You see... I was a kid when Tachyon betrayed us....


  • (Axton): (As he was seen a younger Lombax child) Back then, I wanted to be just like my big brother. (Azimuth was seen playing with him) Alister was a great role model for me. Yes, he had his selfish moments, but he did what was best for the Lombaxes and for his family and friends. I wanted to be in the Lombax Praetorian Guard as well. I wanted to be a part of the detective division like he was in his younger years. I knew that, by God, I was gonna be like him, even if I was not as sturdy and rough as him. I was even there when you were born. (A baby Ratchet was seen as young Axton was curious about the baby) But... I never got the chance to see my dreams happen on Fastoon. Azimuth was able to save me first when Tachyon started his attack.
  • Azimuth: Axton! We have to go, now!
  • Axton: Why, Ali? What is it?
  • Azimuth: No time to explain! I may've ended up screwing things over. (He took him into the Court of Azimuth) Now wait here, and don't come out! (He went out)
  • (Axton): I was unsure of what he was worried about until... (A tremor was heard and a familiar dry cackle)
  • (Axton): I was familiar with the voice as he went to the same school as me. It was the freak with the silly hat. I never knew his deal until this day. When I was one of the few survivors, I was there when Alister was sentenced to exile in this dimension. It was... Heartbreaking to never see him again. (Axton was sobbing as Azimuth was gone)...


  • Axton:... (Sighs)... And seeing how much he almost destroyed just to correct that mistake... I'm amazed he had so much determination and balls to actually pull it off, even having to kill YOU?!? That sounded too cold from the Ali I knew.
  • Clank: Well, sometimes when your mistake is all you think about, wanting to correct it is the next thing. And given the case of the Progs, wanting something so badly can have disastrous consequences. And that's what happened to Azimuth.
  • Axton: It's really sad to see him nearly destroy the universe, even if it was for good intentions. But... (Sighs)... At least he made the effort to undo his second mistake. THAT'S the Ali I know.
  • Ratchet: So... I take it that the hiccup that caused is what caused you to surge right into this universe and straight onto Morklon?
  • Axton: Yes. It was freaky and trippy. But hey, at least I survived.
  • Clank:... Well, your brother was a great hero who helped us stop Nefarious from making the same mistake. Yes, the museum says he has mixed views, but he's still seen as a hero for what he did right.

The Reveal of Cyber-Azimuth

Nefarious' Office

  • Ratchet: (He and the other Freedom Fighters came in) That's far enough, Nefarious! Step away from the Dimensionator!
  • Nefarious: (Cackles) Too late, Lombax! The Dimensionator is nearly fixed. But I assure you I have a plan to deal with you. But I admit, I've NEVER had an opportunity to use it... UNTIL NOW!
  • Clank:... What do you mean?
  • Lawrence: Right away, sir! (He brings in a hidden pod)
  • Nefarious: You see, since you stopped my plans for the Great Clock, and the first time I came back, and before I... Well... Had that antihero moment, I've been wondering what happened to the elder who aided you. He was nowhere to be seen in your infiltration. Then Lawrence seemed to gain stolen footage of what became of him.
  • Ratchet: (He realized)... You... You didn't!
  • Nefarious: OHHHHH, I DID!! (Cackled) Say, hello... (The pod opens) TO CYBER-AZIMUTH! (A cybernetic clone of Azimuth came out)
  • Talwyn:... Oh, crap!
  • Cronk: Wow! Never thought I'd see a cybernetic Lombax since the day the exact same thing happened!
  • Ratchet:... (He looked in the fury in the Azimuth clone's eyes, as it matched the same he saw when he nearly killed him)...
  • Nefarious: Ironic, isn't it, Ratchet? To be killed by a clone of a cherished friend. CA... You know what to do!
  • Cyber-Azimuth: Destroying... Ratchet! (He charged his Praetorian Omniwrench in the same capacity he used to kill him)
  • Quark: TAKE COVER!!! (He fired)
  • Clank: (He used a Zoni time bomb to stop the same thing from occurring to not just Ratchet, but the others as it smashed Nefarious' Secret Agent Clank collection)
  • Doofenschmirtz: Hey, I'm sure you've watched them far too many times to know what goes on.
  • Nefarious: (He aims a gun at him) Care to correct yourself, doofus?
  • Doofenschmirtz: UH, NEVER MIND, WHAT A TRAGEDY, CARRY ON!!!
  • Nefarious: CA, DESTROY! (Cyber-Azimuth attacked as this music played)
Ratchet & Clank A Crack in Time Chasing Down Azimuth02:57

Ratchet & Clank A Crack in Time Chasing Down Azimuth

Axton Saves Ratchet

Ratchet and Cyber-Azimuth's Location

  • Ratchet: (As he struggled to beat Cyber-Azimuth) GOD! This clone's FAR stronger than Azimuth!
  • Clank: Indeed. He seems to have both cybernetic AND biological enhancements.
  • Ratchet:... Well... There's only one thing left to do! (Takes out the RYNO V and fires as Cyber-Azimuth deflected them with his spinning Wrench Energy Shield, causing them to ricochet around until they shortened out)... Well, I'm outta ideas!
  • Clank: If I'm not mistaken, there does seem to be a power core within the emblem in his armor. It may fuel and augment his attacks, and give him aid for the Nanotech within him.
  • Ratchet: Actually, found that out myself. Couldn't hit it.
  • Clank:... Well, reasoning with the clone's possible retained memories is out as Nefarious likely had them deleted. I suggest we-
  • Cyber-Azimuth: DESTROY! (He fired his Omniwrench at them as they dodged with a strafe, then started overwhelming the both of them)... (He aimed his wrench at them)
  • Ratchet:... Azimuth... Don't!
  • Clank: Really?
  • Ratchet: HEY, LAST DITCH EFFORT, OKAY?!? (Azimuth charged his wrench until something struck him in the back as he noticed Axton)
  • Axton:... Hello... Brother! (Cyber-Azimuth failed to recognize the clone)... It's me! Axton!... Your brother!...
  • Clank:...Axton, it's a clone. Nefarious likely deleted memories like that.
  • Cyber-Azimuth: (He threw multiple grenades at him as they all ended up being destroyed quickly by unknown forces)...
  • Ratchet:... What?
  • Axton: I planned for something like that. That's why I brought some backup. (To Ratchet's surprise, it was an entire squad of more Lombaxes)... Say hello to my Praetorian Guard Squadron!
  • Ratchet:...
  • Axton: Never thought you'd see more before you came by for a visit, huh?

Axton's Farewell

Aftermath of Battle

  • Ratchet: (As the heroes and Axton and his force were near a portal back to the Lombax Dimension)... So... Will we ever see you again?
  • Axton: Only time will tell, Ratchet. But I cannot promise we will return here ourselves. Like you told my brother, we're not in danger. We've just moved on.
  • Lombax #1: And we did it in STYLE!
  • Lombax #2: Though, how will the president take this info?
  • Axton: It's best to wait to inform the president. I do not wish to keep this secret from him, but given the threats we just faced, it could be sensitive. But we WILL tell him in time.
  • Lombax #3: But yes. We are not ready to return here, nor do we guarantee we ever WANT to.
  • Lombax #4: The galaxy practically doesn't need us anymore. We did our role in the Great War, and we lived there in style, until fate told us there could be new foes after us.
  • Lombax #5: Exactly. Besides, Ratchet's practically keeping our legacy alive. Never thought a single Lombax could bring down that monster Tachyon!
  • Ratchet: Well, I had help, but yeah, me and Clank pretty much whooped him ourselves.
  • Major Monogram: And do not worry. We will ensure no force tries to attack your dimension.
  • Lombax #3: Good. Because... Well... We are in danger in a sense. You see, when it comes to dimensions, where you go won't be void of life so easily. We made enemies and allies in our years in our new home dimension.
  • Axton: And that's why we must wait to tell the president. If our enemies get info that we were from another dimension, then who knows what could happen?
  • SpongeBob: PUH-SHYAW! They won't be a threat. We're practically SWARMING with heroes. I mean, look at us! We're a seven-nation army of funny and AWESOME!
  • Axton: It's not wise to judge by numbers. The forces in THIS dimension seem to be as formidable as the Cragmites. (Lombax #6 nodded in agreement)
  • Lombax #2: So, with the risks too great for even US to comprehend and take pride in, it's clear that we have our hands full to even CONSIDER coming back, even if it's for a reunion.
  • Ratchet: Then I look forward to someday meeting you in your dimension. (They did a Lombax salute)
  • Axton: Farewell, Ratchet! Until we meet again! (They went through the portal and back to their dimension)...


The Chain (Remastered Version)04:30

The Chain (Remastered Version)

Intro/Climax Theme (The Chain (Remastered)) Coming soon...

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