Vilemon are a race of Dark Spawn minions that Chernabog once used for guerrilla warfare attacks during the first Cartoonian War. An army of them were later used by Piedmon to attack the Digidestined. It loves to pester and torment his opponents, but nothing enrages a Vilemon more than refering to them through their small physical stature i.e. calling them "small", "tiny", "little", "shorty" etc.

Digimon Adventure[1]Edit

After an altercation with MagnaAngemon, Piedmon summoned his horde of Vilemon to battle the DigiDestined. Luckily, Mimi and Lillymon arrived with Unimon, Ogremon, Frigimon, Meramon, Elecmon and some Gekomon and Otamamon. Each of the Vilemon were defeated by the DigiDestined Digimon and the allied Digimon in a battle that culminated when MagnaAngemon sucked up the Vilemon with his Gate of Destiny attack.

Role in the series

The Vilemon army have been summoned by Mirage and Malefor so that the Villain League can gain more minions for their large army.

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