Toy Taker

The Toy Taker, also known as Mr. Cuddles, was a wicked, thieving, anthropmorphic teddy bear who served as the main villain of Rudolph and the Island of Misfit Toys. After his much-loved owner, Stevin, threw him in the trash, Cuddles became slightly deranged as ashamed. Wishing to save other fellow Christmas toys from the fate of "Outgrowth", he put on a fedora, trenchcoat, mittens, and wore stilts and used a magic flute (it is never mentioned how he got ahold of it) to hypnotise other toys into his clutches, and hid them in his secret hideout, located inside an iceberg. After stealing the toys right out of Santa Claus' workshop, Rudolph, Hermie, Yukon Cornelius, the Abominable Snowmonster, and Clarice set out to find and capture the Toy Taker. He succeeds in stealing toys from Castaway Cove, but after plundering the Island of Misfit Toys, the heroes disguise themselves as toys and sneak aboard the blimp he uses as transport. After the heroes are discovered, Toy Taker sends them through a trapdoor. They fly back on board and seem to corner him, but he escapes to the top of the blimp, followed by Yukon. Yukon is thrown off the blimp by a passing Boomerang That Doesn't Come Back, only to be rescued by the Snowmonster below. (Who couldn't come aboard the blimp because he was "too...Ginormous!") Rudolph and Clarice then scare the Toy Taker with the light from Rudolph's nose, prompting the hooligan to parachute into the abandoned Peppermint Mine. After a chase through the roller-coaster like mine, Toy Taker makes a run for it, but is lassoed by Yukon Cornelius (armed with dental floss borrowed from Hermie). His identity is revealed to Santa and his captors, and he tells his story.

Mr. Cuddles reforms when he hears that his banishment to the garbage heap was an accident. He is repaired (his seams have been coming undone at an increasing rate throughout the film) and given to the daughter of his former owner that same Christmas, returning all the toys he kidnapped.

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