The second break-in was the next, succesful break-in to Medusa's Boat. Kairi and Penny rescued and the Devil's Eye under auhtority watch.


Gaining the Devil's Eye and Evenroute's Mission

While Kairi sang to Penny to cheer her up, The Lougers and Rescuer allies break in to their room. Kairi explains her stroy of them and Cynder's past history. They then plan their traps and escape. First, they must retrieve the Devil's eye. After a long search and narrow escape from the water flood, they get it and Medusa gains it. Cynder is glad for it but then Medusa betrays the League so she can have the diamond for herself.

Evenroute headed back to the village cabin to alert the animal villagers of their attempt. Bats under Villain coruption pursue Evenroute, but the fly is able to escape them and alert the townsfolk. After gaining strength from hot sauce, he leads the villagers to Medusa' Boat.

Escape at Devil's Bayou

"Hightime we ditch those losers!"- Squidward during the escape

At the boat, Medusa holds Penny and Snoops hostage and says if any of them try to follow her, she will shoot them. Penny asks for her Teddy, but Medusa greedliy steps away. Bernard and Bianca were able to trip her with a rope. The greedy woman falls and shoots the diamond at Teddy and now the diamond was on the floor with Teddy. Snoops and Medusa fight for it as Penny grabs her Teddy and the diamond and heads for the riverboat. The villagers attack Medusa, but flee when she tries to shoot them. They also flee from the sight of Brutus and Nero. Bianca and Bernard lure the crocodiles to them and barely escape with the help of a rabbit villager, trapping the 2 reptiles in the cage. The Lougers laugh at the 2 crocodiles, so hard that Spongebob's tongue was counted as a soldier of the Louge. Penny treis to start the river scooter, but ducks at Medusa's Shotgun bolts. Iago throws a plant down on Medusa, followed with an owl putting a TNT on the gun, blowing it up, and leaving Medusa with no weapon. Penny is able to charge the scooter by leveling the spark to ignite it. Mushu then sets off Medusa's fireworks to create chaos, though he and Crikee gets some burns. the scooter is then given some gas thanks to the hot sauce from Duke. Medusa is able to hop on the rope of the scooter, but is knocked off by Banzai, forcin her to ski on water. The boat is destroyed with one explosion that sends the crocodiles flying into the air. They the are forced onto Medusa, who urges them to pursue them faster. Penny steers the vehicle, so the rope would be cut, sending Medusa to a pipe of the riverboat. Snoops laughs at Medusa's misery while on a raft. With that finisihed, the Lougers and their allies escape out of the Bayou. Though Medusa begs Cynder to help her, she refuses after her betrayal and lets her own pets chomp at her, leaving her behind.



"Bernard, I am so happy for Penny!"

"Well, Yes, uh... you might say uh. It brought us together"

"You are right darling."

- Bianca and Bernard before Bianca kisses Bernard on the cheek

Back at the Aid Society, the mouse council and lougers watch from news as the report shows the Devil's Eye now under watch at the Smithsonian and Penny receives her wish, a new family. Penny then tells the reporter about the mice who save her. After appaulse from the council, Evenroute arrives with a message and Bernard and Bianca begin a new journey and mission.

Quest for the Purple Dragon

The Lougers rescue of Kairi was a great victory. Ooogway and Mufasa congrulates them. The masters then explain that Kairi will still be a target for the League, that Cynder will be looking for the sword of excalibur and tells them of their new mission. In order to defeat Cynder, they need to find a purple dragon and Dragonfly that Kairi had in her dream, which she explained of before. They would then be able to cure Cynder of darkness. Kairi gives her lucky charm to Spongebob and the Louge and they promise to give back soon. With that, Kairi was left under protection, Mufasa and Ooogway depart and the Shell Louge begins their search for the purple dragon.

Rescue at Devil's Bayou

Moisode: Spongebob and Friends join the Rescuers


Shell Louge Squad Victory

  • Penny gets a new family; Devil's Eye given to government
  • Kairi is rescued and in friendly lines
  • The Lougers begin their search for Spyro and Sparx

Shell Louge Squad Medusa (she betrayed the leage)






Dark Cynder (however did nothing to help)


shell louge squad Medusa

none Medusa suffers consiquintes of leaving the leage.

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