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The truth of Antombra has been revealed, and it hurt her in a devastating manner. Her fears have come true as the friend she thought she drove to suicide, Kaden Spender, is apparently still alive, as well as her mother, Doldoa Umbrage, and they have revealed what turned her into this: In the orphanage she was raised in since her hometown was destroyed during the Omnican World War, she used her hacking skills to torment people, including her friends, including Kaden who apparently committed suicide, and thus she was kicked out in the most harsh and hurtful intervention possible, the sorrowful had being assassinated a year later by unknown means, and thus she used her powers to not only rebuild her hometown, but only have it destroyed when she unintentionally left Kaden and Doldoa the power to nearly use the Omninet to take over Gontroy, and later the AUU, and name her the culprit, and have her sentenced to death since such a thing could be considered the worst of terrorism. After shutting down her account to stop the terror, the fright made her seclude herself for 15 years until present time. With this, many people turn against her, and she avoids capture by those who have trusted and/or admired her. However, later on when the sympathetic heroes try to find her to no prevail, they discover shockingly that Doldoa and Kaden are not the real ones, but in fact, cybernetic clones created by a clone of Antombra named Penombra, that her scientist father created to be a twin sister. But the clone aged wildly, and because he made her a smarter and more skilled sister as a means to guide her little sister like a crone. But this backfired as she became entitled, took over her father's company, and turned it into a virtual hell that serves as her HQ, as she assassinated not just her mother, drove Kaden to suicide so she could use his DNA, and later the owner of the orphanage so she couldn't misguide Antombra on the path she's in now, manipulating what she believes is her inferior form, and with Antombra being on the verge of execution, she can take her role as the best hacker in the AUU, and reestablish her plan to take over the Omninet, and the AUU along with it. With Antombra finally found and being sentenced to death at dawn, the heroes must fight off Penombra's control over literally everything and save her, and use her skills to bring down Penombra once and for all.



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Antombra's Sad Secrets Revealed

Penombra Takes Over

Planning To Stop Penombra

Walking Into The Virtual Hell

Antombra Confronts Penombra

Final Confrontation


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