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Tick Tock

Tick-Tock the Crocodile (also known as The Crocodile) is a character from Disney's 1953 movie Peter Pan. The hungry crocodile is a neutral character in that, being a hungry carnivore, he tries to eat whatever he can get. However, he's somewhat of a good guy, since all that he really wants to eat Neverland's most dangerous threat: Captain Hook. It is one of the few monsters not to be allied with the Villain League due to it's enemyhood with Captain Hook. alcourse, he ain't with the louge, he's a neutrol character at best.

Characteristics [1]Edit


Long ago, Peter Pan cut off Captain Hook's left hand and fed it to the Crocodile. The Crocodile thought it was so delicious that he wanted to eat the rest of Captain Hook. This led Tick Tock to follow the wicked pirate wherever he went. Luckily for Hook, however, the crocodile swallowed an alarm clock, allowing Hook to hear him coming. Tick Tock plays an important role in defeating Captain Hook.


The Crocodile is a green giant reptile with sharp teeth, dark sprikes on the back, long tail with goes tick-tock sound, yellow eyes,or sometimes colorful eyes, legs.


Peter Pan[5]Edit

Tick-Tock the Crocodile first appears at the beginning of the film. Captain Hook laments Peter Pan's role in causing the crocodile to follow him. Tick Tock then appears in the sea next to the ship, sending Hook into a panic. However, Smee shoos off the crocodile.

In the middle of the movie, Captain Hook and Mr. Smee kidnaps the Indian princess, Tiger Lily to take her to Skull Rock, The crocodile follow them in the rowboat. In the Skull Rock Hook tell the princess to an attempt to learn Peter Pan's hiding place. Hook is forced to hang from a cliff while fighting Peter Pan. The crocodile approaches, seeing a golden opportunity to eat the Captain. The croc jump to bite of Hook's rip clothes, Peter recognizes Tick Tock and almost decides to kick Hook off the cliff but decides against it when Wendy yells at him not to. The Crocodile had sceond jump to pull Hook's pants down, and Hook eventually slips right to the crocodile's mouth, but is apparently able to escape the crocodile. And, of course, Tick-Tock has a part in the climatic battle against Captain Hook and the Crocodile swim to chase Hook to head back to the Jolly Roger. Later at night Tick-Tock waits for Hook at his ship to get another taste till the end.

At the end, Tick-Tock was ready to eat Hook at the end off of the plank, but Hook climb back up at the plank. As the Captain falls in the water, Tick Tock begins another pursuit of Hook. He ends up chasing Captain Hook away from Neverland. Hook states in Return to Neverland that he had lost the Crocodile and it is considered either dead or alive and living somewhere else.

Return to Neverland[6]Edit

[7]The Crocodile's silhouette in Return to Neverland.Added by DTierney30It's unknown why he didn't show up in the 2002 sequel, Return To Never Land , but he was replaced by a giant octopus that made a blip-bloop sound in the waters (similar to his "tick-tock" sound).

He was mentioned in it by Captain Hook and Smee, as well as his silhouette is seen in the clouds, with the clock in his stomach, in the opening of the movie, with a snippet of "Never Smile at a Crocodile".

Goliath II

The crocodile in the Disney animated short Goliath II (1960) is identical to the one in "Peter Pan", although he's not called Tick Tock.
While he never manages to catch the little elephant Goliath II, he manages to eat an evil tiger Raja.

Role in the series

Tick Tock reprises its role in the movie, but also now has a boss battle against Spongebob and Alex.

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