Also known as the Destruction of the Lemur Tree, it was a major event that destroyed the hometree of Aladar and the Lemurs.


During the Shell Louge squad's stay at the Lemur Tree, a Lemur mating took place as females chose males.


A shower of meteors hit, followed by a big meteor that turns out to be the earth golum. Sparx becomes afraid and starts to panic, leading the Lemurs to evacuate their home with the help of the Lougers. After a scuffle to get Suri out of the tree, both Lemurs jump on Aladar, encouraging Aladar to run. Using parts of the earth and a city, the earth Golum begins its destruction with its power hand. Aladar was able to collect his grandpa and Zini, before running with his family on his back for the beach. Ignightus and his dragon forces arrive to take down the Golum. Spyro and Cynder are left to fight off the Golum minions and the Golum itself. After breifly fighting several Golum soldiers, they climb up the city near the Tree and begin to make their way into range of the Golum. At the top of the city, the Golum scales it to confront the 2 dragons. Though the Golum made a fierce boss of itself, Spyro and Cynder are able to hold it off. A dragon of Ignightus tries to ram it with itself power in it's head, the Golum shoots him down and continues to rampage. The Dragon Defenses allowed Aladar to retreat out of range of the desturction and a cliff!!! With no where to go and the Golum pursuing them, breathing a wave of ash and fire, the group makes a leap of faith into the ocean, to escape the blast. Though Aladar is deprieved of his family, he finds them floating on a broken tree and pushes to meet with them on shore.


Aladar and the Lemurs are able to make it to shore, along with the Shell Louge Squad. As they look at the ruined home of the Lemurs, Suri and Aladar calls for any survivors, but no one responds. Kign Julien believes it wasn't a problem for him, saying he has Madagascar with him. Skipper counters this by saying it was "Madagascar", just a prehistoric verson, causing him to yell for a long period of time. As Simba angrily and sadly asks what would they do now, Master Ooogway and the Ghost of Mufasa appear with a message; that the Golum's purpose was to scare them off the island to face Lord Dread's Army and that they must make it to the Nesting Grounds, a paradise for the dinosaurs to meet with "the chronicler" who would tell them more about the puropose of protecting Kairi and finding the princesses of heart. After their message, the masters depart. After looking at the island for a final time, the devastation convinced Aladar and the Leumurs to team up with the Lougers to find a new home. they then make their way to the desert landscape.

Desturction of Lemur Island

Moisode: Spongebob and Friends Meet Dinosaur


Villain League Victory

  • Lemur Island and much of its population destroyed
  • Shell Logers and Aladar and his family displaced and make their journey to the nesting grounds





Dread(indirect orders)

Shell Louge Squad Villian League

  • 6 Dragons
  • Shell Louge Squad
  • 1 Inguandon
  • Lemur population
  • The Earth Golum
  • Millions of Meteors
  • Variously appearing dark spawn warriors

  • Lemur Island and Tree destroyed
  • Very Heavy # of the Lemur population
Several dark spawn warriors, but less compared to the goodside.

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