Vanessa's Revenge is the 40th Episode of Season 3B of the SpongeBob and Friends Adventures Chronicles series. Blot and his crew are crushed without the Viper's Grip, and they basically returned to pirating as a means of resuming things as if Eagle-Beak never came into their lives. However, they soon face a startling surprise in the form of a no-longer-beautiful Vanessa, who had survived the shark attack and is now left with brutal scars and has been lost at sea for years. When Blot first expects her to be grateful she found them, she suddenly locks Blot up in the brig as an act of revenge for not saving her when they had the chance. She takes over the crew and plans to invade Equestia and cause enough trouble to attract the attention of the Shell Lodgers. Once they arrive, Vanessa manages to injure most of them, imprison them all, and decide their fate for later. All the while, she is able to turn herself into a Darkspawn through unexpected sources and gain her beautiful looks back while becoming more powerful. The High Council and the Shell Lodgers' allies are panicked that they have gone missing, and they search the UUniverses for them with no luck whatsoever. Vanessa is putting up a great problem with our heroes, and has even kidnapped Kairi to ensure they don't get any ideas. She is determined to get her revenge on both her former crew and the Shell Lodgers, and she has plans to do this by using Shen's stolen portal beacon to invade the Lodgers' homeworlds and cause great devastation. Will our heroes stop her before it's too late? Will this be their final hour?

Material Used

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Shrek 2 Video Game OST - Walking the Path (3rd Theme) - Extended

Shrek 2 Video Game OST - Walking the Path (3rd Theme) - Extended

Intro and Climax Theme

Intro (Shrek 2 Game-Walking The Path 3rd Theme)

Chapter 1: Pirates Without A Cause

Chapter 2: The Crazy Return of Vanessa

Chapter 3: Vanessa's Invasion

Chapter 4: Vanessa Turns Darkspawn

Chapter 5: Mass Uproar

Chapter 6: Vanessa's Plans For Revenge Interupted

Chapter 7: The Final Battle

Chapter 8: The End of Vanessa For Real