Skirmish at the Archery Tournament was a major engagment between the Shell Louge Squad and Villain League.


Prince John is furiated by Robin Hood's raids and attempts to capture then execute him by setting a trap. Knowing Hood loves archery, Hanz plans a tournament for the winner would be able to kiss the Maiden. Robin Hood wants go after getting the info from Frair Tuck, but disguises himself as a stork, knowing Prince John would be watching him. Little John becomes an ambassador to be in disguise as well..



At the tournament, the entire town came. A parade of Rhino Guards and archers came into the gate. Prince John was waiting quietly with the Maiden Marion. Little John snuck in and took his place next to Prince John himself. The penguins sneak in to find Sir Hiss, then they captured him and interrogate him, claiming and accusing him of a spy. Sir Hiss begs for mercy, saying he knows Viper. the penguins listened but believing he might not do well against a possable fight, leave him in a rum barrel. The tournament then on the way and like the movie, even though the Sheriff tried to cheat, Robin Hood is able to lead his arrows to the middle of the target, winning the tournament.

Deception and Brawl

As Robin Hood bowed before Prince John, the villain is able to strike at his costume to reveal Hood to everyone. The prince then orders for the guards and villains to kill him. Little John then threatens Prince John to release his friend, only to be revealed to the sheriff and realizing that was Little John, the sheriff attacked him. Marion loved Robin Hood and decided to go with him, angering the prince to the point where he orders the villains to kill them and their allies. Skipper faced off with his puffin rival and after a breif fish duel, defeats him. Robin hood fought off the guards and is able to rescue Marion, who was being chased by wolf seekers. The vulture Trigger fired upon Robin, to little effect. Robin dueled the crocodile captain. Several Rhino Guards were in a tent and crashed into a tower, defeating a couple of elephant trumpeters. The fight caused the chicken maiden to fight with the Lougers and she knocked down several Rhino Guards. Jafar appeared once more to finish the Louge, but the sudden appearance of Ignightus allowed them to escape. Jafar is then able to order Prince John to capture Sir Hiss for his sudden idea of quitting the League.


Following that, Robin and Marion are able to dance under the moon. The chicken maiden danced with Little John. As a Rooster, began to sing, the Lougers and poor villagers are able to R and R and enjoy the night.

The battle was pyhirric and gave a heavy cost. First, the penguins are unable to reunite Viper with Hiss due to their early "meeting " with him, and forgetting to get him out of the barroll only to be found by Prince John, causing Viper to be very angry. Though Tigress claims he might be a villain spy, Viper denies the fact.

It also angered Prince John and he ordered the taxes to be tripled. It caused many poor villagers to be arrested. Frair Tuck made his stand against the villains, but capture him and order his executed for treason. This caused the Lougers to now go in and rescue their friends.

Skirmish at the archery tournament

Moisode: Spongebob and friends meet Robin Hood


Pyhirric Shell Louger Victory/Escape

  • Maiden Marion rescued and in love with Robin
  • Lougers fail to reunite Hiss with Viper
  • Prince John orders tripled the taxes on the village, idea granted to him by Hanz

Shell Louge Squad Villain League


Robin Hood

Little John



Prince John


shell louge squad villain leage


Several Rhino Guards and Wolf Seekers knocked down

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