Gazelle as a Uniter and the Lougers ability to be effective heroes is challnaged by a force greater then the Grand Council, or even the USRA for that matter. The Union of Independent Systems, UIS for short, is a promdoment USRA rival of the AUU. From being against how the USRA runs things, or even neglects things a concern to them, or were even direct enemies, former or otherwise, to the USRA race in some point in time, so to avoid their over-reach and/or lack of proper action, the UIS is born. They aim to get systems to either side of them directly or to encourage them to be their own boss and make their own decidions, warning systems not yet touched by the USRA to quickly go against them to either willfully adhere to them or to at least start relying on themselves, even in tough times. They are also in tecnological compition in the USRA, aiming to one-up them and be considerably more attractive to unallined systems then the USRA. These races' reasons vary, but they share the commen goal to discredit the USRA as a relieable allience and use some of their most infamous mistakes and miscarrages of justice as exsamples why your better off either being with UIS or your own devices. UIS is by no means directly evil, they're mainly a group of races that either grew tired of the USRA's imperfections or at some point it time were in bad tidings with them because of conflicting beliefs or the rare case of the USRA doing something to offend them. Their aims to encourage Universeal Independence from eachother, baring circumstances, is by all means no evil aim, but they do tend to conflict with the USRA's interests and beliefs to often troubling degrees. And Gazelle is on trial for a list of crimes. The most predominant is the cultural ruining of the new members, the Fangpos, who joined to avoid Exile Sheilding, and the slaying of the old emperor and heir of the Sucubans when the replacement proved to be very embittered. As much as Gazelle tried to explain herself, the main leader of the UIS, Madam President, has deemed her too dangerious to continuingly empower the USRA's already overreaching aim and assumed that she is a threat to the UIS' surviveal! The Lougers and the HA advocate for Gazelle's case, stating that even if the USRA begged kneeling to the floor like sniveling fools for it, Gazelle would never be a threat to UIS. But to UIS, the crimes are undeniable. Unless the heroes can apease these aliens, Gazelle could be outright BANNED from ever entering the AUU again because of her power, and they had insisted that the USRA can't do JACKSQUAT about it due to being more powerful and having more allied races then the USRA currently. But just when things look bleak, even with Harvy Wadder on notice, Jeff the Weeviod came in and explained that the one good thing gazelle did FOR the UIS, particularly the known Weeviod sympathiers, the Zhaerthis race, is that she saved the Weeviods from certain doom. Can this be enough for UIS?


The Birth of UIS.

Historic flashback.

  • (Narrator): "Once apawn of time, there were four well intentioned starry eyed races that aimed to be a force of good for the larger universe communities. Naurodans, Cunones, Yuruns, and alchourse, the ever "promising" little upstarts, the Humans. This little group, the, United Sentient Races Allience, or for simplisty, the USRA, ccame from this little gathering. Now, their hand in bringing forth things like the Globex Corperation and the Currentcy Troupe are all fine and dandy, but here is where, the real trouble starts. The USRA, has a long, unflattering history of making, mistakes?! Far too many to even count, though in their highlights, it included assassinating a well intentioned king of a planet for his universeal control abmitions, and leaving his family to catch the Xenophobia fever, Pharagu, a surprisingly beautiful acid planet dispite the unflattering nickname of "Stomich World", got TURNED into a garbage dump to resolve a petty crisis, the wrongful silverification of a famed heroine who only wanted to prevent another tyrant rising with tecknowagey, and the less is said about their poor preformices on handling race issues, THE BETTER?! But, that, was nothing, compaired to the biggest mistake of all. In cause of a prior failure to keep corrupt corperate captitilists in check that a wronged inventor threw a historicly horrendus upset over it in the form of the Exo Wars, their precious creation in Globex suffered bad times serious enough that it infected them as well. The foolish, over ambitious colonists, ended up getting quickly unproductive and wasted time having bickering and petty complaints to eachother. This went on until..... They, disbanned, and the USRA crumbled. Because of the USRA's reckless tendingcies to make others of the Universes to relie on them, it lead to two wars, the most infamous of the two, was the Interuniverseal War. Because of being depraved of their suckle of a dead allience, the many communities that forgotten the impourence of indepenence, began to violently turn on eachother, even biting the hands that had once fed them, as the universes, were redused, to choas. But there were those that predicted this dishastor from the start. (The wide-spreading inter-universeal war was being viewed by a new set of races)..... For you see, the USRA, had a dedicated rival that was watching them, keeping their cancerious influence from spreading further, which would've had made the wars worse. This, was the Union of Independent Systems.... Or UIS, for short. The founding races, the Brainicaazks, the Bulla-Bullas, the Skepicens, and the Vyrannosaurus Trexes. They had saw what the USRA were really are doing their reign. A collection, of over-compident fools and mistake makers, and that this war, was only the end result. UIS had desired to intervine in the war, and lead the universes back into independence, but the high risk of the war, discourage the desires, forcing us to hope that the Federations would crumble from the war, thus allowing things to claim down in a stalemate. Alas, doing so, inadvertingly ended up helping the USRA races more then detrimenting them. This war, inadvertingly ended up being a reason why Globex, was trusted once more, as tec was on a rise once more thanks to the surviving Globexes being given a chance of redemption. UIS, had made the rare relapse in judgement, and not took hold of a vital oppertunity because of how intense the conflict was. We have deemed this an error, never to be repeated. We simply desided to wait another another historic conflict would show up... And the future didn't disappointed. Because of the Federation's failure to provide for everyone once more, those certain individuals, formed the forever infamous VA. It looked like it had the potaintional to be the final nail in the USRA's coffin, or just as much, their legacy. Our Grandmind predicted that in 15 years time, the Federations will lose their nerve to stand up to the VA, and would aim to make peace with the upriser group to get some form of peace instated. It would be the ultamate betrayal to those that still blindly follow them when they do so. As just, we secretly prepare for a great invadsion against the group to take them down on that 15th year. Even before the VA's eventuall brief pitiful war with us represented by rogue USRA races, we never felt so confident that we can dispose of the VA, and bring forth, an age of independence once more. However, the great Grindmind ended up with another vision, a vision, that canceled out the other vision, as in a year short of the 15th year, a group known, as the Shell Louge Squad, bumbled in accsidently into these universes, and, even dispite all logistics and odds, they, triutphed."
  • The VA crumbled and the many defeats of VA villains was seen.
  • (Narrator): "These misfits, even dispite their silly nature, proved to have single handly, in a relitive sense, disbanned the VA 14 years short of the original 15th..... This both disappointed, but fastinated the now curious forces of UIS. These heroes were obviously of a plain of existence beyond our own. We took our time to study them. Intionally, they were not of serious consiquence. All it would've took, was a foe mighty enough, stragitic enough, or even beyond their limited understand of these universes, to eventually fall, and subsiquintly, leave the universes to have doubt once more..... But then came the year, the Uniter showed up, and defeated, or aided in the defeat of, the many forces, that would've long been the perfect downfall of these forces."
  • Gazelle was seen triumpthing over the likes of Master Equinox, Lord Corruptus, The Extinctioners, Standing Strong against Lord Millapede, and many others.
  • (Narrator): "She proved to be, the greatest complication in our hopes of outlasting the crumbling USRA races, and being a mighty enfluence in how she and the Lougers, corrected the many faults of the USRA.... She, even succeeded in pasifying the Phend race, Wished for a cure against a desistating parasite powerful enough to bring back the Crucyds, and even overwealm a human force not meant to had exist, thanks to a rare anomamonly...... The Leaders of UIS, had feared that this Uniter, would be used against UIS, and forever destroy our legacy, and spread further into the universes, to one day risk a new interuniverseal war when this Louger Era ends. The Leaders of UIS, choice wisely, to seek to prevent that problem, and place these misfits under the heavy lock and key of UIS, indiffently."
  • UIS ships set out to seek out the Lougers and Gazelle.
  • (Narrator): "So has it been said, so will it be done..... Glory, to UIS."

The Interdiemntional Portal Annexed.

Space of Breeszo Prime.

  • A small fleet of USRA ships with a small cruser like the Dynasty ship was seen.
  • Inside the Smaller Ship, called "The Regality", there resides a very fat robed Yateron stuffing his face with food like a fat pig as he wore a necklace of air fresheners, implying a quirk for smelling fresh, with some Yateron guardsmen on the side.
  • A Yurun aide came up with a concern look.
  • Yurun Aide: ".... Counciler, Breezy?"
  • Counciler Breezy: "Can't talk. (Chomps off a bit of a glorious roast). Eating."
  • Yurun Aide: "Sir, it's impourent."
  • Counciler Breezy: "Ugh, fine, what is it woman? (Takes a drink of fine wine)."
  •  Yurun Aide: "..... UIS ships are spotted heading our way."
  • Counciler Breezy does a spit-take!
  • Counciler Breezy: "..... U-u-u-u-u-u-u-u-u-u-u-UIS?! Oh no?! Are they onto me about my secret donations to my brother's Secret UIS-Espionage Organisation! Deffa, please, alarm the Grand Council about this! We must protect ME at all costs!?"
  • Deffa: "And the interdimentional portal as well since it could actselly be the REAL reason it's here?"
  • Counciler Breezy: ".... Oh, right, that too. BUT I'M PRIORITY NUMBER ONE?! And it's more then just because I'm worried that they learned of my supporting of brother, I carry the remote control that makes the portal deflect UIS ships so they are kept from doing their isolation shenanigans in the Lougers' universes. (Shows such a remote) They get this, they'll make sure that it can't stop them anymore, and they can basicly go into the Lougers' home universe all they want with little trouble. Whatever they want, they can't get this remote either way. Get the men to prepare battle stations."
  • Deffa: "Sir! (Runs off to do so!)."

The Interdimentional Portal's location.

  • The Regality and the USRA ships began to flock around the Interdimentional portal, as UIS ships began arriving from hyper-drive.

Command Bridge.

  • General Marson was in the command with staff already at work.
  • General Marson: "Son of a gun. UIS doesn't slouth when they travel. And they diffently do not hesitate to really bring out he big guns. ION distruptors, electron disablers, drone fighters, deflector sheilds, the works..... Damn, it's like they are expecting a fight. Or yet, an invadtion. Hate to imagine if UIS is planning to take it's business to the Lougers' Universe and open up shop there."
  • Yateron Prime Fleet Commander: "I don't believe they're here for an invadtion. Such things are not UIS' way. But they are prepared for a battle though. I ampisipate that their reasons for coming into the Lougers' universes, may not be for invadtion, but, to confront a powerful adversary...."
  • General Marson: ".... You, don't think, they're gunning for the Lougers, do ya?"
  • Yateron Prime Fleet Commander: ".... I would be more surprised that we are not confronted with this sooner when the Uniter became assusiated with them. The Uniter was capable of magnifisent things, general. She did feats that I'm surprised didn't made UIS concerned long ago.... Or perhaps, they already know and were only studying her..... And I believe, the pasification of the Phends, and the recent defeat of the Humanatarians, was finally confirmable proof, that the Uniter is a great concern."
  • General Marson: ".... So, they're, after Gazelle? Ya would think those Zhaerthis bugs would protest to this because how much good she did for those Weavoids, Commander Fleetus."
  • Commander Fleetus: "It wasn't a direct good for UIS, more like a personal benefit for the Zhaerthis as a race, not as members of UIS."
  • General Marson: "But UIS claimed Weeven System thanks to her!"
  • Commander Fleetus: "They acknowledged that it was not a true intention of her's. The Uniter merely wanted to give the Weavoids justice. The fact UIS benefited from it, and now Yaterons that once colonised those planets, may never again see those worlds, is all but a happy accsident to them. They know the Uniter didn't sought to be a detriment to us. Now, they want to aim and ensure, she won't be to them."
  • General Marson: ".... Ugh. This is why we can't have nice things when UIS is concered!"
  • Commander Fleetus: ".... All units on standby. Hold your fire and don't engage UIS forces yet. I wish to engage conversation with the Prime Skep Ship, The Spirit of Pharagu. Madam President's prime vessel."
  • Command Bridge Crew Member 1: "Understood. Communications relay is co-ordinated torwords the Spirit of Pharagu."
  • The Command Bridge Crew aim to open up a relay with the Spirit of Pharagu, but it was interupted by an incoming message alert.
  • Command Bridge Crew Member 2: "Sir, it appears that the Spirit of Pharagu is already contacting us."
  • A relay opened up in a holographic screen as a slender silluette was seen.....
  • Figure: "..... The forces of UIS request admitence for the useage of the Interdimentional portal."
  • Commander Fleetus: "..... Under what grounds?"
  • Figure: "Confidencial infomation. All you need to know that we have business in the other United Universes."
  • Commander Fleetus: "You need to be reminded that under USRA law, written permission is required to-"
  • Figure: "Don't forget who you are talking to, commander. Because of UIS's declaration of independence from the USRA owned systems alone, and that we are a vastly greater power then you, you'll find that we require no such thing. Be warned that resistence will not be to your forces' benefit."
  • Commander Fleetus: "... With as much professional curticy I am requested to give, Madam President, I cannot. I would much rather keep UIS to be a concern of our universes."
  • Figure: "..... Unfortunate, but not unexpected."
  • The relay ended.
  • Command Bridge Crew Member 3: "Sir, the ION distrupter is being engaged!"
  • Commander Fleetus: "Ready fighters to engage! We must protect the portal!"

Outside the ship.

  • Fighter Ships are seen coming out of the fleet ships in mass as they charged torwords the UIS ships, but the Spirit of Pharagu already opened up a great and large ion canon as it fired it, shooting a great ball of enegery as it de-powers the fighter ships AND the USRA ships as the vessels, even the regality, are disabled!

Command Bridge.

  • The crew felt the effect of the force of the ION ball as the forces saw a loss in power....
  • Command Bridge Crew Member 4: "Bad news captain, all but the air and oxygen support is functional no more. We're motionless, defanged of our weaponry, and at their mercy."
  • Command Bridge Crew Member 5: "Vyran, Bulla and Skorner fleet ships are already moblising torwords our direction."
  • Commander Fleetus: "..... Marson, gather some of your men, and proceed to lead the Counciler to safety."
  • General Marson: "Already on my to-do list, sir. (Leaves to do so.)"

Outside the Regality.

  • The Vyran, Bulla and Skorner ships arrived to the regality as they began to establish boarding bridges.

Inside one of the parts of the Regality.

  • Yateron Guards scramble about to set up defences around the expected areas of entry, readying weapons.
  • Yateron Guard leader: "Remember troops. Set phasers to stun! The intention is to deter, not start something. (The Guards did that). (A rediish orange light was seen opening up a wall where a boarding bridge was established) Okay team, things are about to get hairy! Our time of fighting off space pirates and hostile natives has nothing on what UIS can offer! Expect to have the fight of youe lif- (The wall breaks open as Raptorial Legged Large-headed Purple Aliens with Fangs came in with spieces exclusive weapons as they fire purple projectiles that quickly knocked out all guards)..... Ugh, see? What did I, tell you? Pirates and Raiders, have nothing on this. And them Skorners, don't disappoint. (Faints)."
  • A large Anthromorpthic T-Rex and a reptilian with horns, golden armor, and carring a hammer came in.
  • Skorner trooper 1: "Area, secured, Commodore Vrex and King Buuull."
  • King Buuull, the Bulla-Bulla: "(Snorts). Too insultingly easy that I almost don't want to bother."
  • Vrex the Vyran: "Well it's not like it's the USRA armada we're fighting.... Just a bunch of babysitters for an over-glorifived stargate."
  • King Buuull: "Vyran and Bulla forces will board soon and secure all parts of the ship. Let's begin looking for our fat Yateron guest."
  • Vrex: "Already on the agenda. Skorners, secure this point. (Vrex and Buuull move forwords the ship as the first Skorners stayed as an additional wave joins Vrex and Buuull.)"

The Mass Interior of the Regality.

  • Arriving Bullas and Vyrans are seen overwealming the Yateron guards as if they were nothing, as Marson and his time were already taking Counciler Breezy into the direction of the escape pods!

Escape Pod Room Hallway.

  • General Marson: "(As the group ran down the hall) Don't worry Counciler, we're just about to get to the escape pods! Once we're there, you'll be safe and- (Skorners appeared from the end of the hall JP Raptor screeching) SHIT?! (Marson and the soldiers quickly got knocked out by the purple projectles)"
  • Counciler Breezy began to panic as he was moving backwords away from the approuching Skorners, as Vrex and Buuull had appeared from behind and surpirsed the Counciler!
  • Counciler Breezy: "(Wimply yelps apawn seeing the two!)..... Hey now, can't we be gentlemen about thi- (Some Skorners pounced and pinned down Breezy) D'OH?! GOH?!"
  • A Skorner managed to secure the remote and gave it to Vrex....
  • Vrex: ".... So.... This is the remote related to the feature designed to have the portal deflect UIS ships..... It would be a pity if that was lost to you forever..... (Crushes the romote, deactivating the deflect feature forever)...... Oops."
  • Counciler Breezy: "(Nerviously moans), The other councilers are gonna strangle me for this! I could lose my job for this failure!"
  • King Buuull: "Tch, that's nothing.... Prior to this, we managed to bust your brother's feeble Espionage Group, (Breezy began to sweat), and it so turned out, you were fiancing that group for your brother's sake."
  • Counciler Breezy: "N-n-n-n-n-n-n-n-Now, do not get me wrong gentlemen, I am not an anti-UIS nut like him, I, I was only helping out cause he's family! By all means, I actively tried to talk him out of it, but he never listens!"
  • Vrex: "That doesn't excuse the fact that you were still benefiting an enemy of UIS! For that, Minor Counciler of Breezso Prime, you, are under arrest for fiancing a UIS enemy. (Breezy was cuffed up by the Skorners). Your trail will start after we attend to larger matters in the other United Universes. But I can already predict, there will be an Alpha Station sentence for you.... Skorners, some of you are to eschourt the Counciler into the ship. The rest of you, we are securing and convincgating the Regality. (Vrex, Buuull, and the Skorners proceed to do this as Breezy was helplessly dragged off)."

Nexx Tower, Grand Counciler room.

  • A ruined dressed Deffa was seen, having managed to escape.
  • Deffa: "I'm sorry, but UIS overwealmed us and captured Breezy. It was said that they'll release the guards, crew and Marson's platoon in good time, but I don't think they'll free Breezy. His fiancing of his brother's espionage group against UIS was discovered."
  • Warson: "AHEM?! What Jling meant was, it is clear that Breezy may no longer see his continued seat as a representive of Breeso Prime anymore. But that is no longer a concern. UIS now has the ability to freely enter the other Universes as they see fit. If only we know what they want from it."
  • Calixto: "..... I'm worried that, I may have an idea.... We know UIS are not about conquest, flies into the face of their misguided ideals for independence, and the High Council doesn't have worlds over-rely on them like how the USRA ended up doing so that got them up in arms to begin with. So, they aim to go into the Other United Universes for one thing:..... The Shell Lougers, and most espeically Gazelle."
  • Bayo: "But they had never commited even so much the act of giving an anti-UIS/Pro-USRA nut a positive passing by."
  • Calixto: "True, the Lougers and Gazelle never never interacted with the likes of them positively, nor negitively. However, it's what the Lougers and Gazelle can do that got them riled up. Espeically when Gazelle is concerned..... Let's be honest guys, she was able to handle forces that would've been difficult even to the Lougers thanks to her "Uniter Blade". That gave UIS the impression that this power can be utilised against them."
  • Lotus: ".... I know UIS are infamous of being easily suspitious at everything we do, BUT THIS?! Gazelle HAS already proven that when push comes to shove, she does not hesitate to turn against any being of the USRA?! Her defience of Oakaan in Weeven is PROOF?!"
  • Bayo: "And then there was her HILARIOUS indignation torwords that idiot Gormac! Is that is not proof that Gazelle doesn't yeild to USRA races, I don't know what is."
  • Calixto: "That's about it. They're smart enough to know that some bad eggs don't count. They're guys that the entire USRA races would openly denounce apawn discovery. What she never did, was denounce the USRA as a group, not just certain individuals as true repsentations. To their eyes, she's just rooting out the undesireables to make the USRA look good, and to them, that endangers desires for independence."
  • Warson: ".... Basicly, they're aiming to, arrest the Lougers, and Gazelle most of all?"
  • Jling Sling: "Well aren't they ungrateful?! Didn't the Lougers save the universe from the VA, a force that could've come to threaten them in time?!"
  • Jarvis: "Actselly, I had heard currently unconfirmed rumors that UIS and the VA did had a brief secret war when the VA included a group of anti-UIS nuts to represent them. UIS won it hands down."
  • Naeem: "So, by all tecnecallity, UIS could've crushed the VA if they wanted to. Well, why didn't they and really helped us ou-.... Oh, right. They're UIS. They don't particularly care for that we LIKE the USRA races for what they given us."
  • Inigo: "Not nessersarly that. More like they were binding their time and waited for the federations to have make a costly decidion for them to prove it more so. In the twilight years of the VA before the final year, I, had heard rumors that the Federations were discussing plans to open up peace talks with the VA and reckindise them as a legit power, basicly, a surrender negosiation."
  • Oswin: "Well that doesn't sound like what the federations would've really done!"
  • Jling Sling: "(Quietly) You'd be surprised how much war fatigue can make a man bargin, espeically if the VA had seen it's 15th year!"
  • Oswin: "What was that?"
  • Warson: ".... Let's say that the Federations did intent on doing that. They likely would done so, not nessersarly out of cowerdice, but because a continious fight would be costly. Making peace with the VA would likely be at most as a last resort and to pasify the VA and let them have their victory, in seeing that their misguided aim was to fight for the minority, if though the Arrest of Tex did ended up making them forget that. It would've been a stragitic move to try and get the VA back on their path of having a moral center again, which could've been done many ways, maybe even quietly releasing Tex back to the group so he can do some cleaning up. The great concern, is alchourse controversey."
  • Rishon: "Something of which, UIS would be quick to use against them by attacking the peace talks and crushing the VA itself, proving how seemingly easy stoping the VA really was. Thus, the universes, already hurt that the Federations desided this, would've turned their backs on the USRA, and by extention the Grand Council for connections to them. And one can only imagine what could've happened from there."
  • Warson: ".... Then that further comfirms what UIS wants. They were likely banking that the Federations would hyperheticly make that mistake that would allow them to look more preferable, and the Lougers, usurped that prospect from them when they disbanned the VA instead, preventing the Federations from ever needing to do such a thing, hypertheticly alchourse. That means they would've monitored the Lougers' progress, and that of Gazelle when she parispated.... And likely, when the Phends were pasifyed and the Humanatarians stopped, that made UIS worry that we could utilised these heroes against them!"
  • Galeno: "Are they seriously this distrusting to the point of being paranoid of a bunch of misfits?"
  • Taleen: "Given that the USRA races made alot of not always perfect choices, and that the Lougers and the Uniter are undeniably powerful forces, can UIS honestly help to not be concerned with it? They know that terms can end, and that we would not always be in encharged, or that of current leaders of the USRA races. Undesireables, espeically those with rather unflattering views of UIS, would take over and make the Lougers and Gazelle seek to tear down UIS' foundations."
  • Oswin: "But the Misfits perfectly resisted the will of undesireables in power! Surely UIS knows this."
  • Warson: "That's not to say they are perfect on it. If the undesireables were clever enough, and with the right words, the Lougers and even Gazelle if done correctly, can be lead astray to have the wrong idea with them. They're not nessersarly afraid of the power itself, rather it's potaintional of being used against them, even if it's out of the realm of possability for the time permitting. They worry that the misfits could be utilised to take down their isolation projects and lead to exspanding pro-USRA enfluence, making the risk of another, possable Interuniverseal war, should the same mistakes be repeated again, far grimer. UIS at their core, only desire to prevent socities from collapsing under because of being depraved of a great provider. That has always been the pure intent of their ideals of indepence, and why they have done what they did. They believe that the NURSA, is doomed to be ruined by undesireables as with the USRA, and that another interuniverseal war is once again, a garrentie. At the very least, they only wished for the isolated systems to be pure and spared from such things. And make no mistake, had the Federations not had been able to last like they did and crumbled from the event, UIS would began to spread into the war-recked USRA terratories, and bring the universes into independence and push them back to rely on themselves, all while pushing the narrative that the USRA races aren't to be trusted again. Alchourse, the Interuniverseal War failed to cripple the Federations, better yet, at times, the Federations saw peace preveiling in some of the battles in the war, espeically more so thanks to the humans. Then the VA came. It would've been a perfect stepping stone to finally prove that the USRA's legacy was not worth replicating. The VA, was able to make the Humans, the federations' most impourent glue, to retreat, and were conguring or attacking worlds enmass. It was a perfect recipe for UIS to finally see the USRA's legacy go down, which to them, was a legacy of collossal failure after collossal failure, along with decidtions that UIS are not, fond of, whether it was moral to us or not. UIS only sees the USRA, as a thing that shouldn't've happened."
  • Oswin: "And you're saying that the Lougers and Gazelle are in danger of being weaponised against UIS in their eyes?"
  • Warson: "Let's be honest. Can we honestly say that it's nothing but UIS being over-cautious? We may like to denounce the mistakes as such, but to UIS, they are convincing enough proof, that the USRA can't be trusted to not end up collapsing on itself again. So naterolly, alchourse they can't trust us with having access to great heroes like the misfits. They BARELY trust us with the Heroes Act as it is, thanks to them not being AS numberious or "Deus Ex Machina"-proned as the Lougers and Gazelle. Expecting them to trust us with heroes not even native here, was clearly too much to ask."
  • Jarvis: "So basicly, now these heroes will be mindlessly thrown in their Alpha Station prison, so they won't be weaponised by some future UIS-hater being given a position of power, never mind that the misfits may not even adhere to such an obvious war-risking tyrant?"
  • Warson: ".... The USRA, has made msitakes of trusting the wrong people before. It's not exactly wise to write their concerns as being paranoid."
  • Inigo: "Be that as it may, it cannot be denied that their desires to prevent such a possable scenario, IS VERY CONTROVERSEAL AND RISKY, EVEN FOR UIS STANDERDS?! Are they, this honestly afraid of the Lougers and the Uniter being used against them, that they annexed the portal, make an invadtion to arrest respected heroes, AND arrest one of our minor councilers in the process?! Look, I'm by all means for respecting UIS' desires for independence, but the Lougers and The Uniter need our help! We need to intervene for them! We must open negosiations with them and talk this out."
  • Bayo: "Not a bad plan, but given that the Portal will no longer reject them, the UIS armada will have already entered the Lougers' Universes by now. They need to be rescued first."
  • Warson: ".... Calexito, make the call to the HA. Tell them they have a mission of inter-universeal impourence and to not delay on a moment's notice!"
  • Calixto: "Great mnds think alot! I was gonna do so anyway even if no one asked me. (Calixto got up to do what he needs to do)."
  • Jling Sling: "Keep in mind that there's no promise that UIS wouldn't've already arrested half of those misfits by now by the time those bumblers finally get ready."
  • Warson: "But we can best hope we can save at least the other half. The impourent thing is that we do not let UIS aquire an easy victory from this, hard to atthive as that is. We at least have to try. We owe them for saving all of us from the VA, so we must return that faver, and slow down UIS' tirade against them. The best we can do, is hope."

UIS in The Original United Universe.

Jellyfish fields.

  • As UIS ships approuch the World of Bikini Bottom, inside it, Bikini Bottom was going through buisness as usual.
  • Jellyfish fields was seen as usual as Spongebob and Patrick were seen.
  • Spongebob: "(Sighs), Ya know, Patrick? After a rather exhausting Season 6, espeically after that Time Master fiasco, it's nice for the Lougers to take a break from it all like this."
  • Patrick: "Yeah. We almost don't really relax anymore. But now it's just you, me, and the Jellyfish?!"
  • Spongebob and Patrick cheered as they charge after the Jellyfish!
  • Unbeknowest to them, a shadow looms over the fields.
  • One of the UIS ships, resembling an insect of sorts, was seen, sailing like a boat, as it beamed down Giant-Eagle sized Bug Beings with a mean disposition, donning energy air helmits and energy wing protections against water.
  • The Leader of the 5-teamed group, looked up to a holographic display of Vrex.
  • Vrex: "Your orders are simple enough. Capture the ones called "Spongebob" and "Patrick". They are expected to be in this underwater grassy meadow filled with insect-minded Cnidarians doing what's this planet's equilent to Flatterfly catching. Mind the locals, fauna or native, and focus solely on the targets. And I perfectly picked you and your team because your the best hunters of the Ka'Navi race. I trust you can handle this, Corveria?"
  • Leader (Corveria): "(Somewhat feminate but intense voice) I hunted Uonans more challnaging then these two. It is no large feat."
  • Vrex: "Just be cautious around those two. Even when reported as, Unintelligent, these two are still reckindised two of the six founders of the Shell Louge Squad. Be on the lookout, for surprises."
  • Corveria: "Corveria prepares, for anything. (The Vrex Hologram vanishes)... Huntresses of Ko'narrio Fileds. Let the hunt, begin. (The Ka'navi flew off and began scearching for Spongebob and Patrick)."
  • Back to Spongebob and Patrick, they were still enjoying themselves, as one of the Huntresses from the distent, spotted the two.
  • The Huntress: "(Via a communicator) (Quietly) Corvenia, I located the prey. Playing about with some native Chidarians."
  • Corvenia's voice: "(Quietly) Enter stealth mode and keep watch. We'll join shortly."
  • The Huntress obeyed as it turned off the communicater and activated a cloaking device and quietly kept an eye on the duo.
  • As she did, the other Huntresses moved to her position as they entered stealth mode as well, as Corvenia remained uncloaked, but was hidden enough to avoid quick attention.
  • Corvenia brought out a bait probe, had it scanned a passing Jellyfish which it uses it's DNA sigiture to copy, then proceeds to disguise itself as that Jellyfish and flies into the direction of Spongebob and Patrick who took notice.
  • Spongebob: "I GOT IT, I GOT IT?!"
  • Spongebob tries to capture the disguised bait probe, but it hovers out of the net's reach as he and Patrick chased it!
  • Corvenia: "..... Perfect. (Corvenia proceeded to crawl about in the shadows)
  • Spongebob and Patrick chased the false probe for a while, until they arrived to a cornered rock formation, as Corvenia quickly somersulted into position as the Huntresses arrived quickly
  • Spongebob was able to catch the fake Jellyfish at last!
  • Spongebob: "GOT IT?! (Suddenly, the Fake Jellyfish turned into the bait probe).... What in Davy Jone's lock- (The Huntresses landed in front of the two's only escape)...... Er."
  • Corvenia: "..... Another prey, caught."
  • Spongebob and Patrick were silent.....
  • Spongebob and Patrick: "(SCREAMS?!)!"
  • Patrick and Spongebob ran around stupidly and momentarly confused the Huntresses!
  • Corvenia: "Don't over-analise this, sisters. Vrex warned of this deceptive behavior."
  • Patrick: "HIDE ME?!"
  • Spongebob: "NO?! ME?!"
  • Patrick and Spongebob repeated this as they kept trying to get behind of eachother.....
  • Corvenia: "..... Though I wished Vrex elaberated more on how stupid they are. (Brings out a cage probe that flied down and captured the two that're still trying to hide behind eachother)..... Activate mute fearure. (Spongebob and Patrick's voices were muted)...... Better."
  • The Huntresses flew off!

Krusty Krab.

  • Mr. Krabs was seen upgrading the menus to his usual cheapstake prices.
  • Squidward: "Seriously, Mr. Krabs? $201 dollars for a Krabby Patty?"
  • Mr. Krabs: "With cheese, AND onions, Mr. Squidwards."
  • The door was heard opening, as a regel Zhaerthis entered in.
  • Zhaerthis: "...... May I see the provider of this establishment?"
  • Mr. Krabs: ".... Oh hey, I know what ye be. (Goes up to her) You're one of them "Zhaerthis" types from the AUU, aren't ye? I don't suppose your a friend of Madam Trader, are ya? Well, I knew it was a matter of time before your people start showing up and see the Lougers."
  • Zhaerthis: "Now, by all accounts, as a Zhaerthis I am equilly thankful for that famous act of helping out oppressed insects. But I'm afraid I'm here on offictal UIS business."
  • Squidward: "UIS? Say, I heard about you guys once or twice in our time in that united universe. Aren't you guys basicly an Anti-USRA."
  • Zhaerthis: "(She chuckled), That's, a gross exaggeration to what UIS really is. But we're off topic. I am a member of BEIG and UIS' business and entrapinor regulator and prime leader of business ethics in UIS."
  • Squidward: "(Quietly) Ohhh dear, I already don't like the sounds of that."
  • Mr. Krabs: "Well, why come out all the way from your juristiction, Ms, Uh...."
  • Zhaerthis: "Oppa Tuna. Miss Oppa."
  • Mr. Krabs: "Uh right, that. So why have you traveled so far away from familier waters?"
  • Miss Oppa: "Mr. Eugene Krabs and Squidward, (Looks at Holoclipboard).... Torbelblauja?"
  • Squidward: "THAT'S TENTICALES- Wait what?"
  • Miss Oppa: "It is my regret to inform you that UIS has requested for the Lougers and Gazelle to stand UIS trail due to allugations of being a potaintional threat to UIS."
  • Mr. Krabs/Squidward: "WHAT?!"
  • Miss Oppa: "And as such, all legal business were have to be annexed by BEIG until further notice. (UIS Race Members barged in and started to consbinsate parts of the Krusty Krab)"
  • Mr. Krabs: "WAIT A MINUTE, WAIT A MINUTE! (Two Bullas appeared and grabbed Mr. Krabs and Squidward) YOU CAN'T DO THIS?!"
  • Miss Oppa: "Alas, for as long as UIS desires it, I am permited to do so. If all goes well in your trail, you are entitled to go to BEIG and reclaim your restaurent."
  • Mr. Krabs and Squidward start screaming for help as the Bullas drag them off!
  • As the Bullas dragged them off, the restaurent was covered by a giant tape that read "Claimed by BEIG"

Sandy's dome.

  • Sandy was seen quietly enjoying Lemonaide, until she started to hear screaming!
  • Sandy looked at her dome and saw that Squidward and Mr. Krabs are dragged by the Bullas!
  • Sandy: "WHAT IN THE?!"
  • Sandy sprung into action and put on her suit and helmit and went out!
  • Sandy arrived and saw the leaving Bullas!
  • Sandy: "Mr. Krabs?! Squidward?!"
  • Large Shadows zoomed past Sandy, as she looked up!
  • Sandy: "HOLY GRACAMOLE?!"
  • The Huntresses were flying and still have a freaked out Spongebob and Patrick in the cage probe!
  • Sandy: "BY THE ALAMO?! My friends are being kidnapped by AUUians?! I'm gonna have to go in and-"
  • ???: "Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar."
  • Sandy: "Wait what?"
  • Sandy looked behind her and saw a mob of alternate camilian creatures.
  • Sandy: "What in the flimflam?!"
  • Creatures: "Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar."
  • Sandy: "..... Okay, I'm just gonna back away slowly- (Bumps into another collection of the creatures) WHOA?!"
  • Other Creatures: "Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar."
  • Sandy: "Okay, seriously, what is WITH you people saying that?!"
  • ???: "THEY'RE NAAARS?!"
  • Xandy charged in and grabbed Xandy and landed on top of the dome!
  • Xandy: "They're basicly a race of near-mindless rodent eaters with the compasity of Zombies!"
  • Sandy: "Rodent eaters?! Awww crud, as if cats, snakes, and certain birds of prey weren't bad enough?!"
  • The Naaars were climbing up the dome effertlessly, as they repeatedly saying "Naaaaaar".
  • Sandy: "They got us pinned?!"
  • Xandy: "Not for long! (Brings out a jetpack)! You can thank Zosimo for this badass?! (Grabs Sandy) SORRY, NAAARS?! THESE RODENTS ARE OFF THE MENU?! (Xandy zoomed off with Sandy holding on as one Naaar spat out his tongue and almost caught Sandy's leg, but missed!)"
  • Sandy: "Xandy, we need to save Spongebob and the others?!"
  • Xandy: "It's too late for them?! I'm already commiting an act of defying UIS as it is!"
  • Sandy: "UIS?! Is THAT what this is all about?!"
  • Xandy flew off with Sandy!


Elephant Graveyard.

Dreamworks New York.


Deep Jungles of India.


Dreamworks China.

Valley of Peace.



Disney China.

Imperial palace.

The Great Valley.

Valley of the mists.


Archer Festival.

The Dragon Realms.

Lonely Woods in the night.

Sam and Max's World.


The Amazon.

Brandy and Wiskers' Treehouse.

Disney London.

Buckingham palace.


White Rabbit's house.

Area 50-Something.

Inside Area 50-Something.

Disney Texas.

Patch of Heaven.






Forbidden Forest.

The Digital World.

Digimon island.

Anichent Greese.


Disney New York.

Human Fagin's boat.

Disney Paris.

The Aristocats Mansion.

Merlin's Homeworld.

Disney Camelot castle.

Golden City of Bagedad.

The Golden City.


Peter Pan's hideout tree.


Creeper's old village.


The McDuck Building.

Shrek's World.

Far Far Away.

Disney New York (The Wild)

The Zoo.



Bambi's Forest

The fields.

Fox and the Hound World.

Big Mama's tree.

Disney Austrila.

Austrillain Outback.

Willie's Castle.

Willie's castle.

Lady and the Tramp's World.

Lady's home.


Lilo's house.

Razoff's Mansion.

Razoff's personal quarters.

The Good Dinosaur World.

The Storm Ruined Forest.

The Raptors' Grasslands.


Gazelle's concert.

Oscar, Poppy, Buck and Harchi's world.

The desert.

(Other scenes coming soon.)

The Heroes' One Friend in UIS.

After awhile.

  • The Lougers were seen contained in a UIS cell....
  • Icky: ".... WELL THIS IS JUST PEACHY?!"
  • Gazelle: "Icky, calm down, complaining about this won't help."
  • Icky: "COMPLAIN?! We're pretty much held up by these UIS guys?! They deemed us to be a Pro-USRA threat, JUST BECAUSE WE HELPED THEM OUT OF A FEW BAD JAMS?!"
  • Pang Bing: "It's likely that, based on the USRA's history, that they're afraid that it would empower the USRA races, and risk histroy's repeat. Perhaps, they're also afraid that we would be used against them."
  • ???: "How sadly inaccreate of them to think so from such respected heroes."
  • A Jafar-Eqsed Skep came forth with a speical staff.
  • Iago: ".... Ohhhh boy. Another Jafar-Expie."
  • Skep: "Oh, please be assured. I am not here to inconvinence you anymore then the forces have already. Allow me to introduse myself. I, am Vice President Ket'chup.... And, I'm pretty much the only friend you'll have with this group."
  • Icky: "(Snickers), He's name's Ket'chup. (He, the Hyenas, Iago, and the Dactyls and Raptors laughed at this)."
  • Ket'chup: ".... Ohhhh, that name has always haunted me so. Now, please keep in mind that Madam President, under orders of a higher athority, has asked me to represent you misfits on the trial."
  • Skipper: "(Eating Cheese Doodles) So basicly, you're our lawyer for this mess?"
  • Ket'chup: "Well, yes and no. You see, I felt that it is my duty to represent legit heroes and explain tha- (Skipper ate a cheese doodle loudly)..... Explain, that you misfits- (Skipper did it again)...... You Misfits- (Skipper Did it again)..... (Speaks quickly) Explainthatyoumisifts- (Skipper eats a cheese doodle) Aren't- (Crunch) A threat- (Crunch) TO UIS?! (Skipper did a LOUD crunch)....... Just, exactly how did aquire snacks?"
  • Skipper: "It was from our Cheese Doodle break."
  • Ket'chup: ".... (Groans), This is, NOT, going to be an easy one. And it's bad enough that UIS thinks you're a threat as it is, now you people aren't even taking this seriously?! Do you not realised where you are?! You in the clutches, of the mighty UIS! The true goverment force of the United Universes!"
  • Gilda: "Hold up, hold up! Isn't that suppose to be the USRA?"
  • Ket'chup: "Well, yes, they may have a greater presence in their terratories, but in truth, it's actselly UIS who runs these universes."
  • Ket'chup: "Well, good thing I am prepared to give a due explanation. Now, let's start, from the beginning. (Types in something on the staff and shows a page on it, as a flashback is about to occure)."


(Work in progress)