The villain leage

the leage under Dark Cynder's rule.

The Villain League was once ruled by Cynder, who was being possessed by Malefor's spawn spirit, Dark Cynder. During her rule, the Villain League went on many successful conquering missions before the Shell Louge Sqaud came into existance. They also wondered why did Dark Cynder think Cobra was her father, there was no genetic resemblance whatsoever. But they were also beaten around and forced to accept only Spore characters into their ranks. Although they seemed to adore her and proclaim that they were forever loyal to her, deep down they all hated her. So once Dark Cynder was destroyed and exorcised out of Cynder's body in order to be cured, they were practically cheering inside despite all faking sobs during their meeting in the flashback. but, they did understanded that Dark Cynder was the key to their success, so, they do valued her for power, understanding what's a bruzed Ego (and a few physical ones) to great power like Dark Cynder, but alcourse, they had asked Mirage to grant Dak Cynder a few "Attitude" ajustments.

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