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The squeal episode to The Powers That Be Jaxtom. Again, let's wait to revise this.

Workshop Summary

MSM Summary

After being defeated by the Lodgers and the Heroes Act, Jaxtom has escaped from the Beofynzeny System with only a handful of his power left. Now, he has one hope left of rebuilding his evil empire. And that's with Roboface, who has wanted to aid him since the Loadsby Squad dumped him. Thus, he helps him get much of his power back, and he proposes a plan that is hidden on the moon of Snao XXIII, as CrimeTech, in it's Villains Act days, snuck there and desperately searched for something that he found first: an entire reserve of Uridian DNA created in the case of de-extinction, yet were all killed by the native wildlife later on. He had it under his guard for a long time as a last resort project. Thus, with their combined efforts, the two use the Uridian DNA to step up their game and create their brand new guild, the U-Surrection, which consists of the U-Soldiers, which are combinations of robotic technology from the Armatage and Huncus Corporation he was fortunate enough to lock away in a hidden armory, digitally-synthesized Gruid clones, and Uridian DNA. The result is soldiers that have the versatility of Gruids, the phase powers of the Uridians, and the weaponry of the rival companies, plus smuggled U-Weaponry. Thus, with a new threat to the AUU, Jaxtom now plans to reclaim the Beofynzeny System with his new power, especially when the U-Soldiers distract the heroes enough to get them away from the creation of something big. The attacked Lodgers and Heroes Act now have to stop him, but don't find it very easy as the U-Soldiers prove to be more coordinated and powerful than the average Gruid. As a result, they are forced to retreat and come up with a new plan with Jaxtom's formerly-enslaved daughter and newly-declared Censen Phage, Wenby, yet the U-Soldiers are able to use her unfathomable power to their advantage by overloading her powers with a drug, turning her into the Phagetom, which distracts the heroes further. In order to get answers on how to beat this new threat and cure Phagetom, the Lodgers and Heroes Act must seek out more clues with the Vault Seekers. Thus, with Jaxtom and Roboface going pretty far with their new plan of revenge, his new ultimate weapon is coming to fruition, as it is revealed to be a dangerous beast being synthesized in Uridia's most inhospitable area, the Uridium Lava Wastes, where Expounderase is going to be born and wipe the system clean and allow him to remake it in his image. Though this is entirely bad, it's revealed that there is some good news as, since Jaxtom has Uridian DNA, it could mean that there is hope that the Uridian race can rise our of extinction once they obtain said DNA. Will they succeed?

Scroopfan Summary

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Overall Result Summary

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