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Workshop Summary

MSM Summary

After being defeated by the Lodgers and the Heroes Act, Jaxtom has escaped from the Beofynzeny System with only a handful of his power left, as well as a large U-shaped scar on his face inflicted by his battle with his daughter, that requires him to wear a synthetic mask. Now, he has one hope left of rebuilding his evil empire. And that's with Roboface, who has wanted to aid him since the Loadsby Squad dumped him. Thus, he helps him get much, yet not all, of his power back, and he proposes a plan that is hidden on the moon of Snao XXIII, as CrimeTech, in it's Villains Act days, snuck there and desperately searched for something that he found first: an entire reserve of Uridian DNA created in the case of de-extinction, yet were all killed by the native wildlife later on. He had it under his guard for a long time as a last resort project. Thus, with their combined efforts, the two use the Uridian DNA to step up their game and create their brand new guild, the U-Surrection, which consists of the U-Soldiers, which are combinations of robotic technology from the Armatage and Huncus Corporation he was fortunate enough to lock away in a hidden armory, digitally-synthesized Gruid clones, and Uridian DNA. The result is soldiers that have the versatility of Gruids, the phase powers of the Uridians, and the weaponry of the rival companies, plus smuggled U-Weaponry. Thus, with a new threat to the AUU, Jaxtom now plans to reclaim the Beofynzeny System with his new power, especially when the U-Soldiers distract the heroes enough to get them away from the creation of something big. The attacked Lodgers and Heroes Act now have to stop him, but don't find it very easy as the U-Soldiers prove to be more coordinated and powerful than the average Gruid, as they lay waste to many cities including the megalopolis of Chanceltown and many other prosperous cities. As a result, they are forced to retreat and come up with a new plan with Jaxtom's formerly-enslaved daughter and newly-declared Censen Phage, Wenby, yet the U-Soldiers are able to use her unfathomable power to their advantage by overloading her powers with a drug, turning her into the Phagetom, which distracts the heroes further. In order to get answers on how to beat this new threat and cure Phagetom, the Lodgers and Heroes Act must seek out more clues with the Vault Seekers, as they discover that one Uridian, the Uridian Phage known as Demiurge, is still alive as the rumors of her phase powers giving her immortality were right, as she reveals that she was watching over the Snao XXIII Uridian specimen reservoir and guarding it under Jaxtom's watch, and says that he plans to unleash power from an enemy she faced long ago from one of the 88 Vaults that is currently located in the Krooger Wastes of Planet Cquirion, as the Uridian Vault is built on a giant combat arena that shares similar, if not identical, technology to the famous Holodome on Planet Hoole. After getting details of the arena's founder, Master Krooger, by the Holodome's founder, the Holomaster, they must find a way to get whatever sensitive power is within that Vault before Jaxtom does, and the best way to do that is make Wenby stronger as, even though she is a Censen Phage, she still has a lot to learn, training her within the Holodome. Thus, with Jaxtom and Roboface going pretty far with their new plan of revenge, it's revealed that he discovered that deep within that vault, is the power of what was known as the Covenantors, a Uridian force that let Uridian power drive them mad with power until the Uridian Phage beat them, and upon seeing visions in the future regarding him using the U-Surrection to grant him the power to not only bring back the Uridians and use their refreshed and reincarnated minds to trick them into a campaign of aggressive conquest, thus giving him an ultimate quest for revenge, as he has ensured that he will do all he can to make this future come true, including making a new ultimate weapon in the form of a dangerous beast being synthesized in Uridia's most inhospitable area, the Uridium Lava Wastes, where Expounderase is going to be born and wipe the system clean and allow him to remake it in his image with his new power. Though this is entirely bad, it's revealed by Demiurge that there is some good news as, since Jaxtom has Uridian DNA, it could mean that there is hope that the Uridian race can rise our of extinction once they obtain said DNA, as they can revive them in a non-power-hungry way as she knows the Uridians since she lived with them her entire life and effectively restore them to their glory days once again, hence her plan for all these eons. Will they succeed in stopping Jaxtom for the supposed final time?

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Rise of the U-Surrection

U-Surrection Invasion


Dragon Temple

  • Bilge: (He comes in with the other heroes) Guys! I went to check up on Wenby and see if she was doing okay with whatever sickness she had, but it turns out... It may not even BE a sickness!
  • Tether: What do you mean? (Wenby was heard screaming as purple energy surged across the Temple)
  • Bilge: "WELLLLL..... It looks more like a raging power surge to me."
  • (Wenby): HELP MEEEE!!! (She was heard screaming as everyone went in and saw something unexpected as Wenby was looking mutated in her bed as phase energy was surging uncontrollably around her. She kept phasing in and out, she was screaming in both her normal voice and a Uridian scream, she got purple feral eyes, her long hair started flaring up in phase energy, she was irradiating with purple energy, and she underwent a horrific transformation)
  • Tigress: This looks bad!
  • Icky: NO S***, SHERLO- (Tigress punched him) OW?!
  • Wenby: (She was breathing heavily as she completed her transformation into a purple-skinned monster similar to Dark Jak, only with flaming long purple hair, purple monstrous energy wings, Uridian-like biology, gained purple energy blades from her arms, and she screeched a loud Uridian scream that aggravated everyone)
  • The screech was having Mad Hatter holding on his hat!
  • Mad Hatter: "OH MY! And I thought the Queen of Hearts had good lungs!"
  • Qoola: WENBY?!? (Wenby attacked them with her blades, swinging them as the heroes ducked and fled, Wenby sprouting Uridium crests on her back and shoulders)
  • Sandy: ACTIVATE THE DEFENSE SHIELD! (That happened) We can't leave until we find out what just happened! I think Jaxtom did something to her! (Wenby was heard Uridian-screaming loudly, as she teleported directly in front of them)
  • Mushu: HOLY HELL!!! (She slashed at them as they dodged)
  • Bilge: "I CAN STOP THIS! (BRINGS OUT A FRYING PAN AND HITS WENBY IN THE FACE WITH IT?!) (This only ended with a broken pan)....... That, worked better in my head."
  • Wenby smacks a screaming Bilge right into Icky and Squidward!
  • CRASH?!
  • Bilge: ".... Don't ya just hate it when your the butt of jokes?"
  • Bilge fell down to reveil Icky.
  • Icky: "Ditto."
  • Icky fell down to reveil the rest of Squidward.
  • Squidward: "Same here."
  • Squidward fell down too.
  • Gazelle: "And consider my pet peeved! (Activates her avatar form) Get ready to get a taste of some tough Uniter love."
  • Gazelle began fighting Wenby as this music played!
Position Music - Takedown (Tom Player - Epic Orchestral Action)

Position Music - Takedown (Tom Player - Epic Orchestral Action)

(To be further added after some things in the Powers that be Awesome episode are futher addressed.)

Demiurge The Uridian Phage

The Holodome/Holodome Training With Demiurge

Fight for Krooger's Vault

Final Battle in Snao XXIII

Uridian Lab

  • (This music played as they arrived)
Dragon Ball Z OST - 24 Ginyu Transformation

Dragon Ball Z OST - 24 Ginyu Transformation

  • Jaxtom: (He notices them as he was in the large device he stole from the Krooger Vault) About TIME you assholes showed up! Now you get to see your turn in having an ultamate downfall?! When this device is finished with it's work, I shall not only wield the power of the Covenantors, but I will fulfill the prophecy of turning the Uridians into a race of war! I will win back my power to even GREATER heights!
  • Gazelle: Jaxtom, I can get that your very upset about the past, but you shouldn't make the Urdians suffer for what we did! Acting out like this is not gonna make your life more fair!
  • Jaxtom: You took everything I had! And I will ensure you, AND everyone you love, pay dearly for it! All, I wanted, was to make everyone happy?! I wanted to make everyone safe?! I only wanted to make everything awesome?! But thanks to idiots like you, the U-Tards, my own freaking father, and my basturd child, you ALL only have yourselves to blame in what I am about to do?! Sometimes, I wonder, that, if things had gone differently, maybe we all could've been friends?! Well you people will NEVER get to ponder that?! Now, it's time... FOR THE NEW AGE OF URIDIANS! (He activates the device)
  • Wenby: NOO! (The music climaxed as he underwent the transformation cackling, nobody being able to stop it)
  • Icky: "..... Sometimes, I really wish I was a bad guy again. Then I wouldn't have to deal with CRAP LIKE THIS?!"
  • Jaxtom: (He emerged as a powerful Uridian-Acrillisape monster similar yet more powerful than Phagetom, yet growing in power, and his heart was beating, he gained purple monstrous eyes, and a warped voice)... Oh, my... GOD!!! I... I CAN SEE IT! I SEE WHAT THE URIDIANS CAN TRULY DO!! THEY ARE MORE POWERFUL THAN ALL OF US!! I UNDERSTAND IT!! (All the heroes watched in horror at what was becoming of him)... I UNDERSTAND EVERYTHING!! ALL THEIR POWER!! WITH THE POWER I AM ABOUT TO UNLEASH, I WILL MAKE IT POSSIBLE!! THE URIDIAN RACE, BROUGHT BACK, UNDER MY CONTROL! AS THEIR REVIVER, I WILL LEAD THEM IN THE NEW URIDIAN AGE!! I WILL USE THEIR POWER TO DESTROY ALL IN MY WAY!!! (Cackles wildly)... I swear to you 'heroes'... I WILL see you burn in hell! Burn in purple flames! I'll kill you! I'LL KILL YOU ALL!!! I'll wipe you, and all the corruption in Uridian territory, off the face of the UUniverses!! It's gonna be SO good! We're gonna scorch all the evil territory in the system on fire! There's gonna be screaming! Hundreds of criminals, bandits, scum, and everything bad and cruel, are gonna die left and right! (Cackles) I CAN'T WAIT! (Cackles, and then uses his powers to surround the entire area in purple flames)... YOU ALL... WILL BE MY FIRST VICTIMS!!! THE POWER OF THE COVENANTORS, GIVE ME THE STRENGTH, TO PUT DOWN MY OPPRESSORS!!! (However, just as he was about to become powerful, it just as quickly started to die out).... WHAT?! (He suddenly starts to shrink) WAIT, WHAT THE?! WHY IS MY POWER FADING?!
  • Demiurge: You do realize that the Uridium you used was expiring, right?
  • Jaxtom: WHAT?!? EXPIRIING?!?
  • Demiurge: Did you not see the labels?
  • Tigress:... WHAT...
  • Sandy: THE...
  • Pang Bing: LIVING...
  • Icky: "F***?!?!? (He did on each of the crystals' containers, seeing their analysis screen labels Uridium)... ""Warning. Best use before 12/20/4000000 BC. Expired Uridium will only give a super temporary power surge."..... Well that's convinent."
  • Jaxtom: "WHAT?! URIDIUM CAN, EXPIRE?!"
  • Demiurge: It's, more complicated than that! They technically, die, since, they're in a way, living, and, turn into rarium!
  • Scroopfan: "DUDE, RUDE?!"
  • Icky: "Dude, we're as surprised as you are! (To the camera) I mean, seriously scroop, what the fudge?! Making the supposedly most powerful sustence from another dimention, NO DIFFERENT THEN MILK AND DAIRY PRODUCTS?! I mean, an expiration date?! REALLY?! Even by your usual standerds of finding shortcuts to seemingly too impossable situations, that's cheap!"
  • Scroopfan: "Would you rather him start to become a Broly/Chernabog monstrosity and win?!"
  • Icky: "........ Toushe, Producer... Tou..... She."
  • Jaxtom: "(Shrinks and loses his power to the point of being normal again)...... Uhhhhhhhh. (Laughs nerviously.) How's, about we pretend, this never happened?"
  • Silence.
  • Jaxtom: "..... THAT WASN'T A NO?! BYE?! (Runs off like a cowerd?!)"
  • Demiurge: We gotta stop him! If he finds younger Uridium, he could replenish the form again!
  • Wenby: Not on MY watch! (She teleported in front of him)
  • Wenby: How about you make me with your 'Power of the Covenantors'... Or at least what's left of it.
  • Jaxtom: (He uses the left over powers, but they were too weak to be useful)...
  • Wenby:... We're not letting you get to more Uridium, Jaxtom!
  • Jaxtom:... Okay, I know you hate me now, but why don't you ever call me 'father'?
  • Wenby: Because fathers don't TORTURE their daughters for THEIR power. You're not my father anymore, because I renounced myself from you. So why don't you give up now, and- (Jaxtom used his cloning ability again and they all armed themselves)... (Sighs) Forgot he could do that!
  • Icky tossed a bowling ball that knocks down the clones!
  • Jaxtom: "HEY?! THAT'S CHEATING!? (Aims to do the cloning thing again, but it doesn't work!) WHAT?! WHAT?! (Nanobyte came out)"
  • Nanobyte: "FEEL THE BYTE?! (Jumps off)!"
  • Jaxtom: "..... CRAP?! (Looks back at Wenby.) Okay, Wenby, I'm REALLY really really sorry about, pretty much everything, but it was for a good cause?! In the grand sceame of things, I would've been able to make all universes a better place with Teadr 1 tec, I-"
  • Jaxtom gets punched hard in the face by Wenby!
  • Jaxtom: "D'OHHHHHHHHH! (Losing his remaining teeth)..... Looks like, I'll have to start wearing dentures now. (Falls down and gets unconjustus.)"
  • Wenby: ".... Still not killing him off for good, but that still feels just as good."
  • Crappshoot the Trapp arrived.
  • Crappshoot: "Hey boss, I made victory cookies for you and- (Sees that Jaxtom was defeated.)..... Well, better change these to "Feel better about another defeat" cookies again."
  • Crappshoot leaves.
  • Icky: "Pfft! I like the bots here! They're funny."
  • Bilge: Why do you think we Bilges are popular?
  • Demiurge: We shall remove the Covenantor enhancement in due time. After that, we'll leave him to be dealt with by the Phaseforce.

Return of the Uridians

Snao XXIII Lab

  • Demiurge: (She sat at it waiting as Wenby came in)
  • Wenby:... Urisha? (She looked at her)... I just wanna say... Sorry, for the s*** my father pulled on me... I'd never face my full potential. Though... Given he wasn't in that Covenantor form for long... I gotta ask... How DID their leader sustain that form?
  • Demiurge: Well, you see, that form needed a constant supply of Uridium in order to maintain itself. But that Uridium? That was all the Uridium I had to keep me company and sustain my Uridian heritage. But before this debacle, they showed signs of depowering and were slowly dying and turning into regular molecules. You see, Uridium, in their dimension, were immortal since the energy around them gave them the food they needed to live as long as they needed. But in THESE UUniverses, they seem to have a limited lifespan. A long one, yes, as they live for millions of years, but when they don't expose themselves to an environment of molecular astral energy, they can only live for so long, and thus they turn into rarium. Think of it as 'expiration' in lament's terms, as what the prehistoric bird suggested. Had Jaxtom better understood that, he wouldn't've ended up playing the fool.
  • Wenby: And thank God! I don't think we could've survived THAT!
  • Demiurge: And at the least, we stopped him from getting away. And secured the return of my race, at last.
  • Wenby: No doubt about that. Again... Thanks.
  • Demiurge: A Uridian Phage's work is never done. (This music played as the module started acting up)

26. Mammoths-Ice Age 2-John Powell-0

  • Module: Digisurrection Initializing.
  • Wenby:... Well... You ready?
  • Demiurge: As I have worked my whole life for. (The music climaxed as an entire race's worth of successfully genetically-randomized Uridians emerged from the chambers and walked up to Demiurge, everyone looking in amazement)...
  • Taya: (She, Ierlith, and the other Censens had their jaws dropped)...
  • Bilge:... I never thought I'd still be online to see this! The Uridians... ARE BACK!
  • Wenby: (As the music continued)... So... These things are learning clones?
  • Demiurge: Indeed. And it's up to me to lead them in the right path as the one who lived with them. (To all Uridians) Attention all Uridians! You have been cloned for a new purpose. Your original purpose of creation was very ill-advised and you were almost turned into a warmonger race. But I, a member of the old Uridian race, will guide you back into my kind's ways. I will be your first leader. You shall refer to me as, the Demiurge. Savior of your true destinies as the new generation of a de-extinct race of high-technological beings. We shall repopulate the worlds you flourished on, and flourish once again. But be warned, there are other threats out there that you must be protected from. And me, and my comrades here, will do what we can to ensure that never occurs. Are you ready, to bring back the purity and might, OF THE URIDIANS?!? (The Uridians were confused)...
  • Iago:... They ARE clones, so they're practically unsure of the worlds they were born in.
  • Monkey: Not helping they're born adults. That can be quite awkward. Like a fish out of water.
  • Demiurge:... (Sighs) You are right. But that is not something I cannot handle. I will bring them into this modern era, help them adapt, and make peace with the UUniverses. I will guide all of you as your technical mother, and like any mother, I wish you all the best of luck in making your previously-extinct lives count! (The Uridians cheered at last)
  • Thundera: Now THAT'S more like it!
  • Icky: "Hey that's the spirit- (A fart was heard.......)"
  • It came from one of the Urdians.
  • They started to laugh immaturely!
  • Demiurge: "........ Well, that, spoiled the moment."
  • Icky: "Ah, ah, DID THEY JUST LAUGH AT A FART?!"
  • Brandy: "Well obviously being just born moments ago, they clearly most likely have the mentality of infants! Alchourse they think fart jokes are funny!"
  • Icky: "Well next your telling me if I brought my car keys out (does that) and jiggle it (does that) that they're gonna suddenly turn their attention to me- (The Urdians were doing exactly that.)..... This, is not, a graceful way for an extinct race to return."
  • Demiurge: "(Sighs), Well, it's not like anyone said bring back a fallen race was gonna be simple."


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