The NUSRA are given great news by the Yatorans, as they have received visions from the AUU Gods that they have successfully restored all Teadr 1 races from the After Kraan epoch, and thus they host a party for all the races they restored throughout the years, as they happened even after Xemantha undid the VA's rise to power. Thus, they officially declare that, given they explained that they restored them because of threats like any Jalladomeons still loyal to the disbaned confederation even since certain events, and thus the races themselves decide to restore their purpose in modern times, by creating the Godly Race Organization, where all the races will protect the AUU with the NUSRA, the AUU Grand Council, and the heroes under their loyalties. Thus, the AUU becomes more peaceful than it has before. The Uridians become guardians of the Armatage and Huncus Corporation inside and outside their home system, the Ceallans become the mentors of the humans to help them unlock their genetic potential, training people like Ruther, Olarm, Wenby, and many others to master genetic empowerment and ensure they don't fall down the same path they went to, and so on. But that doesn't mean the races themselves are completely safe, as there is a threat on the horizon out to undo their resurrection. These threats are the forementioned Jalladomeons who are confederation loyalists, who have invited people like Awesome Jaxtom, O'Shirgue, Byron Moldsworth, Professor Higgonspox, Gaariod, and all the enemies the heroes faced involving the Teadr 1 Races, and they have intentions of stirring things up to make the GRO incable to live up to such promises. Thankully, when the HA and the Lougers get involved, this though concerningly powerful team-up is about to bite more then it can chew. However, the Lougers and the HA are confused by how did those particular individuals came back to being evil after Xemantha gave them better lives. Is someone restoring AUU Villains' previous evil nature and is trying to undo major progress?




Dragon Ball Z Kai Opening English Dragon Soul Full04:32

Dragon Ball Z Kai Opening English Dragon Soul Full

An Entire Montage of the Heroes' Race-Restoring Adventures Is Seen Through This Intro

Intro Theme (Dragon Ball Z Kai- Dragon Soul) Coming soon...

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