Epi Aaiiieee

The Mega Max 3000

The Mega Max 3000 is a giant Max-shaped robot and is the most powerful weapon controlled by Sam and Max. It's about 50ft tall, and weighs more than 5 tons. It's main cockpit is in the head, and it has a stereo, as well as lots of unique weaponry. It has various functions that are mostly useless, but the Lodge has added a few modifications to it over the years. It previously had the ability to shoot missiles out of it's fingers and laser-vision, yet thanks to the improvements of both the Geek and Lexus Lexicon, it now has the same rotary cannons as the Shell Lodge's Van which is deployed in the palms of the robot, though because of it's sheer weight, Lexus and the Geek have trouble giving it the ability to fly.

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