Ricky M. Blanck, AKA Tricky, is a figure of a very tragic backstory. He is half-live action and half-cartoon who, as a result of learning he doesn't belong in either world and living as a outerdimensional renegade that takes his literal lack of a purpose out on both his unknown mixed parents' worlds of both the Live Action UUniverses, and the Original UUniverses of cartoons, taking many cartoon forms, the main ones being a weird-looking human and a melanistic European rabbit, and being a dark human in the Live-Action UUniverses, all while retaining indestructible cartoon powers, yet is immune to the infamous Dip and other toonicide substances because of his live-action genetics. He also specializes in magic born among his cartoon abilities, as because he is not known by anyone, he has no Fantasian magic as he was not meant to exist, but he harnesses this as an offensive power on it's own. He has the ability to manipulate reality in limited ways, can kill and bring back cartoons at will, and knowing all cartoons and people in both his foster homes, he exists as the greatest trickster of all time, using his powers however he pleases, and as a result of his predicament, only exists to bring pain to both worlds, nothing more and nothing less. He is malevolent, mysterious, and a very smart villain who can put any cartoon character and live-action character into a hopeless situation of his design. He can outwit and fool Bugs Bunny, he can make comedy look moot in any situation, and he can make even the smartest of cartoon characters look dumb, effectively damaging their reputations, thus earning him his own nickname of 'Tricky'. Though he mostly does evil things, he can do an occasional good deed, but for certain reasons that favor him more. He has a voice on par with Jim Cummings, and can have all his voices at once.

(So yeah, I figured I'd make a character like that to honor Ralph Bahkshi later on, and make a neutral/antihero/villain trickster character.)


Coming soon...


Coming soon...


Cartoon Human

Like this: [1]

Cartoon Rabbit

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