The truth of Antombra has been revealed, and it hurt her in a devastating manner. Her fears have come true as the friend she thought she drove to suicide, Kaden Spender, is apparently still alive, as well as her mother, Doldoa Umbrage, and they have revealed what turned her into this: In the orphanage she was raised in since her hometown was destroyed during the Omnican World War, she used her hacking skills to torment people, including her friends, including Kaden who apparently committed suicide, and thus she was kicked out in the most harsh and hurtful intervention possible, the sorrowful had being assassinated a year later by unknown means, and thus she used her powers to not only rebuild her hometown, but only have it destroyed when she unintentionally left Kaden and Doldoa the power to nearly use the Omninet to take over Gontroy, and later the AUU, and name her the culprit, and have her sentenced to death since such a thing could be considered the worst of terrorism. After shutting down her account to stop the terror, the fright made her seclude herself for 15 years until present time. With this, many people turn against her, and she avoids capture by those who have trusted and/or admired her. However, later on when the sympathetic heroes try to find her to no prevail, they discover shockingly that Doldoa and Kaden are not the real ones, but in fact, cybernetic clones created by a clone of Antombra named Penombra, that her scientist father created to be a twin sister. But the clone aged wildly, and because he made her a smarter and more skilled sister as a means to guide her little sister like a crone. But this backfired as she became entitled, took over her father's company, and turned it into a virtual hell that serves as her HQ, as she assassinated not just her mother, drove Kaden to suicide so she could use his DNA, and later the owner of the orphanage so she couldn't misguide Antombra on the path she's in now, manipulating what she believes is her inferior form, and with Antombra being on the verge of execution, she can take her role as the best hacker in the AUU, and reestablish her plan to take over the Omninet, and the AUU along with it. With Antombra finally found and being sentenced to death at dawn, the heroes must fight off Penombra's control over literally everything and save her, and use her skills to bring down Penombra once and for all.


Antombra's Sad Secrets Revealed

Penombra Takes Over

Planning To Stop Penombra

Walking Into The Virtual Hell

Antombra Confronts Penombra

Penombra's Arena.

  • Antombra: (They arrived and discovered the broken heroes)...
  • Gazelle:... What, did, you, do to them?
  • Penombra: I gave them a slap of reality. I talked them down, and gave them the harshest of the harsh of reality and inevitability.
  • Gazelle:... No, they're not all rendered that way. You used an emotional poison on most of them because they were obviously too hard to break. And why shouldn't they? They are heroes, and heroes, at their best, endure the worse of whatever can be thrown at them. All you did, was essentially cheating. And I'm NOT saying that at it's most moronic term. It's used in the RIGHT way: a cheap tactic.
  • Penombra: Well, you happen to know the origin of this teargas? It's illegal for a DAMN good reason. It was able to break even the Strong-willed of fighters, and showed that they COULD be turned into weak mush. Hell, this stuff, caused MANY inspiring and adored heroes, into offing themselves, as if they were weak and held back this whole time. It's a powerful weapon, and nobody can realize how infamous it was, until they learn of it's history. Heck, it could work on YOU no matter how powerful you are. If I recall, you, ruined, a friend's, life!
  • Gazelle:... Don't THINK, that will patronize me! I was a naïve teenager back then, who was brought down by someone who I believed thinks she needed something with little concern. That's something that can ruin ANY teenager. I'm sure ANYONE watching us, can see what I went though. I may've unintentionally brought her to causing the Night Howler Incident, but I LEARNED from it, and I didn't just let myself crumble thanks to it. I wanted to sing and inspire, to ensure nobody would EVER make a harmful mistake like that.
  • Penombra: HAH! No matter what you try to hide, I'm sure you have your own problems. Everyone sees you as a second coming of Fallen Hero waiting to happen! We all know how the story goes: A guy who was a legendary hero, got fed up how he was talked to harshly by higher authority, and he was fired, and told never to disobey to avoid risking being accused of treason. His actions, cost him his entire perfect life. He bitched on and on about how people act cruel onto each other in a cynical and indignant manner, simply because they had the power to punish heavily if they preached. And then... When his girlfriend scolded the final fatal blow into his psyche, HE, MURDERED, HER!!! THEN, HE MURDERED HIS HOME'S LEADER!!! Murdered, EVERYONE WHO TALKED DOWN TO HIM AS IF THEY COULD CONTROL HIM! He whined about how everyone shouldn't do certain things, right or wrong, boo-f*****g-hoo! He was just a whiny asshole. A socialist. Just, like, YOU!
  • Gazelle: "In all fairness, the person you talked about was driven to madness by everyone being intolerent to his feelings! If they just come to better terms with him, then maybe he wouldn't've turned that way! And based on my understanding, the higher athourity FH was talked down to, was legitamently an un-justfifyable self-rightious tyrant?! If anything, that story should also be a warning that you should not disinvow the opinions of others even if it doesn't match yours or fit into your desires. Now..... Do I agree that FH lost his way? Yes. But that was because of the tyrant who ruined him and barely managed to avoid being truely blamed for what happened, just because FH failed to be the better person. Sometimes, those who are just terrorable get to you so badly that you FAIL to be a better person. It was wrong for people to ignor the athority being an unjust leader and choosing to be more fearful of a great hero losing his sense of direction because it's easier to blame people who over-react to things, trival or otherwise, then to blame the one who is truely the awful one. This leader also caused his friends and lover to turn on him to spite the one person he couldn't control!"
  • Penombra: Okay, okay, I get it. The leader was a legit dickhole and he got what was coming! But still.... You still have the makings of a new Fallen Hero. You whined about the Ceallans' extinction. You whine about everything that seems morally wrong in your eyes, even when it's not so universeally as shared. You just want things to be pure in their approach and we all gather togather and sing kumbya as if nothing ever goes to shit?! Well, news flash, your highness: life is not fair, and it never has been. The Fallen Hero's tale is a cautionary one about the dangers of wanting everything your way, and how you want life to go however you wish. I mean, sure, it has come to notice that the leader was legitamently a total asswipe, and that's fine, but.... It would've went better for FH if it was just the ASSHOLE LEADER he killed?! But no! Everyone else got dragged into that rampage! And even then, dipshit leader or not, one thing is undeniable?! Socialism is dangerous, and it will turn people against their own lives instead of letting them move forward. With your socialist tantrums, I can tell, you'll be a new Fallen Hero.
  • Gazelle:..... You think you can judge me for that? Berate me as another FH just waiting to accure? You seriously believe I can't make life work with me or find other ways to make the flawwed ways improved or changed? THEN YOU, CLEARLY DON'T KNOW ME?! I am far from being anything truely like Fallen Hero in more ways then one. All we share in commen is our beliefs, and that's it! We are different in many other ways! Our lives! Our actions most impourently! And how we adapted to life's challnage. Fallen Hero should've instead be more about what happens when you fail to cope with life's challnage, instead of how "Socialisum is bad" and how we shouldn't question even the most uglist of life's facts! Now, I can get behind accepting life's limitations or things too late to fix until further notice, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't strive to make life better then it is! Otherwise, if it were TRUELY like that, would people even BOTHER standing up to the VA if being offended what they are doing counts as being socialist and that we should just accept their impending rule?! There may be unfair things we can't always fix, but that doesn't mean we should accept every unfair thing to happen to us, espeically if a good number of them CAN be fixed?! Stopping people like you, is one of them.
  • Penomrba: "Tsk. Looks like someone's not paying attention to the story-"
  • Gazelle: UP! I know exactamondo what you were gonna say! And yes! I have heard that story countless times. I am TOO aware of that hurtful story, and how I would be in his shoes if life went a little differently. But like I said. FH and myself were VERY different people! And even then, there's some parts of the story I still question of either actselly being truth or just fabercations taken advantage of by those of overtly conservitice views or those that want to make socialisum look bad and that the real obscure story is marred by changes to make it that people can't easily question their leaders or how life in certain worlds generally work. And that's an issue I wish to address one day. Questioning something that could mean that there's a legitament problem on how the goverment works or how things should've been done differently had it not been for people being so blind about everything, should not have you accused of being another "Fallen Hero" waiting to happen! And further more! I don't CARE what the government or anything of high authority says, not even if it's Tyler! Besides, you shouldn't worry about me just yet. You should be more worried about.... HER! (Antombra comes in)...
  • Penombra:... (Cackles) You're joking right? You seek my inferior self against me?
  • Antombra: I am NOT inferior! Nor have I ever been in my entire life since you manipulated it. We are both alike in many ways. And to ensure that these heroes are able to defeat you, I will give not just them, AND THE PEOPLE OF THE UUNIVERSES, who, I, am! (She hacks her transmission as everyone, including the ones Penombra didn't connect her transmissions to, saw the confrontation)... It's time, we did this in a grand final stand! Time to prove that you are no better than me! Neither of us are the best manipulators in the UUniverses. Heck, there is NO perfect villain. If there was, he/she wouldn't even BE a villain. The Villains Act knows that villains must only exist in it's purest form, or else there is no purpose. Yes, they need challenges, and they had it in the form of those rebellions and the many heroes, and Commander Gygax was there to keep any of the small traces of heroes from growing. But you and me? Neither of us were meant to be perfect. You weren't created that way, even by father. You're just me in my most evil potential.
  • Penombra: (Cackles) You couldn't be more mistaken. This is what I'll let everyone here swallow: I, am, going, to be granting, the newest villain empire. With the power to control the Omninet, I can eliminate anything I wish, and watch over everything like the Antijust Bureau. As much of a myth THEY were, they had reasons for being against free will as it caused wars and billions of deaths. As for me? I could give them a run for their money. I am the best for a reason. I know the Villains Act from the inside-out, because I have their ENTIRE catalog. They had balanced periods in their lives, where they searched for greater or lesser challenges, and their moral outlook was shifting. Me? I have the power to make a new Villains Act that can not only break heroes like the HA, but I can keep the moral code that General Tex brought, and make sure it STAYS that way. Anyone who even tries to change that, can, and WILL, be caught and executed, because with the Omninet, I CAN SEE EVERYTHING! The Omninet, as a Net of Things, has defenses against villains using it for absolute control, because we are not the only ones who could do it. But we were the first to prove that the most successful of defenses, can be breached. Why do you think I have control of the UUniversal network itself? I did it all without breaking a sweat. And as the one who knew you because I made you who you are, I know that there's things in your life that make you not as perfect as me. If you were the one manipulating me, you would've failed in the assassination of good old mommy, and I wouldn't be in your shoes. You are emotionally imbalanced. You are sensitive to cruelty, just like Hudson, just like Chase, just like Xandy, just, like, Gazelle!
  • Gazelle: (She kept a calm expression, but clearly showed she is not pleased to hear it)
  • Penombra: Yeah, I told you I know of the socialist stuff you were pulling since your first mission here. Ceallan extinction?
  • Gazelle:... You can say whatever you want about me. I'm no stranger to criticisms, even the worse ones. All your doing is showing that you are a parasite for anger, and you're trying to seek that in someone who knows when to hold back. Your being like an animal looking for water in an African desert. It's a futile attempt.
  • Penombra:... Ohhh, great, another hard one, like I didn't already figured by now. (Back to Antombra) Anyway, that's why you'll never be like me. You're the one who is easier to manipulate than to boss around. Though you scare like me, you don't scare completely like me. Anything you do is child's play compared to me. I am better than you in every way. Your past proves it. Even if you did manage to stand up to much of your past so far, you'll never stand up to me. You cannot stand up to the person who turned you into your power-loving nerdy self. I got you this far, and you're nothing without me. That's what daddy wanted for both of us, right?
  • Antombra:... You clearly don't get what daddy wanted for both of us because he made you TOO good. That's your problem. You're TOO good. Too much skill can do more harm than good. You're doing more harm than you realize, and I don't care what you do, by the end of this, you're going to be the one who's crying.
  • Penombra: (Cackles) Correction: You are only as good as the Villains Act. You did everything the Villains Act could, complete with being the weakest when you lose your edge, hence when you were willing to give up when you were sentenced to death and nobody listened to you. Much of your journey and what you know symbolize your tragic history. I wanted you to be in a position where you could be like me, AND daddy. I had to make you like daddy so I could not only recruit you, though be disappointed with the results of cowardice and cheap weakness to Villains Act standards, but be like he was in the past. He went through similar things in his past, and I had used that to mold you, and used it to get you this far like a tall tale. The Villains Act were sick monsters who thought they could manipulate anything they wished, yet a certain bunch, for exsample: Gordon the Animal, Lieutenant Blacker, AND YES, EVEN COMMANDER YARGE. Those defectors proved that they couldn't manipulate everything. They couldn't be the best. They could never be the best villains in UUniversal history. Gordon only cared about killing off races that screwed-over his, over a war he didn't see, AND GLOSSING OVER THE FACT HIS PEOPLE WERE UNDER A TERROREST REGIME?! Blacker was too stuck-up in expecting Clast to be fail-free that he ruined the poor lizard's family over something NOT EVEN HIS OWN FAULT?! And Yarge? Oh-ho-ho-ho! Yarge, almost goes without saying! He caused a revolt so bad, he had a phrase for betrayal named after him! They are nothing but failures, embarrisments, and outcasts from a dystopian villain organization for a hero team to dispose of, just, like-
  • Antombra: You!...
  • Penombra:... What? (Antombra laughed)... What're you laughing at? You wanna run that by me again?
  • Antombra:... It all makes sense now! You don't even realize this? (Laughs) I guess I'm finally one step ahead of you for once. Daddy created you to be the best guidance counselor. All that you just said, compliments that. You're not just guiding me, but many others. By guiding me, you were unintentionally guiding many others. Though I was your prime target, by seeing how faulty the UUniverses were, it played in your superiority complex, and gave you this new Villains Act idea. Why else would you want to guide me into this tragic life? You gave me ultimate power, just so you can make a new 'perfect' dystopian organization. You guided me alright. But only so you can do this. Your words mean much more sense than before. Daddy never thought the UUniverses were perfect either, and when you were born, that little point in your past manifested into you when your sentience developed. You loved the Omninet as much as he did, that your superiority programming turned that love into lust. Ergo, fascination into greed. Hell, it even makes sense why you were over-developed in this mindset. He gave you his intelligence in the Omninet, AND fascination of the amazing world of the Omninet. And when he added the guidance instinct to you, it had a similar, if not same, ambitious result. Unlike him, it was taken up a notch with this psychic programming. The result, created, YOU! He just didn't realize this. Well, I have news for you, Penombra. There will NEVER be anyone better than the Villains Act, nor BOTH of us. And that's okay! And it's what makes us similar and gives us the same insecurities.
  • Penombra:... You're joking, right? Is this your attempt at psychology, Anty?
  • Antombra: Yes it is. No hero or villain is absolutely perfect, nor truely good or truely evil, that's not realistic, I mean, it's why cartoon villains from the 90's and earlier back are commenly panned for being so like what they are, same with older cartoon heroes, hence why nowadays cartoons of both moral persectives are given more dyamics to them then just pure good or pure evil unless exceptions allow at times, nor is very fulfilling. If anyone reached absolute power, they'd bail out of it because there is nothing left for them to give them a true goal. There must always be some form of degree that makes it acceptable. But confidence and cockiness, which we have had our entire lives, are one thing. It all leads to arrogance and an inferiority complex. Since you were born, and since you destroyed my freshly-rebuilt home, we've reminded many people on a daily basis, who you are and what you're going to do so that they can be scared, and therefore they won't ever forget. Why do you think we're trying to stop you?
  • Penombra: Oh, because it's your job as heroes, right? CALL THE NEWS, ANTOMBRA JUST STATED THE OBVIOUS! IT'S GONNA CHANGE HISTORY AS WE-
  • Gazelle: Because we sympathize with you!
  • Penombra:... What?
  • Icky: "Hey don't get us wrong, we do earnestly think your a freaking bitch. But we understand WHY your such a c**t. Your anxious that our father/creator only made you to be a moral guide to your sis, and that your worried he didn't loved you as he does to his actual daughter. It may not excuse your actions and shit behavior, but it explains why you are what you are. At best, your just a troubled little brat who REALLY tried to hard to get people to notice her, yet is TOO damn afraid to see you what you really are! A broken, sad, miserable brat who realised that she wasn't meant to exist and was comsumed in fear that daddy dearist didn't gave proper love, and trust me, we met the guy, that is not the case at all!"
  • Soothsayer: "He loved you liked he loved Antom, he loved you so much that it broke his heart that you rebeled on him because of your own uncertainy. He never meant for you to feel like he didn't cared for you."
  • Lord Shen: "As a matter of fact, he felt awful about not loving you enough and actaully BEGGED us to NOT end your miserable existence like the miserable witch you are! That is surely the love of a dedicated, if not misunderstood, parent! Yes, he was wrong to only care for you like he would to a personal item and forget that your not a machine, but at least the man admits he was wrong and clearly still cares for you! And your damn lucky we were honorable enough to keep our word to not put you out of your misery! But we fairly warned him we're still NOT afraid to punish you like with any other villain!"
  • Antombra: Yeah. But the biggest one of all..... You're something that wasn't meant to be this way. I organized this attack, used my hacking skills to make you believe I was still being executed, planned out all this, just so I can prove a point to myself and others. If we hadn't decided this, we wouldn't even be here. I wanted to figure you out on an internal level, and it took me all of this effort, as hurtful as it was to these people, to see what you are. And I now know what you are: You are an unintentional creation meant to carry out an absolute task. That, is physically impossible no matter how good you are. And that's why we sympathize. Nobody's truly perfect, nor should be. Humans weren't perfect, other alien/animal/whatever beings weren't perfect, even the GODS weren't perfect. Hell, sometimes, even robots, of which we intend to be perfect, don't always reach that true perfection, because they were created BY imperfect beings. Why, sometimes, being too perfect, is a flaw in of itself, because there IS such a thing as being TOO good at what you are meant to do! And that's, exactly, what happened to you! All it does is lead to a self-destructive end. Which is exactly what will happen to you. What, in the many corners of the Boundary Cluster, makes you think this plan of yours is going to work? Hell, I bet you don't even HAVE a plan. Say you take over, what makes you think that what happened to the VA, won't happen to you, or there'll won't be people out there who'll likely outsmart you like the rebellions against the Villains Act did? If people were not intimidated by the VA's rule, they're not gonna be so easily afraid of you, even if you know EVERY SINGLE DAMN THING ABOUT THEM?! Espeically since that you basicly broken their beloved heroes! I mean, be freaking honest with yourself, (Brings out the statistics panal), they haven't ditched the HA one bit! In fact, you even made HA critics cheer them on because you made the idea of ciriticising heroes a momentary bad thing?! And why's that? Gee, it's as if they PERFECTLY acknowledge that they are only people inside those HA suits, and that NOBODY'S, PERFECT?! Sometimes, the most imperfect hero ever, is better then no hero at all! They're not gonna give two fucks about how imperfect or even how sometimes un-hero-like they are! So what Xandy's an unpredictable mess? Who cares about how Magnum will have to put down the staff one day and that she's light-headed? Who really gives a darn about Clifton's inter-speices relationship, or that of Nanobyte's or Hudson's? And who cares about how Samantha's unfortunate past? Why should anyone care about Miami being from Pharagu, which by the way wasn't always a garbage dump planet?! So what Hudson had abit of a self-indulgdence streak, I mean, YOU AND I ARE GUILTY OF THAT TOO, IF YOU HADEN'T NOTICED?! No one's gonna care about Tether being a hybrid unless they're as bad as his racist bullies! No one but perfectionest Monklins would care about Scarlet being from a race with a controverseal view on love! People cared little about Goodblood's evil brother, and that of the Masked Bolt! Byron's personal woes are not gonna keep people from still seeing you as the true evil here! And people would sooner feel sorry for Nathon about what his brother's going through then to judge him about something he has NO CLEAR CONTROL OVER?! Ultamately, even if they ARE abit bothered by all that, they're still gonna view the HA as heroes, AND YOU AS ANOTHER VA WANNA-BE FANACTIC IN NEED OF BEING STOPPED?! No matter what, nothing is unstoppable. If it was, it would be all but meaningless. We sympathize with you, because you're just self-defeating in your quest for absolute control. Control is nothing to people when there isn't a challenge to put it to work. (Penombra got angry) All you'll do is give yourself nothing left to work with and-
  • Penombra: ENOUGH!... (Sighs) You made your point.
  • Antombra: And you know something else? I knew it was you from the first moment the Neo Core came back.
  • Penombra:... What? How the hell could you even-
  • Antombra: It's simple, really. I was told of this person that was so good at cyber-terrorism, they could defy security measures of all kinds, but I, like everyone else, considered it a cringypasta-like myth, and as a cautionary tale for people who thought they could be on top of the world with power like this and what I had. That's why I didn't take it as far as you did. But what really got me, was that there was someone else who not only hacked into my channel, but did efficient work on it like me. The one calling herself 'ShadowOfD00M', my top co-administrator, was you! (Penombra was shocked)... Yeah, that's right! I didn't realize until after the destruction of my rebuilt home that this could've been the work of some terrorist, who commented, spoke, and had mannerisms like me, AND even did far better in my work. I didn't want to assume it until I could be fully sure. I knew that whoever did this was of the same cringypasta-like myth, but I had to figure it out as well as I could on my quest. But I didn't expect it to be tailored to me completely. I knew this wasn't the work of the corrupted mother and Kaden androids. The one who did this to them, as well as the one who assassinated the one who ran the orphanage, had to have done this, and somehow, I was involved. I knew it had to be connected to me at some degree, then I realized the one final clue I gained right before I met these heroes.... THIS! (She showed her the object she found at her debut in the first part, which was the data disc with her symbol on it)... I realized that this was supposed to be mine, but I never created it. When I put it in, BOOM! The place I was in blew up in a similar fashion to my rebuilt hometown. I heard something sounding like me. Then I realized... IT WAS ME! Or rather, YOU!
  • Penombra:... I'll give you a 10/10 for the detective work, sis. But why didn't you-
  • Antombra: I still had to be sure in case I was wrong. And now, with it being revealed that it was you before I was arrested, I knew I had to take action. So I used all could to get myself out before my sentence could be carried out.
  • Kowalski:... So YOU were the disguised voice claiming to be a double agent for the enemy.
  • Antombra: Exactly. And it worked, because I was strong enough. You see, Penombra? You underestimate me, and yet in ironic terms, you molded me into someone just like you. So, no doubt the end result will be the same. So, no more tricks, no more games, no more delusions of grandeur, no more lies, and no one will ever get hurt by you again.
  • Penombra: (Dubbed as Zira in a very augmented voice) I'LL NEVER LET IT GO!! OMBRAAA!!! (The superweapon Ombra came out) DESTROY THEM!!

Final Confrontation

  • Ombra fell down defeated greatly, deactivated from defeat.
  • Gazelle: "Well, I'm almost sad to inform you that your VA dreams had died before they can take shape. Because this universe will never see a return of those times. Neither by you, or anyone else. It's time you get the help you deserved."
  • Penombra: "..... EX, CUSE ME?! You came here into my house, and even when I basicly redused your friends to crybabies, YOU STILL TREAT ME LIKE I'M SOME KIND OF BROKEN EMO?! Okay, seriously Horn-Head?! WHAT, THE FUCK, IS WRONG WITH YOU?!
  • Gazelle: "Look at it this way. In all fairness, you were not meant to be like this. You were intended to reform your creator's troubled child and to take her on the right path. You are only guilty of having too much of her traits."
  • Penombra:.... OH IS THAT RIGHT, YOU SMUG-ASS BIG-HIPPED C**T?! You only sympathise with me because I'm basicly the good doctor's mistake?! I'm at least self-aware that I am NOT what nature had in mind?!
  • Gazelle: "Well OBVIOUSLY, that's is what your problem is. You know you were not meant to exist. You know you were only created by someone who was a father to you to only to bring back his actual daughter. You, are sadden that your just a means to his misguided ends. And you clearly didn't like that, so you rebeled, trapped the poor fool in a cyber prison, and basicly ruined the life and hopes of the very girl your suppose to help! All you did, was made sure that Grimshot has a means to retain her loyalty and to avoid any future betrayals. Then you go out of your way to make everyone else miseriable because you were just an attempt for a broken father to get his daughter back."
  • Penombra: I, I, STOP READING ME LIKE AN OPEN HOLO-BOOK, YOU SMUG ASS C**T?! (Fires a blast at Gazelle as she blocked it off, and remained untouched from the exspearienced)..... Wha, wha, Wha, HOW?! HOW?! THAT SHOULD'VE REDUSED YOU TO DUST?!
  • Gazelle: "The power of cyberspace has no power over the Uniter. You can try, to make yourself far from anyone's sympathy, but it does not hide away the fact that you are a poor and broken creature that knew she was being used by someone's self-empowering means. So you basicly became a worse verson of your "sister". You are basicly a litteral copy of the original. Your plagerisum got to the extreme."
  • Penombra: I, AM, NOT, PLAGERISUM?! I, AM MY OWN THING?! (Tries blasting her, but Gazelle remains unharmed, as Gazelle starts to walk torwords her, causing Penombra to panic as her virtual world starts to collapse) Y-Y-Y-Y-Y-Y-Y-YOU STAY AWAY FROM ME?!
  • Gazelle: "No amount of lashing out and even any earnest malevolent action will make me stop sympathising with you. I may not directly understand your problems, but I know your suffering. I'm sure the doctor meant well, but he should've still treated you more then just a means to get back his daughter. It was wrong of him to be like that, and it's something we shall addressed with him. But don't go around and make his heart-ache worse by basicly being a reminder of his own unfortunate reality. Oh, by the way, you can try and go ahead and say how much of an imperfect of a Uniter I am all you want! I, made peace with that! I can still be upset with reality and all of it's disturbed offerings. But I learn to love life all the same! And for all of the HA's flaws, they can learn to do the same! Reality may turn dark, but that does not mean it consisently stays unforgiving! (The Imprisoned HA heroes hear her) Reality by no means is a fairytale, that is true! But that doesn't mean it should be considered as bleak as the world you created! You can and will make life and reality a better place! Maybe far from ideal, but better then how dark it could've been. So what they are not perfect heroes who make mistakes, or came from an unfortunate past, or anything you had criticised them off. Life is about making mistakes. To be perfect, is to be mundane. And people should learn not to let the past or mistakes to be what defines them. Their imperfection, is what makes them, them. And you are only like this because you are aware of how imperfect you are.... Your just afraid to admit that your right about yourself.
  • Penombra: (Starts growling). How, dare you do that to me in my world?! AND FORGET ABOUT THAT SPEECH EVER FIXING THOSE OTHER LOSERS, I- (Suddenly, the destablised prisons collapse and free the confidence-regained heroes!) WHAT THE FUCK?! HOW IS IT IMPOSSABLE?! I, I BROKEN YOU?!
  • Xandy: "You did. Gazelle just said the right words to fix us as quickly as you broke us."
  • Magnum: "Indeed, Penombra. Your words no longer hold any waight on us. Some, more then others."
  • Clifton: "We desided that we no longer give a shit about what folks like you say about us!"
  • Chase: "Our lives and choices are our own! Not anyone elses! If they want to judge me because I'm not perfect or ideal or free of mistakes, then that's THEIR problem!"
  • Samantha: "We make our own choices, even if they're not the best ones."
  • Zosimo: "Nor if they're appresiated."
  • Cloakblade: "And our past should not define us who we are."
  • Hudson: "Mean words can only go so far to me. If as long as Xandy makes me happy, who cares if she's not the correct spieces? I vow to never let anyone get to me like that ever again."
  • Miami and Nano: "THAT GOES DOUBLE FOR US?!"
  • Hawkens and Stephenie: "SAME WITH US?!"
  • Tether: "I have already long congured my own problems. And I won't let anyone who ever treated me poorly ever do that to me again."
  • Scarlet Dancer: "And there is no shame in being proud of where you came from."
  • Goodblood: "Even if it has the not so good parts."
  • Bolt: "Because it's impourent to remember that, to err is human.... Relitively speaking. Mistakes and anything of the like is only a naterol part of life, and it would be foolish to pretend that it never gets better or worse. You can be the happiest guy in the world in making peace with life as it is."
  • Byron: "Yeah, our unfortunate backstories can still get to us. But hey, as said before. The past is the past. And it's better to focus on the future and the now then the past if it's not museum related."
  • Aero: "And unsofisicated louts like you can judge us all you want! Even if our attatude is not "Realistic", who cares? Realisum is suggestive! Reality may not be consistently grand, but it's not consistently awful either! And you would be the unrealistic one to think that."
  • Nathan: "..... What everyone else is saying! Seriously guys, you took all the good lines."
  • The cyber world finally crumbles, and Penombra loses her powers.
  • Gazelle: "(As the Doctor tried to get to Penombra, Gazelle stops her)..... Your probuly the last person she wants comferting her. Even without her powers, she's still too broken to be close too without risk of her lashing out. It's for the best that we wait until she drains her engery out. But I can't garrentie you can be able to keep her, sir."
  • The Doctor: "Wait, please, I, I promise I'll take your advise and do more then what I've done! Please don't take her away! She'll never survive court!"
  • Xandy: "We're sorry sir. It wouldn't be smart to just leave her alone, even without her powers. It's for everyone's best interests if she's kept from being a danger to everyone, even herself."
  • Penombra still cries uncontrolably!


  • Penombra was dragged by enforcers, now emotionless and trapped in something to restrain her powers.
  • Penombra: My life, is meaningless..... Meaningless. (She is placed in the prison transport and taken away, as the Doctor looks on sadly, and with loss of hope as he started to cry.)


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