Tyro the Indigo Dragon

Tyro is a character created by Scroopfan and Dragonfire92379 for the SpongeBob and Friends Chronicles series. Tyro is an Indigo Dragon breed, and is thought to be a purple dragon and Spyro's predesscor. He is an apprentice and adopted son of Master Oogway, He and Cobra where best friends/brothers along with Aqua, Ventus and Terra, Shifu is like his protective uncle and is more powerful than Spyro and Cynder combined. Tyro also has a special unknown history with Spyro and Kairi.


Like Spyro and Cynder, Tyro's egg was laid in the Dragon Realms and this was at an earlier time when Ignightus, Cyril, Volteer, and Terrador were all the same age as Spyro is today . His egg was stolen by Young Master Xehanort who was sent by Malefor who broke into the Dragon Temple because Malefor sensed that in it's future, it would be a powerful hero worthy to defeat him. Unfortunately, Xehanort lost the egg, and it laid in the middle of the mountain where the past-future Jade Palace would be built. Master Oogway found Tyro's egg in a furious thunderstorm in the Mountains where he created Kung Fu just as his egg begun to hatch. Master Oogway raised Tyro as his adopted son, and taught him many Kung Fu skills and magic. Young Tyro had wished his entire life to become the greatest warrior the universe has ever known. Tyro eventually became friends with Mang Cobra (before he was evil), and Aqua, Terra, and Ventus.


Like Spyro and Cynder, Tyro can control Fire, Ice, Electricity, and Earth. He knows all of Spyro and Cynder's tricks, and has been said to do it better than they can. However, he can also control lots of other elements:

  • Wind- Tyro can control the air around him, allowing him to produce powerful winds, and create tornadoes. This aerokinesis also allows Tyro to fly faster than other dragons, and give him more stamina and agility.
  • Water- Tyro also has the ability of hydrokinesis. He can create whirlpools, waterspouts, and even waves. This ability also allows Tyro, unlike other dragons, to swim. He had developed his wings like flippers, can paddle at high speeds, and with the help of his aerokinesis, he can hold his breath underwater for 20 minutes like a penguin.
  • Time/Space- While Spyro has trouble with chronokinesis, Tyro is one of the many dragons to handle it like a pro. He can travel to any time in history, can teleport himself anywhere, and can also rewind, speed up, slow down, and even freeze time. When he was younger, Tyro used his ability to speed up, slow down, and freeze time for his own personal entertainment, but had to stop because he couldn't stop laughing.
  • Light- This is among the most unique of all of Tyro's magic abilities. Tyro's photokinesis allows him to turn himself invisible, shoot energy lasers, and even allow himself to emit light so he can see in the dark. Tyro can also use this power to entertain himself by creating hologram shows.

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