Tzzy is the cousin of Icky, who lives in Thebes. he is appearently, the city's un-funny hippie comedian who is rotinely booed at cause of his lack of material. He wears a green shirt with yellow lining on the sleves, neck area, and weast, with the peace sign and the word "Peace" on the shirt. he is wearing a red hat, and what appears to be jeans with the legs cut off. he first appeared in Spongebob and friends meet Hercules. cause of lack of images of Icky, all emotion images all share the same styile. (however, Msm was kind enough to add a newer image.) he prosesses an unusual ability to change his head into a large human head should anybody say "Sparta." he ended up not playing much of a role in SpongeBob and Friends Meet Hercules, as it is not known what became of him after the events, and it is not yet known if he'll be mentioned in the later Moisodes. it's rumored that he might come back soon enough, with a major role as he wants to hang with Icky now for some reason, other that he just wanted to hang with him again.

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