Tzekel Kan


Tzekel-Kan is a member of the Villain League, and is also the main antagonist of the 2000 movie The Road to El Dorado.


While charismatic, comical, melodramatic and influential, Tzekel-Kan is also power-hungry, sadistic and bloodthirsty. He is also scheming and manipulative, and even psychotic.


When he first appears in the movie, Tzekel-Kan starts out being a gracious and friendly host, eager to please the "gods". In truth, though, he enjoys human sacrifice. At one point, he tricks Tulio into reintroducing human sacrifice, only to get fired by Miguel. Having discovered that Miguel and Tulio are indeed mortals, Tzekel-Kan plots to destroy them via a massive stone jaguar, leading up to the climax. Miguel and Tulio manage to defeat him, and he ends up outside El Dorado, where he runs into Cortes. Believing Cortes and his soldiers to be the true gods, a vengeful Tzekel-Kan teams up with Cortes to capture the citizens of El Dorado. Unfortunately, Miguel and Tulio manage to block the entrance to El Dorado. Cortes dismisses Tzekel-Kan as a liar, whereupon the latter is captured and presumably sold as a slave.

Role in the Series

Tzekel-Kan reprises his role from the movie, only it now includes the Digidestined having Miguel and Tulio before they met the Shell Louge Squad. this role is being played out in a styile of the Spongebob and Friends lore, when he was a high prest. To this day, Tzekel-Kan serves as a less-than-all-powerful sorceror in service to Mirage and Hades.