"And now that I set you free, what is the first thing you're going to do?"

"Destroy him!!!"

"Good answer"

-Hades and the titans

This battle took place in Greece where the Shell Lougers stopped Hades and the Villain League from ruling Olympus and from corrupting the promptly kicked-out Fidget, and from keeping the Map to Merlin, and enslaving Merlin himself (warning, slightly out of order.)

The Cyclops Battle

The Cyclops was sent to prevent Hercules from entering Olmypus Mountain. Though Meg begged for Hercules to stay out of it, Hercues continues to fight it. The Cyclops then faces the Mega Max. Max in his robot then throws the Cyclops off the cliff, killing it. The force of the impact destroyed the support of a pillar Herc is near and it topples toward him. Meg has enough time to push Herc out of the way, but ends up mortally injuring her. Hercules regains his strength due to Hades' deal stating that Meg was not to be hurt. Meg get Hercules to go help his friends. Phil takes care of her, while Herc orders Spongebob and Shifu to begin the retaking of Greece.

Rourke's Battle

Rourke was ordered to fight the reinforcements of the Louge as they got into Olmypus. They kill a few alanteans, but end up defeating most of the shock troops and their weapons. Rourke and Helga fight on their war balloon. Tigress and Milo board it and fight them both. Tigress after seeing Milo injured by Helga kicks her off the balloon to her defeat. Rourke easily beats Milo the the crystal energizer and prepares to kill him. Cynder arrives with Seadromon. Though Rourke asks if they can talk about this, Cynder doesn't think so and has Seasdromon freeze Rourke. The digimon freezes Rourke enough that Rourke falls to his defeat, exploding. The balloon is later destroyed after that.

Cynder and her friends vs. Queen of Hearts and Dutchman

Cynder and Spyro with the penguins and Squidward fight of the lobsters of Blowhole. The Queen knocks Spyro and possibly Private unconscious with her flamingo croquet bat. It causes the cards and Dutchman to laugh. Cynder enraged turns once again into Avatar Cynder. With her strength she takes the Queen and throws her away, defeating her, while the dutchman cowardly retreats...AGAIN!

Hydra vs. Sora, Donald, and Goofy

Sora and his pals fight off the Hydra. Though it was tough, severing its heads until there were seven, Sora is able to hold it off by throwing in urns on it and riding Pegasus. Sora then defeats it by decapitating the heads, rendering the Hydra to give up and die.

Tzekel-Khan's Battle

Tzekiel is able to use his rock Jaguar in the city to fight off Louger Allied soldiers, crushing a few of them, before chasing Miguel and Tulio. The 2 explorers are able to evade it by sending it into the lava, to a brief effect till it came back on Olimpus and end up trapped over a sea cliff. Tzekel then arrives and vows to kill them for revenge. Miguel and Tulio then pretend fight long enough for Tzekel to be distracted with amusment, they then punch him in the face. Tzekel gets the Jaguar to crush them, but ends up crushing himself and falling to his death with the lion.

The Red Death

The vikings had a tough time beating Red Death. Hiccup and his pals fight it off. They enventually overpower it and kill Red Death.

Battle for Oylimpus

Hades and the Titans are able to smash the gates and capture Zeus in a fire-ice mush. Herc arrives and slashes the chains of the gods, freeing them. Villain forces fight the Louge, but end up being mostly defeated. Shan-Yu and his Hun Remanent is defeated by Mulan and her Imperial Allied Lougers. Iago defeats Jafar by throwing his lamp into Olmypian lava. Much of the Rhinos are defeated or killed. The battles listed here allow Hercules to safely reach his father's prison and release him without resistance. With the battle to the Louge, Zeus destroys the heads of Lythos, causing them to flee. Herc grabs Stratos and sucks in Pyros and Hydros, then throws them into the stars. they then explode, killing them.

Brawl For The Map

Po and Tai Lung fight for the map. Tai Lung has some foosa, but are defeated by Alex and his friends. Afte a long duel, Po grabs Tai Lung's hand and does the whoosy finger, defeating him and gaining the map and Fidget back. Scroop and Deadpool were involed in a differnet part of this fight.

Shifu vs. Malifecent

Seeing their forces demolishing, Malenficent strides to battle. She transforms into her dragon form and fights Shifu. She is able to corner him but Shifu with the power of the good fairies grabs his big blade of honor and stabs her, defeating her. The dragon falls down to its death.

Etemon's Battle

The digimon had various encounters, including Ruber's griffen. They enventually beat Etemon back and his forces demolished. Blowhole faces off Alantean Allied Forces, but chrome claw beats most of them. Vinny beats Chrome Claw by throwing a dynamite at a bridge, collapsing it and defeating the claw. The Penguins defeat the Frog Hunters easliy and Rico scares them off with his chainsaw.

Meg's Death

With their forces decimated, Fagin orders a retreat. Survivors include, Dr. Faciler, Blowhole, Etemon, and a small # of minions that scattered. Hades warns them of a friend of their's who is dying to see the prize. Megara was slowly dying, allowing the Fates to cut her thread of life and cause her sudden death. Herc and the Louge arrive back to Phil, who reveals a dead Meg. Her death was not going to be in vain though as Herc asked Cynder to call Seadromon to take them to Hades.

Coming after Hades

"We're were so close. So close. We tripped over the finish line why because our little nutmeg has to go all noble"

-Hades after their failed attack on Olympus Hades is enraged by their loss, but they are soon confronted by the Louge. Herc demands Hades to take them to Meg, which he implies that Meg would be soon in the pool of dead. Herc then makes his deal. HE would take his place for Meg if he gets her out. Herc jumps into the pool as he slowly ages. The Fates then begin to kill Herc with his life rope, but then it couldn't cut as Herc is able to save Meg at the last second. Herc's body begins to glow as he holds Meg's soul in his arms, Hercules had finally restored his god-hood. Hades begs for bitter resentment, but Cynder tells the Mad Hatter and March Hare that it may be Hades' Unbirthday. Hades is then given his unbirthday present, thrown into the pool and sucked into oblivion, leaving Pain and Panic with the Underworld. However, Hades will return because he is a god, and he is immortal.

Aftermath and Impact of the battle

"Wonder Boy! Wha...Why did you...?"

"People always do crazy things when they're in love."

-Megara and Herc after the battle

Herc is able to cure Meg of her death. Fidget is also forgiven by Shifu and is welcomed back to the louge. The heroes then go to Olympus where Herc's parents congrulate their son of his bravery and even gets the will to go back to his home. The Squad, especially the Freelance are honored as grand heroes of Olmypus. Herc however decides to stay with Meg on Earth telling his parents he is finally where he belongs. After such party, the heroes go back down to the Earth where they watch in the sky as Zeus seals the banished realms with Herc's constellation. Phil is reluctant to join the Louge, while Pain and Panic are left with the Underworld.

The Louge then are called back to the temple for a new rule that should eliminate any further problems.

The League is either almost gone or under reconstruction at a hidden base. Though there are more places to explore and adventures, the battle put a sight of victory for the Louge. At last, they could finally rest.

Battle of Olmypus


Decisive Shell Louge Squad Victory

  • End of the Olympian War with Hades defeated and Hercules curing Megara
  • Temporary Disband of the Villain League
  • Phil joins the Shell Louge Squad
  • Pain and Panic control the Underworld
  • Banished Realms sealed by Herc's constellation.

  • Shell Louge Squad and allies
  • Olmpian Gods
Villain League and Hade Forces







Various Allies

Hades (DIA)


Dr. Faciler

Malenificent (KIA)


  • Strength
  • Shell Louge Squad
  • SLS Allies Forces
  • Hercules
  • Pegasus
  • Olympian Gods
  • Villain League
  • 4 Titans+ 1 Cyclops

  • Megara (temporary)
  • Light to Medium # of SLS Allied Soldier Infantry and machines
  • Minimum injuries to Olmypus Gods
  • Hades
  • Much of the Villain League defeated
  • All Titans and the Cyclops
  • Almost all VL minion Infantry

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