The Neo Core has been thriving wildly since the defeat of O'Shirgue. The world has recovered greatly since the Lodgers restored peace and rebuilt all that O'Shirgue selfishly destroyed, and more heroes have come into the Neo Core. However, things go strange when not only is the Neo Core HQ gets hacked and turned into a glitchy nightmare, brought on by a familiar symbol, but there is also a new threat, and O'Shrigue was nearly assassinated by someone besides Deadend, which Jindy was able to stop since she failed to save a senator from her. They explain one of the Oversurrection's most infamous members: Antombra, a Aectoid-Xuron hybrid cyberterrorist whose history is wildly unknown. Grimshot especially is starting to notice that maybe Antombra was not who she said she was, as she had plans that revealed she was attempting to overthrow the Oversurrection, but discovers too late as Antombra hacked the entire base into her control, trapping Grimshot and Deadend, taking control of it's grid, robots, and anything else machine-based. She was infamous as the most powerful hacker in not just Gontroy, but in the AUU, able to hack into the AUU's best security technology, and she claims following all this that she is simply seeking something that nearly destroyed her and scared her into 15 years of seclusion. She is thus searching for the source of this conspiracy and seeks to destroy it for nearly ruining her and nearly sentencing her to death. However, there is a secret she is not expressing to them, and worse, it could be used against her. What will this lead to, and how will it bite her in the butt?



Overwatch Music

Non-Overwatch Music

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Stopping O'Shirgue's Assassination

The Oversurrection Overthrown


Fighting Against Antombra


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