The first break-in to Medusa's boat was a mission to rescue Penny from captivity. It backfires and the Lougers barely escape.


The Lougers gain task to rescue a girl named Penny. With the help of 2 mice named Bianca and Bernard, they get an albatross and fly to Devil's Bayou. Unfortunately, Snoop's fireworks damage the Louge's bus albatross and they are forced to crash land near a cabin. The mice there are able to relieve them and provide them with transport, evenroute. Though they ride smoothly, they experience trouble by Brutus and Nero who captured Kairi and Penny. They also lose Kaa to Shere Khan who takes the uncle of Viper with him. Despite this, they make it to Medusa's Boat and discover the intentions of Dark Cynder and Medusa getting the Devil's Eye, one artifact to bring back lord Cobra and they need Kairi's blood to do it as well. The villains rest while Lougers try to rescue Penny and Kairi


"Bianca, they smell your perfume"- Bernard moments before the fight

Brutus and Nero, along with zira, Shere Khan smell Bianca's perfume. The animals then attacked the Lougers. The hyenas manage to bite Shere Khan's tail, but they are thrown off and continously roll across the room, with their tails in their mouths. Brutus and Nero are able to trap the mice in an organ. The crocodiles furiously attempted to catch them by playing the organ, until they smashed it and Brutus is able to catch Bernard in his mouth. Skipper fights one of the Frog Hunters, but the hunter fights back with blades and daggers that Shifu is barely able to deflect, saving Skipper. Dark Cynder appears and enters the fray, knocking the penguins cold. Shifu and Cynder engaged in a conversation about Cynder corrupted and the past, but are interruptted by Medusa, who was alerted of the racket. The woman then bangs on Brutus, who releases a stiring Bernard. Screaming of mice, she orders Snoops and the League to kill the mice and Lougers. Snoops attempts with a broom, but to no effect. One of the Frog Hunters fires his shotgun and despite aimlessly shooting his own teamates, it forces the Lougers to retreat. Shifu demands Cynder to release Kaa and, for fairness over her victory, complies and gives Kaa back to the Louge.


"They won! We were lucky they gave Kaa back and that they really didn't kill Bernard and Bianca. Let's face it!"-Po following the break-in

The failure of the break-in delayed the Louge's rescue attempt and figuring them to give up. Oogway and Mufasa urged them to retry and rescue Kairi and Penny.

Moisode: Spongebob and friends join the rescuers


  • Rescue Penny and Kairi from captivity


Unsuccessful; Louger Escape

  • Kaa was at least given back to them

Shell Louge Squad Villain League




Dark Cynder







Burtus and Nero



None, though Louge is forced to retreat None, though they released Kaa

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